Fall 2017 Newsletter
Hello Providers and Friends,

It was great to see so many of you at  HCAOA's annual conference in Austin last month. We heard a number of thoughtful speakers and especially enjoyed listening to former professional basketball player, Walter Bond. His keynote, R ecognizing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities, really struck a chord among the attendees. His story began as a young high school recruit and his search for a collegiate level coach who would prepare him for the NBA. How did he parlay this experience to homecare providers in the audience? It began with his selection of a coach. Much like when homecare services are introduced to a prospective client and their family, creating a personal connection, and developing a sense of trust, are things that resonate the most during the selection process. Remind your team to show compassion and professionalism at every point of contact. Mr. Bond also reminded attendees their "first customers" are actually the caregivers they employ. In today's competitive market, having a powerful caregiver app is a key play towards their recruitment. Here at Generations, we know the key to developing a healthy supply of valuable recruits starts by  providing them with great technology . When you have a happy and engaged workforce, you can begin counting the wins for the entire care team. 

-Lisa and Lance Ferden

The call center in Generations that so many of you have come to rely on, now has even more functionality. Notes entered in the call center can now automatically attach and update the callers record so you don't have to. We often hear how the call center is a crucial piece of Generations and we hope you'll continue to leverage this documentation platform. Not using it like you know you should? Don't forget your Generations service includes free training. Simply click here to chat with a Generations trainer today. You'll find the call center, along with the detailed reporting, lead to a better understanding of your agency and the service you provide.

Did you know over  50,000 caregivers around the world use Generations on a regular basis? It's exciting to watch that number grow by the day as our clients roll out this free functionality to their staff. If you're still mailing schedules and waiting on paper documentation, it's time to take a look at Generations. Ready now?  Here's a booklet that illustrates how the Generations Caregiver app empowers your entire care team. Go Generations!
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