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“Education is a continual process, it’s like a bicycle… If you don’t pedal you don’t go forward.”

– George Weah

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Cole Katterman, 2021 senior from Tawas

talks about why he chose Saginaw Valley State University and the benefits of meeting with his TTS advisor.

Cole also shares the impact applying for scholarships has had on his going-to-college experience.

Click here to read what Cole has to say

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FAFSA Overview

Coming Soon: Spring Campus Visits*

Spring Campus visits will be determined by the feedback provided on the Individual Academic Plan (IAP). Haven't done your IAP yet? Contact your advisor today.

Don't miss this opportunity to provide your input!

*Campus visits are available FREE to all TTS members in grades 9-12. Meals are included. Members must be in good standing (initial meeting completed).

TTS campus visits can save the average family roughly $400-$500 per visit, excluding time-off work and time spent coordinating with the college/university. Save money, time & effort by encouraging your student to participate in Campus Visits with TTS.

Campus visits are more fun with a friend!

Invite your friends to sign-up for TRIO TALENT SEARCH and explore campus together.

Don't forget to meet with your TTS advisor a minimum of three (3) times this year!


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