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Helping Your Child Cope in a Stressful World
No matter what your political affiliation, there is no disputing that we are living in a stressful time. There seem to be endless global conflicts in which people flippantly talk about World War 3, debates about climate change and raging wildfires, and a divided government. The barrage of terrible news—amplified by social media—is enough to put adults on edge.

Don’t forget that your children are on the periphery. They hear our conversations, they talk to their friends at school, and they may be exposed to troubling news that we aren’t even aware they know. As children, they lack the emotional maturity and life experience to comprehend and process this barrage of stressful information. The question that we must ask ourselves as parents is: If we are struggling to cope with current events, how are our children coping?
Child Support and Covid 19
Tune in as we discuss what happens with child support if you or the other parent has become unemployed, filing for child support modification, who will receive the $500 per-child stimulus money, and advice on how to approach child support during the public health crisis.
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Child Abuse Prevention Month
"We've reimagined our statewide Child Abuse Prevention Month campaign to 100% virtual opportunities to learn more about why we make prevention a priority and ways to get involved! Visit  www.preventchildabusenc.org  to learn more!"
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