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White Eagle Golf Club, Naperville, IL

Each year, The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) recognizes golf facilities that have addressed unique design challenges through their Design Excellence Recognition Program. ASGCA members worked with this year's honorees.

Pro/Angle® is proud to have been the bunker sand of choice in 3 of the 6 projects honored this year including:

  • Schaumburg Golf Club/Schaumburg Park District, Schaumburg, Illinois/Todd Quitno, ASGCA, and Bob Lohmann, ASGCA 

These project architects addressed various issues such as drainage, green expansion and restoration, fairway landing areas, improve practice facilities, and many other improvements and restorations.  

By choosing Pro/Angle®, these clubs were able to address bunker maintenance and playability challenges. Pro/Angle's® unique characteristics resist washouts after rain events and provide players a firm, consistent feel from bunker to bunker.  

We are honored to be the sand of choice by these nominees.

Learn more, request a sample or ask about our test bunker program, by contacting:

Eric Ludewig, Sports Aggregates Sales Manager

The True Cost of Downtime – Sure, it’s a known fact that when a truck is down the truck owner is losing money. But the question is can you put a price tag on downtime? That can range from $900 a day to $3,000, but the reality is the cost can be much higher. It’s hard to quantify the cost of a downed truck because the circumstances can vary widely. The cost of downtime goes beyond monetary loss. Not only do you still have to pay the driver but you risk alienating them. Given the driver shortage you could lose that driver to a fleet that promises their equipment will be operated as designed.

A common thread from small, regional, municipal fleets is the fact that trucks come home every night and drivers will tell them about problems. If you are a fleet manager are you sure 100% confident that will happen 100% of the time? What happens if a warning light comes on and a driver fails to tell you about it? The next day you may find yourself with a truck that can’t be sent to a job site. 

Mack Trucks GuardDog Connect and OneCall was specifically designed to help truck owners maximize uptime coupled with One Call it connects a truck to a network of support staff. GuardDog Connect allows a diagnosis to happen remotely. Whether a truck is on the road or at a job site, GuardDog Connect detects problems before the driver notices anything is wrong. If the problem is severe it contacts Mack’s OneCall customer center. After this happens an appropriate repair can be made. Mack Trucks are very dependable and reliable and those few and far between needed repair times can and will be done very quickly. Click here to watch a short video.

Bill Golden, Mack Truck Sales
General Manager, Sidley Precast Group
R.W. Sidley, Inc. is pleased to introduce Bob Pabst as a new member of of our Sidley Precast Team. Bob joins us with
14 years experience in the precast industry. Most recently he has held positions as Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Vice President of Construction. He started his career working for General Contractors in and around New York City. He holds a B.S. in Architectural Technology from New York Institute of Technology.
Precast Concrete
The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has made available, at no cost, the pdf version of the publication Architectural Precast Concrete, 3rd Ed. This fully revised edition includes new sections on sustainability,
condensation control, and blast resistance. You’ll get extensive updates in the areas of color, texture, finishes, weather, tolerances, connections, and windows, along with detailed specifications to meet today’s construction needs. Includes full-color photographs. Registration is required.

In 2020, R.W. Sidley, Inc. sold silica from our Thompson, OH, quarry to 34 states and 2 countries including Canada and Israel. The uses for silica include: water treatment, industrial minerals for steel and chemical production, infill sand, bunker sand, construction and many more. For additional information please contact:

Rob Sidley, VP Aggregate Sales
440.289.3232 Ext. 3135
What Motivates Us
Each month we highlight a different R.W. Sidley employee, from all divisions in the company as to what motivates them to come to work every day and do their best.
Les Lawrence, Risk Manager, R.W. Sidley, Inc.
40 Years of Service
What motivates me? It cannot possibly be my job! I have the worst job in the company. I have to call customers for payment of past due invoices and I answer calls from vendors looking for payment on invoices.

What motivates me has to be the people, and the lessons they taught me over the years. The only way I can make any sense of this is to give a little background on my relationship with some of them over the years. Sadly, some of these people are no longer with us.

Ray Martin (2006 Ϯ) whom I probably miss the most. Ray was born the same year as my father and passed February 14, 2006, exactly one week after my own dad. Ray taught me when negotiating, make sure when the dust settles, both sides are winners. I have found this to be good advice whether you are negotiating with a gas company to run natural gas throughout the Thompson pit or one of my teenage daughters, of which I have seven, the gas line was MUCH easier!

Jan Sidley (2015Ϯ) was such an unbelievably hard working woman. Jan would maintain the gardens around the corporate campus. One afternoon I was in my office and I hear a faint help, help. I went outside, around the back of the building, there was Jan hanging from the gutter with one foot on the ladder. Why she felt she should be cleaning gutters, I am not sure, but I was relieved when she said, “that’s the last time I’m doing that”. I remember one hot August afternoon Jan came into my office just dripping sweat from toiling around the “Big House” and asked how my day was going. I proceeded to whine about a couple of problems, she looked me right in the eye and said, “You don’t have problems, you have opportunities”. It took me a moment to understand what she was saying, but it’s true, any problem resolved could open up a myriad of opportunities.

Bill Gertz, from my first day, Bill did his best to make me feel comfortable. Bill was originally a concrete truck driver, who worked his way up to becoming one of Bob Sidley’s assistants. It is hard to think of anyone more loyal to this company and the Sidley family. On more than one occasion, Bill would jump into his overalls and lend a hand in one of the mixers. Loyalty is such an important quality. Bill retired back in 1992, and is 92 years old and still lives locally.

Bob Sidley, I have often thought, if I had the opportunity do my career over, I would absolutely be glued to Bob’s hip. One of my coolest memories involving Bob was in December 1991. I pulled into Jenks on one of my weekly treks, to work on their accounts receivable, and there was Bob Sidley, ankle deep in ready-mix, helping to get the driveway/parking lot finished before year-end. What a great lesson I learned, no matter where you stand on the ladder, you need to come down and get involved in the grunt work at times.

Bob Buescher, I once told Bob that he was the “Poster Boy of Presidents”. This guy started as a teenager on the hay crew. Having bailed and stacked hay myself on my grandparent’s farm in South Dakota during the summer, I know first-hand it is not much fun. It is a life lesson that tells you to get your butt into college! Well, after college he started working with Mike Kelly and created our block business. In the early 80’s, when the block plant started production, it was state-of-the-art and the only one of its kind as far as number of kilns. Bob was instrumental in getting us into the world of briquettes and pavers. How’s that for inspirational? 

Many more people at Sidley have inspired me, and continue to do so, I could tell many more stories. Most family owned businesses do not make it past the second generation; we are now in our fourth! It is no secret we are a company with an aging workforce, and one wonders what the future might hold. Then I think about the “young guns” we have around here, I think we will be just fine!
R.W. Sidley, Inc. is the exclusive Builders Club sponsor for concrete, block, brick and aggregates in Northeast Ohio and the Pittsburgh area. There is no cost for a home builders to be part of this program. Buy from R.W. Sidley, Inc., pay within terms, earn rewards points! It's that simple. Points can be used on a huge selection tools, electronics, travel and much more. Contact one of salespeople today for more information and to start earning rewards!
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