May 9, 2024 | Weekly Newsletter

Grounding in Faith with Pastor Elizabeth

"The joy that isn't shared,

I've heard, dies young."  

--Anne Sexton

There are indrawn-breath moments of joy in the story of any living thing.

Hennepin UMC is breathing in.

The United Methodist Church is a fully inclusive movement dedicated to celebrating all of God's creation.

Our local church attendance numbers are growing.

There are children singing and leading in worship.

The first season of post-pandemic brunch was a delicious success.

Classes are leaning into Bible, book, and earth study.

And, Hennepin is engaged in a strategic planning initiative along with a new governance model meant to promote nimble and wise stewardship of this mighty church.

I'm inviting you to join in sharing the joy.  

Please consider applying to serve on the Governance Board (details about applications are below). Come to worship, either in the flesh or on line, stop by and share coffee and time in this joyful place, and consider volunteering for the upcoming parties we are hosting: Ordination on May 29th and the retirement party for our District Superintendent the Rev. Cynthia Williams on June 13th in our Art Gallery.

Hennepin is breathing in joy and we are breathing out grace.

Your breath and being are blessing in God's world. Join in at Hennepin Ave UMC as we amplify the joy of being witnesses for joy, justice, and peace in this world.

Pastor Elizabeth

Upcoming Events

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May 1-15

Governance Board Applications

May 11-12 | 9:30am-5:30pm

Parking Lot Fundraiser for Emma Norton

May 12 | 10am

Bishop Lanette Plambeck Preaching Following UMC General Conference

May 16 | 7pm

Monthly Virtual Book Club - 1984

May 18 | 10am

Family Ministry Insights and Ideas Special Meeting

May 18-19 | 10am-5pm

Doors Open Minneapolis

May 28 | 5-7:30pm

UMC Ordination Service Rehearsal

May 29 | 7-10pm

UMC Ordination Worship Service and Reception

June 2 | 10am

Graduation Sunday

June 9 | 10am

Confirmation Sunday

Visit our events page to view all upcoming and re-occuring events

This Sunday's Message:

Special Guest Preacher Bishop Lanette Plambeck


Acts 1:1-11

Why Easter? Sermon Series

April 7 - May 12

Giving and Service Spotlight:

Emma Norton

For the past month and a half, we have been showcasing Emma Norton Services and their new building, Restoring Waters. This Sunday marks the culmination of our campaign, featuring a parking lot fundraiser and the creation of Mother's Day bouquets during Sunday School to be delivered to families at Emma Norton.

We are still in need of additional volunteers for the parking lot fundraiser!

Click here to Sign-Up to volunteer

Click here to Give

Church News of the Week:

The stories that keep us connected

Joyful Noise - Celebrating a Year of Programming!

What a year we've had! Since September, more than twenty children have sung, played instruments, and led worship as part of Joyful Noise, our children's choir. We have enjoyed learning, playing games, and making music together, growing in our faith and musical skills. Can't wait till next year!

Applications Close on May 15 for the Streamlined Governance Board!

Don't forget! Governance Board applications are due by midnight on May 15. Click here to apply online or in writing.

Turn in written applications at the reception desk in an envelope marked for Pastor Elizabeth Macaulay. Reach out to those you think might be good board members and encourage them to apply!

Charting Our Course: A Strategic Initiatives Update

As promised, we are providing you with a progress update on the work accomplished under our Strategic Initiative to vitalize and position HAUMC for its future.


1. We have completed, as a community, our inventory and assessment. We received close to 190 responses and appreciate the dedication of all in getting this done....Read More

Join Bishop Lanette Plambeck in Supporting Emma Norton's Restoring Waters: A Beacon of Hope for Women and Families

Give to Emma Norton Services and the Restoring Waters Campaign

For the last month and half we have been working with Emma Norton Services to share about their mission and the many ways that their campaign for Restoring Waters will positively impact women, individuals, and small families in our community.

Not only are we at Hennepin excited to partner in this mission, but so is Bishop Lanette Plambeck! Here we share a video and letter our bishop has written supporting Emma Norton and Restoring Waters....Read More

Doors Open Minneapolis

May 18-19

Experience the magic of Doors Open Minneapolis 2024 with HAUMC as we open our doors to share our story with our neighbors! As one of over 100 amazing venues participating in this city-wide event, it’s an opportunity to share and to learn more about our history, space, and our impact on the Minneapolis community. Who knows? You may even discover things about the church that you never knew...Read More

Family Ministry Insights Meeting

Saturday, May 18 at 10am

As we embark on a new season at Hennepin Avenue, we are excited about the opportunities to enrich our community through engaging and meaningful experiences. Your dedication and support have been invaluable, and we would like to invite you to a special meeting to contribute your ideas and insights about the Family Ministry program.

Please RSVP to Pastor Laura  (laura@haumc.org) by May 16th to confirm your attendance...Read More

Graduation Sunday

Sunday, June 2 at 10am

Join us for Graduation Sunday on June 2 as we celebrate the incredible achievements of our graduating students! If you or someone you know is graduating this year, we want to honor them during our service. Click here to share information about the graduate and their accomplishments by May 20.

Let's come together to recognize and uplift our graduates as they embark on the next chapter of their journey!

Equipment Request from the Archives Team:

16mm Sound Projector

We're currently in search of a functioning 16mm Sound Projector to facilitate the viewing of some cherished archival footage! We're reaching out to our community in the hopes that someone may have one tucked away in storage or know of someone who does. If you happen to possess such a projector or know someone who does, we would be immensely grateful for your support. Your generosity will play a role in preserving and celebrating our shared history.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email at communications@haumc.org or by giving the church a call and leaving your contact information with our reception team.

To submit event announcements to be published on the public events calendar, please send all the details to communications@haumc.org.

To plan your event, including reserving rooms, email scheduling@haumc.org.

For story ideas or editorial content, you can email commsdirector@haumc.org. All content is subject to the discretion of the editorial team.

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