Dear Friends,

We hope everyone is enjoying the "new" year and the ability to move around and do things we did not do last year. One thing that was reinforced in the previous year was the importance of activity and socialization, particularly for people who are older. Healthy aging is enhanced by several factors but having activities -work or play-that one loves and having friends with whom you can share thoughts and ideas is very important in maintaining physical and cognitive function as we age. We all know people who are aging well - I think about the 98-year-old who plays golf with my husband's foursome, even when it is 95 degrees. I think about a friend and mentor I have had for years who still went to her office and hosted international webinars when she was 104 years old. This month, Professor Bei Wu, the Director of Research for HIGN, shares some of the stories she learned through her studies of centenarians. 

Enjoy this newsletter, and have a wonderful summer!