August 4, 2022
Campus-Community Connections
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A Message From the 2023 ITGA Conference Hosts
Our conference theme is Building Resilient Communities, and we cordially invite you to visit and experience our version of that relationship between the City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University.
You’ve waited for years and been patient through the pandemic, and it’s finally time for ITGA to gather in Colorado! Join us June 7-9, 2023 for the annual conference in beautiful Fort Collins, or "FoCo" as the locals call it.

To enhance the conference experience, we ask that you take some time and consider topics you would like for us to tackle. For example, do you want to learn more about student conduct issues in the community, university police best practices, neighborhood and college issues or economic development? Would you like to hear from city police, city managers, or off-campus housing professionals?

We need you to help us choose speakers and topics. Please take the short survey and assist us in providing a rich and meaningful conference for all attendees.
National & International Headlines
A College Town Takes on Exclusionary Zoning
Single family zoning could be a thing of the past in one of the nation's biggest college towns. If the measure passes, Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida, would join other cities and states that have seized on zoning reform as a solution to the housing crisis.

Colleges Get Creative to Solve Housing Among Students
More than 40% of the students on this country's college and university campuses report that they've experienced housing insecurity, according to annual surveys by the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice at Temple University. That's been true both before and after COVID.

Essential Elements of a Town-Gown Relationship
ITGA is seeking advice from you! What have you found to be essential elements of a town-gown relationship? What ideas and concepts worked and were most effective? We are looking for the best and worse and those "aha" moments that helped shape your current relationship. Please send responses to Thank you!
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