November 2021

November Awareness Days

Family Caregivers Awareness Month

1-7 - Stress Awareness week

2 - Go Vote

3 - Sandwich Day

6 - Stress Awareness Day / Nacho day

11 - Veterans Day (dC will be CLOSED in observance)

13 - Kindness Day

25 - Thanksgiving (dC will be closed 25th & 26th)

29 - Giving Tuesday

All services are open and operating as safely as we can. If you have any questions or want to contact us for any reason please call 517-782-6054 or send a message through Facebook. We remain working our normal hours of 8:30-4:30 Mon-Fri. The Loan Closet is open for curbside service. Simply call ahead and we will assist getting you the equipment you need. If you have equipment in need of repair, Fix-dis is available on Weds by appointment only.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we do what we feel is best for those we work with and employ. Stay Safe.


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Fully Vaccinated?

We can help you get a COVID vaccine. Regardless if it's your first dose or the booster which is now available to:

We can help get the vaccine to you, or you to the vaccine. Call 517-998-3084 and follow the prompts.

3 super hero arms flexing their biceps and each has a Band-Aid on it.  text asks  if you have a disability and need  help getting COVID vaccine to call 517-998-3084
T N T RAMP.jpg
Taylor RAMP.jpg

Ramp Build

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring a smile and better mood to people. For Thelma, being outside feeling the warm sun on her body is enough to make her happy. However, a few months ago that wasn’t even a possibility. Her lack of mobility and Dementia made it extremely difficult to exit the home in any situation. Before the ramp was added, numerous people and even EMT's needed to physically carry her out as the stairs were too steep and doors too narrow for any other transport method.

Through our Residential Ramp program she was approved for the installation of a ramp earlier this year. Since then, Thelma has been so happy leaving the inside walls behind as she suns and enjoys company that joins her outside. 

If you or someone you know needs a ramp, we will begin taking applications for next year in January.



Have you considered using our Respite service? Recognizing November as Family Caregiver Awareness month, we understand the unique challenges of being a caregiver for a family member with a disability or disease. Respite means relief. We view respite as a temporary therapeutic separation for both the caregiver and the family member. It eases the stress at home while providing the person with a disability personalized attention by trained and skilled professionals. Our respite program began in 1995; since then we have been able to provide thousands of hours of respite care breaks for families. We would be happy to discuss our respite program for your family.


The Inclusion Event Recap

Every year we recognize October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. On October 7th we held our inaugural The Inclusion Event with Architect Ileana Rodriguez as the keynote speaker and our friend Scott Clow from the K105.3 Morning Show hosting.   

Through her experiences internationally as an Architectural Consultant and the Paralympics as an athlete and now accessibility consultant for the games, she has a unique insight to planning and designing for accessible/inclusive spaces. It is in these inclusive environments that disabilities become background to the person. She emphasized that people are more than someone with a disability and a disability doesn’t need to define who we are as a person.

Additionally, she reminded us that disabilities are a natural part of life. Every day people are born with, acquire, or develop disabilities and as we age the chances we obtain some form of a short or long term disability increases. That is just a fact of life. We should always be thinking forward about who we are really designing for.  Accessible/Inclusive design provides the benefit of being long lasting and used by a broader population. A baby in a stroller getting pushed needs the same access as someone using a wheelchair and someone with their hands full is the same as someone without arms.

This is what I feel should be strived for. Don’t just meet the minimum standards or put a ramp in the back and say “good enough”. Change the environment and create an inclusive culture where people don’t have to use side entrances or feel embarrassed because they are different. Embrace the differences in people and through that desire of equity, we will all be in a better more inclusive world.

It is also important to remember it is not just the one person with a disability, it is that person and all those around them that are impacted by inaccessible spaces/design. As a group, people with a disability and those close to them have an incredible power economically, with $1.2 Trillion in annual disposable income. These are our friends, siblings, parents, and grandparents going about living their lives and wanting to do it in an inclusive way.  

Thank you again to all of The Inclusion Event sponsors. Your backing allowed us to provide a free webinar experience with expert advice on inclusive environments. Thank you to all the attendees and silent auction participants as well. Because of you, we raised $1,500 to support our internal programs of Residential Ramps, Loan Closet, Fix-dis, Access For All, and Respite Care.  We look forward to having The Inclusion Event next year and providing another experience all people can enjoy.

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Watch TIE

Accessible Kayak Launch

Jackson County Parks recently added these features at Vandercook Lake! An accessible parking pad, pathway to restrooms and kayak rentals, and a floating dock with an accessible kayak launch. It'll only be there for a few more days this year, then removed for storage through the winter before being reinstalled in the spring of '22.

VC LAKE kayak parking lot to water-min.jpg

Accessible parking spaces and parking pad With pathway down to the accessible kayak launch.

VC LAKE kayak pathway.jpg

The accessible pathway that leads to the restrooms and kayak rentals on the left and to the kayak launch down by the water with green grass and one large tree in between on a Sunny afternoon.

VC LAKE kayak launch water to land.jpg

View from the end of the dock looking back to land with the transfer benches and kayak launch on the left.

John Conley

1942 -2021

John Conley, a longtime friend and disAbility Connections volunteer, passed away October 23, 2021. He was a beautiful soul. John had a huge heart and a passion to serve his community. He helped people get the things they needed from our loan closet, filed, shredded, and even raised money for us. His humble service and willingness to do anything to help others was a true sign of his character. We at disAbility Connections are heartsick about the loss of John to his family and his community but take comfort in the legacy of giving he leaves behind.

You will be greatly missed friend but not forgotten.