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TeamSmile is pleased to welcome Dr. Kami Thomas (Program Director), Bobby Casey (Senior Program Manager) and Megan Shepard, RDH (Program Manager). "This is a pivotal time for TeamSmile, as we’ve been able to hire such high quality people that truly want to use the TeamSmile platform to impact the lives of young people," said John McCarthy - Executive Director of TeamSmile. "Collectively, Kami, Bobby and Megan are very knowledgeable, organized and caring people. It’s also important to acknowledge that Wendy Gonzalez and Erica Hill have been able to provide excellent insight and guidance to our new team members. With these new staff members, it’s become clear that TeamSmile has taken a significant step forward."

Megan Shepard, RDH
Program Manager
Bobby Casey
Senior Program Manager
Dr. Kami Thomas
Program Director
2023 Program Schedule
Milwaukee Brewers - June 27, 2023
Cleveland - June 30, 2023
Philadelphia Eagles - July 18, 2023
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - July 29, 2023
Washington Commanders - Phase II - August 11, 2023
Prince Williams County Foundation Back - to - School Program - August 11, 2023
St. Louis Cardinals - Phase II - August 12, 2023
Cincinnati Bengals - Phase II - August 15, 2023
Colorado Rockies - September 8, 2023
El Paso Chihuahuas - September 11, 2023
Tampa Bay Rays - September 29, 2023
Partner Spotlight
SKYGEN, a leading provide of vision and dental benefit managements services and software as a service (SaaS) solutions, has recently created a partnership with TeamSmile. Through the TeamSmile model, SKYGEN and TeamSmile expect to serve more than 5,000 children across the country in 2023 alone. SKYGEN will enhance the partnership by further supporting programs in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

“At SKYGEN, we believe that every community should have access to dental care,” said Steve Berryman, CEO, SKYGEN. “Our partnership with TeamSmile ensures that we are helping to meet the need of underserved children across the country and supporting happy and healthy smiles.” 

“We are thrilled to partner with SKYGEN to help us fulfill our mission and give children in underserved areas access to the oral care they need to live a healthy life,” said TeamSmile executive director John McCarthy. “SKYGEN genuinely wants to make a positive difference through our organization, but the children that we serve will be the true beneficiaries. We are grateful to SKYGEN for its support and look forward to doing great work together.”  
TeamSmile and the Kansas City Royals kicked off the 2023 year with the first program at the KC Royals Urban Youth Academy. We were able to see and help 209 children from the Independence school district with free dental care and oral health education totalling over $118,000. At the Kansas City Royals program we were able to provide over 100 fillings, 30 extractions, 344 sealants and 161 prophylaxis cleanings. We want to thank SunLife/DentaQuest for sponsoring the Kansas City program.
Partner Spotlight

TeamSmile is proud to announce a new partnership with VOCO. VOCO has established an ongoing material sponsorship, that includes restorative and preventive materials, as well as a presence at local TeamSmile events in support of the dental professionals who volunteer their services. The VOCO America team is excited to support TeamSmile in the execution of their mission to “provide children in need with a life-changing dental experience through the power of sports.”

“We are very happy to join Team Smile,” said Leif Ebert, CEO of VOCO America, “I can’t think of a better organization that combines the family values of our organization with the rewarding purpose of our profession. It’s a great volunteer opportunity for our team members to become engaged in their communities and give back while providing support to local dental professionals that volunteer their services all in an effort to help local children in need. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our local communities at both the company and individual levels, knowing our efforts and materials are a part of something bigger that will contribute to bringing smiles to the faces of children across the country, making their lives healthier and happier.”

“We’re incredibly grateful to VOCO for their support of TeamSmile,” shares John McCarthy Executive Director of TeamSmile. “By contributing restorative and preventative materials, as well as their volunteer time, they are helping TeamSmile serve children in need throughout the country. The TeamSmile model is unique, and our impact is deep, and it is partners like VOCO that help provide top-of-the-line materials to the dentists and hygienists to make this a first-class operation. We truly appreciate the support from VOCO.”

Partner Spotlight
The ACTEON® Group is entering a new phase of its growth as a leader in the dental industry based on its technical innovations in X-ray and digital imaging, high-frequency ultrasonic technology, pharmaceuticals, and precision instruments. Our vision is to be a leading global provider of innovative and trusted solutions that protect and restore patients’ oral health in a connected dental ecosystem. Our mission is to offer innovative solutions to enable dental professionals to perform preventative, restorative, and corrective treatments for millions of patients in a connected, efficient, effective, and economical way.

“In addition to being a long-time National Partner with TeamSmile, Acteon provided the awesome X-Mind Prime panoramic machine for our TeamSmile programs. Additionally, Acteon provides tremendous support and engagement from their employees at various programs throughout the country.”
John McCarthy - Executive Director of TeamSmile.

"It's an honor to work with an organization that provides children with life changing dental experiences. Through treatment and education,  TeamSmile shows children that their oral health plays an important role in their overall health. We are grateful for our partnership with TeamSmile that allows us to partner with local dental professionals to help educate, treat, and ultimately empower children in our communities. Acteon team members around the country are always excited to volunteer at TeamSmile programs and feel privileged to be able to contribute to the cause. We look forward to the future with TeamSmile and thank Dr. Busch for making the connection years ago!” Kurt Lamb Vice President of Sales for Acteon
TeamSmile Fundraising Events
On May 18, 2023 Shaq Thompson and TeamSmile, along with Keith and Koni Clements shared an evening of "Fundraising and Food' at the resturant 'A Piece of Havana.'

Shaq Thompson gave his evening to help raise money to support TeamSmile's mission.

Thank you to Shaq Thompson, Keith and Koni Clements for their continued support of TeamSmile and the children that we serve. 
TeamSmile Golf Classic in Memory of Ted Reese
On May 22, 2023 TeamSmile hosted their annual Golf Classic at the National Golf Club in Parkville, MO. This event turned out to be the best one yet! Here are a few photos of our fundraising event.
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