The Best Starts for Kids Campaign Team recently shared out five ideas to help get the vote out!

These actions include: 

  1. Email your list — Spread awareness about the BSK Renewal and share with your family and friends. Download this sample email message template, which can be customized! Make sure you send emails every week up until election day (August 3).
  2. Amplify on social media — Share stories and content about BSK. You can also reshare content that you may already have! Make sure you keep sharing until now and August 3. Check the campaign’s Facebook page for additional resources.
  3. Request a yard signRequest a yard sign today and show your support for BSK this election.
  4. Sign up for a TEXTBANK — Save the Children Action Network is hosting three text banks to spread the word to voters about the importance of renewing Best Starts for Kids. Sign up HERE for a shift.
  5. Attend a community event for BSK — If you haven’t already, sign up to attend an event in support of Best Starts for Kids in your community!
Sharing Your Story: Communications and Advocacy for ELOs (July 16)

Earn two STARS credits by attending YDEKC and School's Out Washington's Sharing Your Story event held on July 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Learn how you can make sure your organizations shines, tells the story of your great work, and learn how to engage with policymakers, funders, and your community to be champions of your programs.

This workshop is applicable to all youth workers who are excited to grow their storytelling strategies, as well as any staff responsible for communications, fundraising, and/or advocacy. Learn from peers, practice new skills, and leave with tailored resources. Remember—you’re already an expert in your story!  
Work with Open Doors for Multicultural Families to spread the word!
We know that the success of the BSK Levy is best highlighted with stories from community members. Open Doors for Multicultural Families (ODMF) has some one-time funding opportunities for CBOs like yours to share how the BSK Levy has positively impacted individuals you serve and your organization. ODMF will provide simple BSK Levy renewal factsheets and pre-made templates (such as flyers, social media posts, videos, etc.), which your organization can use to disseminate to your networks.
If your organization would be interested in helping disseminate BSK Levy renewal information, please reach out to this email by July 15 to get involved!