DEA proposes Rx opioid supply cuts...again
November 2021

DEA or is it DEA(th)?

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has proposed a cut in the production of prescription opioids. If this goes through, it will be the 6th straight year the DEA has cut the supply.

The proposed opioid production quotas are the smallest in nearly two decades. To give you an idea of how extreme the cuts have been, hydrocodone has been cut by 69% and oxycodone by 63% since 2013. All of this has been done to supposedly help the overdose crisis. But, has it helped? Not at all. Prescribing is at the lowest it's been in decades and overdoses are the highest they've EVER been. Remember, Less than 1% of prescription opioids end up diverted.

A few weeks ago, the DEA put out a warning about counterfeit pills on the street stating 2 out of 5 fake pills may contain a lethal dose of illicit fentanyl. They said "This alert does not apply to legitimate pharmaceutical medications prescribed by medical professionals and dispensed by licensed pharmacists."

In addition to the quota cut, DEA also recently held another drug take-back day, which only serves to further remove safe supply, and will undoubtedly cause more people to get fake pills with illicit fentanyl. We HIGHLY recommend that if you're fortunate enough to have an opioid prescription that you don't turn them in; instead lock them in a safe in case you need them in the future.

A recent article in Pain News Network quoted Dr. Chad Kollas, a palliative care doctor. He said “I think a very strong argument can be made that DEA is inappropriately exercising medical judgment...reduced prescribing has been associated with an increase in overdose deaths and suicides in patients with chronic pain who have been forced off their pain medications. Federal opioid policy calling for non-focused, reduced opioid prescribing has been an abject failure.”

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