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February Featured Artist are Fran Martiny - Jewelry

and Sonya Lang - Photography.

Julie Kraut - Watercolor

Susan Dawson - Pastels

Tammy Pool

"Enchanted Getaway" - Acrylic - 8x8 canvas

Bryson Alden - Blacksmith

Gina Hanzsek - Collage, Montage and Assemblage

Fran Martiny - Jewelry

"Hearts and Gold Dust"

David Demarest - Photography

"Fishing Boats Paired, Trio of Foals and Mt. Baker"

Joan Pinney - Watercolor

Kathryn Sterley - Oil

Understanding Abstract Art.

By Dru Duffey

From our earliest years we are taught to identify and name everything in our environment. Objects in nature and man-made forms are recognized by shape, form, and color. So, each time we come across something new, our brains work to categorize it and put it in a specific box that makes sense.

However, Abstract Art takes those ideas of shape and form and explodes them. Sometimes it isn’t even about a recognizable form. It isn’t about 

representing something real or natural.

Abstract Art uses shape, color, texture, and space to express an emotion, concept, or idea.

So, when you look at abstract art, first empty your mind. Don’t look at the title of it. Allow yourself to travel through and around the piece.

How does it make you feel? What thoughts come to your mind?

What memories surface?

Good abstract art draws you in and around the image. It contains interesting shapes and spaces. It might combine unusual color combinations. It might feature darkness, or light, or an unusual combination of them both.

Its mission is to draw you in and invoke thought, spark feeling, and imagination. There is no right or wrong interpretation or reaction.

It simply exists to connect to some piece of you.


Jim Cooper - Acrylic, Pencil and Rock Carving

Jim Cooper is our newest guest artist. He is a local self-taught artist whose roots go deep in the Snohomish community. He has lived in Snohomish for the last 70 years, is a 1969 graduate of Snohomish High School, and a retired custodian of the Snohomish School District. Jim's love of nature and the outdoors are manifested in his acrylic paintings and pen sketches that he does from his head by whatever picture he sees in his mind or memory. He has lately taken up carving mushrooms from river rocks he has collected from the Pilchuck River and the Wenatchee River on his rock hounding beach combing outings. He is always thinking of what his next creation will be and keeps his hands busy, always creating.

Steve Kennedy - Oil Pastels

Blue Earth Studios

Oak Creek Sunset - 8.5 x 10

Steve's pastels are applied to a wood panel with a colored gesso base. Because oil pastels never completely dry, the completed work is covered with three coats of a high-quality, oil pastel sealer which prevents smudging. The dried sealer is then covered with three coats of satin lacquer. The finished panel is mounted on a solid maple frame that is custom built in Steve's studio/shop.

Arts of Snohomish is currently looking for guest artists.

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