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2023 Statistics

Clients Housed - 101

Clients Employed - 502

Child Support Paid - $80,285.98

Taxes Paid - $1,145,348.74


Clients Housed - 38

Clients Employed - 31

Graduates for the Quarter - 15

Baptisms for the Quarter - 9

Letter from our Director

Greetings Safe Harbor Family

It is a great day in the Lord to see spring sprung, flowers blooming, and lives changing! We are so excited at Safe Harbor to see the transformation of our property, but more important the transformation of our clients.

Men are being taught what it means to be born again through Knowing God, Finding Freedom, Discovering Purpose, and the opportunity to Make a Difference. With the implementation of our new phase program January 1st, it has given our clients a more structured and defined path to understand and follow Jesus’ purpose for their lives.

With all the physical work going on at the property I have been juggling with many things and it’s good to see it all starting to come to completion. Our 1st cottage will be ready for furniture by the middle of April, the 2nd is being sheet rocked as I am writing this, and the 3rd is ready for electrical inspection and insulation. The Landscape of Safe Harbor is transforming into a community, not just a program. It is our goal to resurrect lives of men to be disciples of Christ, learning from Him how to overcome the struggles we face in this world.

My dear brother and mentor Steve Humphreys, showed me many years ago how God uses the Physical to show us the Spiritual, as in Jesus’ parables “ The Kingdom of God is Like…” Our world is transforming into a Godless place and the only reason it hasn’t completely overtaken us is The Holy Spirit operating in believers to hold back the day of judgment.

2 Thessalonians 2:6–7 (NASB95)

6 And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed.

7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.

As I encourage our clients at Safe Harbor, I encourage you not to simply evaluate the events of our day merely on the surface of the physical, but search for the hidden spiritual intent as indicated in The Words of Christ!

We thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

Please continue to pray for us and our clients at Safe Harbor. We need you to be a part of our community of Followers, as Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another.


Blessings to All,


Pastor David

Celebrating Success

We celebrated the graduation of 15 clients in the 1st Quarter here in Jefferson County. Their graduation marks an important milestone in their life. While it signifies the end of their journey here at Safe Harbor, it is a beginning of a new chapter. The journey to graduation may not have always been easy. It required hard work, perseverance, & determination. Through it all they developed character and resilience.

It was an honor to be able to be beside these men as they navigated through their journey here. We are excited to see them going home being the men that God intended them to be!

What is purpose?

Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

A thriving community is built upon a foundation of support, collaboration, and shared values. When community members come together with a common purpose and a sense of belonging, they can accomplish incredible feats. Strong communities provide a network of resources, encouragement, and opportunities for growth and development for all its members.

We had an amazing time with family and brothers in Christ for the celebration of our risen Lord with an amazing meal on Easter. Thank you Lord for all you are doing and have done in each of our lives!

Great Testimony from Patrick McAfee, he came with family from The Avenue Church. The best part of that day was when two men gave their life to the Lord! Praise GOD!

The men at JC had an amazing night filled with music and fellowship at Winter Jam24! There wasn't an empty seat in the house. How inspiring it was to see thousands of Jesus followers worshiping together under the same roof! Praise God!

Super Bowl LVIII at SHJC


During the 1st Quarter 9 men were baptized in Jefferson County. Their baptisms signify a new beginning and a fresh start, a chance to leave behind old ways and embrace God's plan for their lives.

May God bless them all!

Partner of the Quarter

Hello again! For our award for Reliable Partner of the Quarter we are going to mix things up a little differently than we normally do. We would generally spotlight one of or partners for excellence and when myself, Reliable Coordinator James Staffan, and Director Pastor David Elkins sat down to discuss we could not come up with one.

That is because we felt ALL our partners deserve recognition. Custom Foods of America, D&S Builders, Sun Electric, Swaggerty Sausage, Wasco, Hampton Inn and our newest partner Mountain House Motor Inn.

We work side by side with all these partners ensuring the they get the right employee and vise versa, we make sure all our clients get the right job. The communication is paramount to developing our relationship and getting an understanding about how each of us operate individually and as a business. I would go as far to say that many of people are like family at this point. Thank you all partners of Safe Harbor of Jefferson County. May we have many more years together serving men and serving God.

Staff of the Quarter

Our Spotlight Staff this quarter is Jeremy Shelton. Jeremy graduated the program in September of 2023 and moved into a Program Navigator position. He quickly began to understand the position and excel.

He has been promoted to Program Coordinator and managing most of the daily operations of the clients. He loves the Lord and demonstrates that love in all he does! We are blessed and thankful Jeremy is part of our team!

Client of the Quarter

"I grew up in church, was saved at 13, sang in the church choir, taught Sunday School on the youth Sunday (the 5th Sunday of a month). My family was big in church, my uncle was a pastor. Things in my life really did not change until I was about 16. My Dad wasn't around much, because he had started a new family. Made me feel like I wasn't good enough for him to care about or be around. The man I started looking up to as a father figure was on pills. To feel like I fit in I started using pills. I used till in my 20's, got married, got a house and thought I was happy and on my way. Always trying to fill a void, I tried to use everything, wondering why I could never find happiness or peace. At the end of all this I realized I was missing GOD. I had stepped so far away from him I could not feel HIS love. The love and acceptance from a father figure I wanted so bad. I just didn't look to the right father figure. Thankfully GOD's love is never ending. I took the long road to find that love again. I ended up losing everything, house, job 2 kids, my family all to serve time in prison. Most people would be upset, but prison saved my life. I had tried to get clean and never could, so I begged GOD for help. He gave it to me, not like I wanted it, but HE gave it to me. Thought I would get out, see my kids, but life did not go that way. Spent the next 3 yrs trying to get on my feet and couldn't. Tired of being broke I made the worst mistake, tried selling drugs. On my probation day, sitting in the parking lot praying, thinking about suicide, eat up with guilt and shame and GOD told me not to leave. Went in told my probation officer all and it placed another 5 months in jail on me. On December 21, 2023 I rededicated my life to CHRIST. The guilt, the shame everything was washed away clean. That instant peace came, GOD take the wheel, because I don't have this. That is the true love of a father, to forgive me of my walking away from HIM, Blessing me when I don't deserve it. My family is restored, talking with my son to build a relationship. I have a good job, but more than all of this, I found the father I was looking for. He loves me, visits me and spends HIS time with me just because." - J.C.

Upcoming Events

We are very excited about our 2024 Golf Tournament that is quickly approaching.

Interested in sponsoring this event? Call 844-921-4673 ext. 8212


4 Man Scramble at Paris Landing State Park

April 19, 2024

8 am Shotgun Start

$400 Entry per team - Accepting 34 Teams 

(This includes Greens Fee, Cart, Lunch & a bucket of range balls.)

​Prize Money TBD

Event Address: 

285 Golf Course Lane

Buchanan, TN 38222

Contests & Prizes

  • Hole In One
  • Longest Drive Contest
  • Closest to the Pin
  • Putting Contest
  • Marshmallow Drive

Lots of prizes to be given away throughout the day!

General Information

Registration opens Feb 1, 2024

Mulligans $20

Buy 1 Red Tee for $20 per team

Buy a drop on Par 5 for $20 per team

Click here Golf Tournament Info & Registration