June 27, 2024 | Weekly Newsletter

Grounding in Faith with Pastor Elizabeth

Two Hennepin community members hugging in the sanctuary

This is no simple time to be church.

The work being sparked by Hennepin's work with Convergence Consulting is rich and exciting.

You filled out surveys. Convergence pulled giving, demographic and attendance numbers. They prepared a snapshot view of who we are now and how Hennepin is perceived, planted, and poised for growth.

One of the phrases used during the vitality report was this: Particularly in this post-pandemic world, people joining in community are seeking a friend and a job. In other words, people come to church to connect their talents and gifts - to do something! - with others while growing relationship.

So that's what we are intent upon developing. We are seeking to re-start the small groups that make for spiritual and relational connection. To that we will add relevant spiritual growth and play groups for all ages.

There are many ways for you and for all to join in. As a church, we vow to be better about telling the connecting story. Do you want to help serve Community Meals? Jump in! Brunch? YES! Do you want to usher or volunteer at Pride or join the Creation Collective to discern ways to create a Cathedral for all Creation through Hennepin? Please do! Our website has lots of ways to indicate interest. Ask any of our staff or Governance Board folks or members. We will help connect you.

And, please be sure you are on our email list and check us out on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Look around you on Sundays. Be aware that every person who enters our doors is seeking a job and a friend.

Let's help make that happen.

And, please attend the webinar being offered after church this Sunday. We'll have a chance to learn from other churches who are doing exciting and relevant ministry.

Thanks for being a church where connection and transformation happen.

This is not a simple time! It's our time. It's God's time.

Blessings to you

Pastor Elizabeth

PS - This prayer was crafted by Bill Tipping as a way to ask God to ground and launch us for the living of these days.

We honor and give our thanks for 150 years of ministry and service. As we turn to look forward into the sun, wind and stars, help us to understand that you God, are not limited by our plans, or even our imagination, and that what will come from us will be Yours when we open ourselves completely to your Spirit. We offer our prayers to You who are able to accomplish far beyond what we might ask or imagine through your power at work among us.

Upcoming Events

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June 28 | 9am

Community Chalking for Pride

June 28-30

Twin Cities Pride Festival

July 1 | 7pm

The False White Gospel Book Study with Pastor Laura

July 4

Independence Day | Building Closed

July 7 | 11:15am

The Good News of Metanoia with Bill Tipping

July 10 | 5pm

Loring Park Neighborhood Party

July 11 | 1pm

United Women in Faith Monthly Gathering

July 14 | 11:15am

The Good News of Metanoia with Bill Tipping

July 18 | 7pm

Monthly Virtual Book Club - The Grapes of Wrath

July 21 | 11:30am

New Members Class

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This Sunday's Message:


by Pastor Laura Hannah

Scripture: Acts 11:1-18

Power! Sermon Series

June 23 - August 4

Giving and Service Spotlight:

Pride Parking Lot Fundraiser

Join us for the Pride Parking Lot Fundraiser for Minnesota Reconciling Congregations on June 28 and 29th, supporting LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the United Methodist Church.

We need volunteers to direct cars, greet attendees, and provide information. Your help fosters community and radical hospitality.


For more information, contact Pastor Laura (laura@haumc.org)

Church News of the Week:

The stories that keep us connected

Church Conference Reflection

Members of the governance board standing in front of the Hennepin Sanctuary

This past Sunday, our congregation voted to approve the proposed governance board selections. Board members were elected by the congregation and we are thrilled to officially call them members of the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church Governance Board. Thank you to all who were involved in the process and thank you to the new members of the board, the future of our church is in great hands!

Pictured above (from left to right): Larry Dunbar, Marty Shimko, John Carroll, Bryan Carter, Elizabeth Macaulay, Jeff Niblack, Liz Buckingham, Betsi Roach.

Not Pictured: Judy Tucker, Maria Kruger, Kristin Zinsmaster, Chrissy Dahlheimer

Strategic Initiatives Webinar #2

This Sunday, June 30 after Worship

We learned about the findings of the Strategic Initiatives Survey through the Hennepin Vitality Report on June 9. Last Sunday, the Strategic Council hosted a webinar educating us on trends affecting churches based on national experience.

This Sunday after worship, the we will be educated on common church responses to trends we discovered last week. View Event.

God Wants Me to do What???

By Ann Carlson, Coordinator: The Baiwalla, Sierra Leone Partnership

A group of people standing in front of a sign that reads Richard Ormsby Secondary School

In December 2017, Pastor Judy Zabel organized a mission trip to help build a new secondary school in Baiwalla Sierra Leone. When I signed up for that trip, I had no idea I would become involved in supporting the development of the school. That was before I visited Baiwalla and met Pastor Judith Gaima (Banya) Methodist pastor who started the church and school there.

Read More.

July is Disability Pride Month

A Message from the Disability Action Team

Copies of Access Press sitting at the reception desk at Hennepin Avenue UMC.

July is Disability Pride Month! It commemorates the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act on July 26, 1990 and honors those living with disabilities. Governor Tim Walz signed a proclamation for the state of Minnesota in 2022, joining many other states in celebrating the lives of their disabled citizens.

Did you know there is...Read More.

The Good News of Metanoia

Summer Growth Learning Series with Bill Tipping

Copies of Access Press sitting at the reception desk at Hennepin Avenue UMC.

In these sessions, Bill Tipping, a Certified Lay Minister and longtime member of Hennepin Avenue UMC, will guide us in exploring the presence of metanoia in the teachings of Jesus. Discover the transformative power of metanoia and the infinite possibilities of an intentionally open heart. These gatherings offer a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the spiritual renewal and change of heart that Jesus advocates. View Event.

Loring Park Neighborhood Party

A graphic explaining the details of the neighborhood party.

Hennepin is partnering with local organizations to host a party for the whole neighborhood!

Join us on July 10 and August 14, 2024, from 5pm to 7pm at the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church parking lot for two evenings of community celebration. These events aim to bring people of all ages together, fostering connections within the Loring Park community...Read More.

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