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  • April is National Volunteer Month, National Autism Awareness Month and National Earth Month
  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month, National AAPI Month and Jewish American Hertiage Month
  • June is World Refugee Month, Alzheimer's Awareness Month and Pride Month

Keep an eye out for a token of appreciation coming in the mail!

Please contact Director of Volunteer Services IJ to learn more!

508-875-3100 x190


  • Michael Albert
  • Paul Allen
  • William Barrett
  • Beth Benjamin
  • Alan Bernstein
  • Daniel Cooper
  • Peggy Cross
  • Thomas Gaudet
  • Elizabeth Gibson
  • Robert Goldberg
  • Nancy Hafkin
  • Tammy Hamidi
  • Jane Harper
  • Maggie Hewit
  • Joan Hoffman
  • Leslie Leon
  • Deed McCollum
  • Pastor Max Olmstead
  • Margaret Pasulka
  • Sahithi Pogula
  • Julian Rich
  • Marilyn Ross
  • Marwa Sadiq
  • Alicia Sargent
  • Jody Shue
  • Ronnie Sidman
  • Nancy Simms
  • Nancy Tharler
  • Elisheva Thoreen
  • Maria Ubarri
  • Edie Wieder
  • Rachel Zakuta

Programs Celebrate All Our Valiant Volunteers!

From Maryann Cardani, Director Healthy Aging and Family Assistance Network

"Sending a huge shout out to the volunteers in the Family Assistance program, who help the case managers in their work with clients, who have many urgent needs. We also have Virtual Visitor volunteers who call our clients to offer social support and companionship through weekly calls. Our volunteers make a huge difference in both our clients’ lives and the level of assistance we can offer, adding to their positive experience with our agency. THANK YOU!"


From Merrill Adler, Program Specialist/Patient Navigator

“The Patient Navigator program would simply not exist without our loyal, dedicated, wonderful volunteers! Our clients are 100% thrilled with the Patient Navigator program and it’s because of our volunteers. Many clients stated that they don’t know what they would do without this program. We salute you and celebrate you always, but especially during volunteer appreciation month.”


From Abrielle Salloway, Manager, Healthy Aging and Family Assistance Network

"Thank you to the Virtual Visitor volunteers for being there for our most vulnerable clients. Your weekly phone calls make a difference to the individuals we serve. Your dedication is recognized not only during volunteer appreciation month, but throughout the year.”

From Maggie Kenney, Manager, Immigrant Services

"JFS’s Immigrant Services volunteers make an impact in our community each day, and often bear witness to some of life’s most beautiful moments as they welcome new immigrant families from all over the world, in partnership with JFS. Our refugee resettlement volunteers greet families at the airport upon arrival, help set up new apartments, stock the fridge and pantry, and collect donated furniture items. Our volunteers bring clients to important medical and school appointments, they teach ESOL, and they assist families in navigating their new community – practicing the local bus route, grocery shopping, visits to the library, and more.


JFS relies on volunteers to do this important work. As a resettlement agency, we can only do so much on our own, but it is our connections to the community and to our volunteers, that really allow us to make an impact. We thank our volunteers for this ongoing work, their incredible generosity and love they have shown newcomers in our shared community."


Please contact Director of Volunteer Services

( if you want to be part of this work!  

Celebration Corner:

Congratulations to Judi Locke on receiving The New England Patriot’s Difference Maker Award!

Click here to read more!

If you have celebratory news you would like to share for an upcoming newsletter, please email Mandy at

Mark your calendars for our Ice Cream Social on June 6th!

JFS Volunteer Advocates for Immigration Program in The New York Times!

On Friday March 8th, 2024, A federal judge granted the Biden administration to continue work on a program that gives temporary legal status to hundreds of thousands of people from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. 

A JFS volunteer Nan Langowitz has personally sponsored two Venezuelan families through Temple Beth Elohim, a synagogue in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Ms. Langowitz's synagogue has helped other families from Afghanistan and Syria as well. Nan was ecstatic about the ruling on Friday since she had submitted a declaration to the court in favor of the program. "I look forward to continuing to welcome other newcomers who can contribute their energy to our country" she said.

Thank you Nan Langowitz for your continued work and support in the community and beyond!

Thank you to The Dover Church for all of your help resettling the Alvarez Family from Guatemala!

Save The Date for Seize the Dream 2024!

Join us on Wednesday, May 15th at the Westin-Waltham

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  • Amy B
  • Cathy B
  • Nancy B
  • Amy C
  • Alison C
  • Peggy C
  • Jackie D
  • Nancy D
  • Lucas D
  • Alexandra D
  • Stephanie E
  • Gustav F
  • Barbara F
  • Denis F
  • Mark F
  • Liz G-B
  • Laura G
  • Paula G

  • Sheldon G
  • Christopher G
  • Ava H
  • Abigail H
  • Scott H
  • Lauren K
  • JoLynn K
  • Julie K
  • Judith L
  • Karen M
  • Susan M
  • Lina M
  • Denise N
  • Max O
  • Shabnam P
  • Susan P-G
  • Lisa P
  • Marylin R

  • Karen M
  • Susan M
  • Lina M
  • Denise N
  • Max O
  • Shabnam P
  • Susan P-G
  • Lisa P
  • Marilyn R
  • Issac R-M
  • Sejal S
  • Maria Pia S
  • Jackie S
  • Eric S
  • Jeffrey S
  • Alicia S
  • Sandy S-H
  • Cynthia S
  • Barbara T
  • Elisheva T
  • Raj V
  • Michael W
  • Peter W
  • Barbara W
  • Kris W
  • Robin W

Reminders for Volunteers:

  • If you are working with older adults, be aware that older adults are particularly affected by the heat and to bring any concerns to program supervisors.

  • If part of your volunteering with JFS requires to turn in feedback or an after-action form, please do so in a timely manner so, we can make the programs better for the future!

  • JFS is now using Ianacare for volunteers specific to Immigration Services to select groups they are interested in volunteering with. Please click the link to the wufoo to complete the form if you haven't done so already.

  • Ianacare (IANA = I Am Not Alone) app designed to lift the burden by utilizing the power of technology. This app enables us to communicate with and update our immigrant services volunteers on the needs of the agency with the ability for them to respond immediately.

Ianacare Wufoo

As the war in Israel continues, our focus at JFS as a social services organization is to provide support and resources to help.

Please click here for information about important resources.

If you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities with JFS, please contact IJ or Mandy:

Ijeoma Anyanwu (IJ)

Director of Volunteer Services

508-875-3100 x190

Mandy Fleming

Administrative Specialist for Development and Volunteer Services

508-875-3100 x320

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