4th Quarter News

2020 Statistics

Men Employed - 443

Taxes Paid - $243,576.35

Child Support Paid - $28,286.23


Men Housed - 81

Men Employed - 48

Graduates for the Quarter - 12

Baptisms for the Quarter - 8

Letter from the Director


Greetings from SHLR, 

 We are coming to the close of another great year, that was filled with many challenges. Our staff has contributed many long and trying hours, but never giving up or giving in. We had many successes and accomplishments during the year. Men reuniting with their families, men hired full time at their job assignments, men reconnecting with GOD, as well as men being healed. We had a wonderful holiday season which started with Harvest Season, parties, great foods, and awards and festivities men were able to enjoy with invited families. Thanksgiving was an awesome experience, and clients and staff alike showed their thankfulness to God and each other. Christmas was a wonderful and enjoyable celebration of the birth of our Savior. The Christmas party and graduation for the month of December was a huge success, with over 30 family members, volunteers, and guests in attendance. 

We have achieved great quarterly success with the help from the administrative support team; Ms. Ann, Jasmine, Melanie, Seth, AD Pastor Potter, DOO - Kenny Lane, VP - Kyle Bennett, and last but most definitely not least our Leader, The Man of God Pastor Brad Bowie. Thank you all for the support and leadership!!

We have seen an uptick in community support during this last quarter of the year with the help of Greater Friendship Christian Church, Healing Hands Ministries, Watershed Social Hospital, Pastor Demetrice Swift(Tyson Foods), St. Marks Baptist Church, Fellowship Bible Church, and many other private donors and supporters. Also, our volunteers' ministers have shown up in record numbers, for them all we are thankful. We are equally thankful to our partners at ACC, directors, managers, and all the officers that help provide opportunities for our men to succeed.

We at SHLR are looking forward to a prosperous new year to serve the Lord, with dedication and commitment. Isaiah 43 says God will do a new thing and you will see it with your eyes!!! Souls being saved, men becoming the men God has called them to be, and many victories on the horizon. 

We are excited about the upcoming Battle in the Saddle barrel race in Jan 2022. The buzz about it is growing strong around SHLR, and many are wanting to participate in that success! Thanks again to all that support our commitment to serving our clients! 

Christmas Celebration!


Some of the awards


"It’s an honor winning Staff of the Year at SHLR. To even be considered for this award is an honor. Thank for those who have believed in me and the support from my coworkers. I love you all" - Jon Brooks, Reliable Clerk


Volunteer Church of the Year to Greater Friendship


Team Member of the Year. Christopher Weatherford. Without him, we wouldn’t have all of the things fixed that he has fixed so far. Up and comer in the Safe Harbor Organization. It’s a pleasure to call him a coworker and friend.


Team Member of the Year, Joshua Durham. Wonderful man who loves Jesus and is an excellent person to work with.


Awards for 2021 for SHLR


We love having all of the clients' families with us!


A look around Little Rock

Southern Glazers sent Whole Hog BBQ Cafe to the guys


Christmas decorations around our campus & on our office doors!


SHLR Staff attended the annual corporate Christmas party & received the following awards:

Ministry of the Year

Kitchen of the Year

Transportation of the Year

Safety Award

Spirituality Award


Getting the front fixed up!


Sunday Evening Service with guest speaker Elder David White, Asst. Pastor from New Bibleway COGIC

Hebrews 11:1vs”Have Faith in God”

Image December 12_ 2021 5_51_31 PM.jpg
Image December 12_ 2021 5_55_52 PM.jpg

Morning service is about Learning how to love


SHLR- Pastor Swift from Jacksonville, Ar. giving the message at Sunday evening service 12/05/2021 Luke 5:27-32 Subject: “The calling of Levi”


Thanksgiving 2021! Shout out to our guys for their countless hours they did to make sure our guys enjoy their thanksgiving dinner!


The Plant Manager at Southern Glazers brought us all this. They are so amazing!

sg donation.jpg

We want to tell Awakening Events THANK YOU again for the tickets for our clients to see the Newsboys. It was an amazing concert! Something they will never forget!!


Full Council Metro Church brining us the Word


Pastor Warner bringing us the Word tonight before we start baptisms.


We enjoyed Pastor Swift of Jacksonville, AR - Sunday Evening. Scripture: 2 Kings 9 Chap. Job 31, Subject: “Are there any open doors”


One of our clients with his new car!! Super proud of Kelvin!


This is what it's all about!


Celebration Sunday - December 2021

Congratulations to our graduates - Zachary Bales, Steven Duck & Jon Green!

Image December 23_ 2021 6_18_09 AM.jpg
Image December 23_ 2021 6_17_54 AM.jpg
Image December 23_ 2021 6_17_36 AM.jpg

Reliable of the Month is Tyrone Taggart. Congrats!

Image December 23_ 2021 6_18_48 AM.jpg

Partner of the Quarter - Acadian Wood Products

Acadian Wood Products (AWP) has been a phenomenal partner. They have embraced our guys with open arms and have treated them like family. They paid for two of our clients to attend CDL classes and in return they received their CDL. Working with AWP has been a blessing for us. We look forward to growing our partnership together.


Celebration Sunday - November 2021

Congratulations to our graduates - Corey Marsh, Branden Simmons & Christopher Weatherford!

Image November 21_ 2021 5_54_01 PM.jpg
Image November 21_ 2021 5_54_10 PM.jpg
Image November 21_ 2021 5_54_19 PM.jpg

Reliable of the Month is Carl Stephens. Congrats

Image November 21_ 2021 5_54_30 PM.jpg

Client of the Month is Jack Wilson. Congratulations!

Image November 21_ 2021 5_54_45 PM.jpg

Client of the Quarter - Richard Tutt


I came into this program on May 27, 2021. I have been here for 6 months now. Really was happy to be here and out of prison and ready to start my next chapter in my life. Since coming to this program it has helped me more than I could ever imagine. This place has helped me to gain employment with a good company that pays well and I love doing the work.

The program has helped me save over $2,000 since I have been here. Now that I'm full time I started saving my own money and I have saved around $2,000 as well. I also have started on working on getting my driver license back, which will take some time but it is progress. I have also started getting my teeth fixed because I neglected them while I was in my addiction, but I'm happy now to start getting them fixed.

Another thing that I am happy about, and thank God for, is that I have my daughter and her mother back in my life after putting them through my addiction. I thank God every day for them being back in my life. The thing that helped me the most since I have been here is that I volunteer my free time when I'm not at work, and I have been patient in my recovery and letting God do His work with me. I just wanted to thank God for how far I have come and can't wait to see where I go from here.

Staff of the Quarter - Zachary Bales


Zachary Bales is a super great team member, that is always looking for areas of the ministry to help in.

He has made long strides in his Christian walk and service work. Mr. Bales is a driver that functions most like a Transportation Coordinator. He is very dependable, and has superior work ethics.

Battle in the Saddle 2022

Battle in the Saddle is right around the corner! We are looking forward to Year #9 of this event. It will once again be held in Memphis, TN at the Agricenter Showplace Arena. This is our largest fundraiser each year that helps to fund so many projects throughout Safe Harbor.

We would love to have you attend if you are able. Come out and watch cowgirls and cowboys from across the US compete!

If you are interested in sponsoring this event please get with our Reliable Coordinator, Jon Brooks. His email is

Learn more at

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