Dear #Positivity Friends,

Here we are at the halfway point of this year, which seems like an appropriate moment to evaluate how we’re doing, right? 

For my part, I want to see how I’m progressing toward the professional goals I set for myself in January. I’m also asking myself what I’ve done to lift up my community so far this year. I’m looking at our garden and wondering if it measures up to the dreams we had for it during the dead of winter! 

Speaking of gardens, I’m noticing how much my kids have grown like weeds in the last six months. I’m assessing whether I’ve learned anything new that will help me be better and do better next year and beyond. Finally, I’m checking to make sure I’ve had some fun doing all these this. Because if there’s no joy, I’m probably missing the point, aren’t I?

Here’s a good idea: Take a few minutes to think about how you’re doing at the mid-mark of this year. Then consider making some adjustments to how you spend your time and energy so you’ll be satisfied with what you’ve accomplished come December 31. And don’t forget the joy!

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With hope and positivity,

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#Positivity® Stories

The Roar of the Crowd

The people of England love their football and they live to be there for their favorite teams’ big matches. An important part of the experience is hearing the roar of the crowd as the action unfolds. What if you were deaf and couldn’t hear that thrilling sound? Newcastle United Football Club has a solution. Sela, a sports marketing and event management company and a major sponsor of the team, has developed a technology that allows deaf fans to feel the whole experience through a “sound shirt.” The St. James’ Park stadium is outfitted throughout with microphones to capture the sound, which is then converted into digital sound and transmitted wirelessly to sensors on the shirt to let the wearer know what is going on. For instance, vibrations on the sleeve signify that the home team is singing and a buzzing on the back of the shirt indicates an away team goal. Deaf fan Ryan Gregson, who got to test out a shirt at a recent match, said through a sign language interpreter, “For the first time, I felt 100 percent included. To experience the noise through vibration was just wonderful.” 

Going Solar in Nuclear America

Thousands of acres of land managed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons division are being transformed into solar farm sites. Areas in Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, and South Carolina are slated to become hundreds of megawatt solar farms that will provide electricity to thousands of homes. “Working closely with community leaders and private sector partners, we’re cleaning up land once used in our nuclear deterrence programs and deploying the clean energy solutions we need to help save the planet and strengthen our energy independence,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

Seeds for Bees

As super-pollinators of nearly 85 percent of the world’s flowering plants, bees are said to be responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat. With bee populations everywhere dangerously declining, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), an independent board dedicated to preserving the state’s wildlife and outdoor spaces, is on the case! Each year, GOCO receives up to half of the state’s Colorado Lottery proceeds to invest in natural preservation projects such as distributing over 100,000 native wildflower seed packets to Colorado children and families to plant and boost the state’s waning bee population. “Western bumble bees have declined in Colorado by 72 percent, and we’re calling on kids across Colorado to ‘Bee the Change,’” said GOCO executive director Jackie Miller. The seeds are available at local libraries and other locations across the state. Miller added, “Through this effort, kids will be empowered to improve the environment and learn firsthand what helps our local ecosystems thrive.”  


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If you have big goals, you will need to get used to feeling discomfort. As you pursue your goals, you will constantly be driven to go beyond your own skills and experience. This will likely make you feel uneasy or even a little distressed at times, but it’s a necessary part of the growth and learning that has to happen to achieve your goals. So get good at being uncomfortable!

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Four Thousand Paws: Caring For the Dogs of the Iditarod by Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan is a very special veterinarian. He cares for the dogs in the Iditarod, the 1,000-mile sled dog race across the Alaskan Wilderness that has taken place every March for more than 50 years. The almost mythical event is grueling for all involved—especially the dogs—who take running very seriously and have the drive to compete in this race. Many veterinarians apply for this job, but only a few are chosen because they need to be almost as hardy as the dogs. Morgan brings you into this fabled race with his insight into how he cares for the dogs and how the dogs react to and survive the elements and rough terrain. He also tells tales of some of the amazing dogs who have competed in the Iditarod. For anyone fascinated by this race or just fascinated by dogs in general, you’ll get an in-depth look into the animal mind and an unforgettable, up-close account of this amazing race. 

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