July 3, 2019
Next Introductory Meeting: Saturday, July 13
Just One Home Left!

Here Comes the Color!
The Buildings of Fair Oaks EcoHousing Get Dressed 

One of the latest developments in the construction of Fair Oaks EcoHousing is the introduction of color on the exterior walls. As seen in the photos, the upper stories of the buildings have new coats of paint, in mellow, slightly muted shades of yellow, blue, and green. Once the stucco is applied to the lower stories, they too will come alive with color, primarily red.

The colors make the buildings look much more finished. They also break up the mass of the buildings, so that they don’t look so large or undifferentiated. And they are beautiful. 

I was curious about the process through which the colors were chosen. Was there any special significance to the choice of these particular colors? 

Recently I had a chance to speak with architect Chuck Durrett about the building colors. “There is enough grey and beige in the world,” Chuck told me. “I wanted color to mitigate grey skies and grey moods.” When I asked if there was a particular reason why red was chosen for the first floor, for example, Chuck said there was some influence of the Chinese tradition, which tends to use warmer colors on the lower level, cooler colors-like blue-on upper levels. Red is viewed as more “resonant with the earth” in this tradition, while the blue above evokes the sky. The yellow we used for some second stories could also evoke sunshine.

The real inspiration for the colors of Fair Oaks EcoHousing, however, was something different: the beautiful colors in Spring and Summer dresses. “I always wanted to be a dress designer,” Chuck told us. He took many, many photos of dresses he saw women wearing on the street, always asking permission and explaining what he was working on.  

And that is how the buildings of Fair Oaks EcoHousing came to be dressed so beautifully. Currently they are decked out in ‘tops’ of yellow, blue, and green. Soon those will be joined by skirts of red and Fair Oaks EcoHousing will twirl in the sun.

FREE WebChats from the National Association of Cohousing in the U.S.

Each webchat is a Zoom call available to all. If you haven't already, you will need to download and install Zoom on your computer. It is extremely easy to use. The presenter shares for 15-30 minutes on a topic, then takes questions from the audience. These are a wonderful resource!

Upcoming WebChats:

Thu, July 25, 5pm
Laird Schaub
Delegate or Die: Why Larger Groups Must Delegate and How to Do It Well 
While all power in consensus groups is rooted in the plenary, it’s a mistake to insist that all decisions be made there. A good deal of what people experience as meeting fatigue is due to plenaries being unwilling (or unknowledgeable about how) to effectively delegate decision-making power to managers and committees, and members feeling trapped in conversations they don’t want to be in. The result is endless meetings and demoralized committees. Yuck. In this webinar I’ll lay out why this doesn’t work and the ingredients necessary to turn it around. An essential part of the answer is groups getting clear about what constitutes appropriate uses of plenary time and then getting religion about not coloring outside the lines.

Mon, July 29, 5pm
Karen Gimnig
Embracing Conflict as Growth Trying to Happen 
Conflict can be a good thing, even, or perhaps especially, when it is hard. Using positive approaches and strategies won’t always bring resolution, but it will make growth and learning much more likely. Learn how curiosity, deep listening and structured conversations can help conflict to strengthen your community.
Introduction to Fair Oaks EcoHousing
Saturday, July 13, at 10:30am

Fair Oaks EcoHousing is a neighborhood of 30 homes on 3.7 acres in Fair Oaks, CA, 18 miles east of downtown Sacramento. Come see the site and our architectural plans, and meet members at an upcoming cohousing informational meeting. Kids are welcome.

Act now! Fair Oaks EcoHousing has only one home left but we are taking names for our waiting list for all other floor plans. If you are interested, please come to the informational meeting and site overlook. Other h omes do become available on occasion. If you like what you hear at the meeting, please join our interest list to be notified of new availability.

To attend the Introduction to Fair Oaks EcoHousing, meet at 10:30 am at the Fair Oaks Coffeehouse in Fair Oaks Village, at 10223 Fair Oaks Blvd , at the intersection with Park Drive. Look for us on the side of the Coffeehouse, in the patio area or in the building at the back. We will introduce you to the project and then we can carpool to the site, where we will be able to overlook the construction of our new community.

The event will last about an hour and a half, with an optional lunch afterwards at the Siam Patio Restaurant or the Smokey Oaks Tavern. If you can't make it on the 13th, the next meeting is Sunday, July 28. Please RSVP below. Thanks!
Be Part of Our Community:
Just One Home Left!
As construction progresses on our project, Fair Oaks EcoHousing has only one home left. Call now to learn about cohousing, observe the site and reserve a spacious 2-story 4 bedroom townhome. Note: I f you are interested in a different floor plan, please contact us so we can add you to the Waitlist and call you when your preferred size home is available.    We recommend that you come to an Introductory Meeting, if you haven’t done that already.

The 4 bedroom townhome includes:

• Spacious upstairs master bedroom with a full master bath and walk-through closet
First-floor bedroom, perfect for a home office, an aging family member, or single-floor downstairs living
• Large windows, allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the home and make rooms feel light and spacious
• Open design for living and dining areas, providing flexibility in use
• Modern kitchen with ample storage and counter space
Large wrap-around porch providing roomy outdoor living space

All homes in Fair Oaks EcoHousing are designed for energy efficient living, with eco-friendly construction and high-quality fixtures and finishes.

Fair Oaks EcoHousing is a pedestrian-friendly village for residents of all ages, with a centrally-located clubhouse, pool and spa, and garden. 

The location is close to Fair Oaks Village and the American River Parkway, with many nearby dining and entertainment options, plus easy access to the freeway.
Want to Learn More About Fair Oaks & Sacramento?