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Public Meetings: 
Price Variation
As was discussed at the March 2 Board meeting, the HPC is convening a group of stakeholders (including HPC Board members, HPC Advisory Council members, state agencies, and others) to discuss specific, data-driven policy options to address unwarranted price variation in support of a more sustainable and equitable health care system. These stakeholder meetings stem from recommendations in the HPC's recent  Special Report on Provider Price Variation, which was released in connection with the 2015 Cost Trends Report.  
The first meeting, focusing on demand-side incentives, will take place on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 12:00 PM at the HPC's offices. Please note that this meeting will occur in place of the regularly scheduled HPC Advisory Council Meeting.
Job Opportunities
The HPC is currently accepting applications for:

Director of Strategic Investments

Research Associate/Programmer

Summer Fellows
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Executive Director David Seltz provides an update on upcoming work at the HPC
Before getting into our regular updates, I want to congratulate our Chairman, Dr. Stuart Altman, on his reappointment to the Board by Governor Baker. The HPC has been so fortunate to have had Dr. Altman's expertise and leadership over the past three years. I am excited to continue to serve under the Board and Dr. Altman's Chairmanship to frame the agency's work and mission over the next five years.

In this newsletter, you will find information on upcoming HPC events as well as links to the request for proposals for our three new innovation investment programs. I also ask that you save the date for the HPC's 2016 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing , confirmed for October 17 and 18, 2016. 

Please also note that the HPC is accepting applications for PCMH PRIME, a new certification program developed in collaboration with the NCQA to reward practices with a strong commitment to behavioral health integration. Please do not hestitate to contact the HPC with any questions.

Finally, the HPC's 2015 Cost Trends Report, Special Report on Provider Price Variation, and  associated materials are located on the HPC's website. We hope that you use these documents as a resource to frame your work. We are happy to answer any questions

I look forward to engaging with you at our upcoming public events. Thank you for your continued engagement in our work.

David Seltz
Executive Director
HPC Event:  Community Hospitals at a Crossroads
The HPC is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of Community Hospitals at a Crossroads: Findings from an Examination of the Massachusetts Health Care System . The report, expected to be released publicly on March 21, 2016, details the challenges facing community hospitals, identifies a future vision for community-based care, and outlines necessary steps toward transforming the care delivery and payment system to achieve that vision. The report was developed by the HPC after more than a year of research, analysis, and interviews with health care providers, consumers, health plans, community leaders, elected officials, and other expert partners. 

Preliminary findings from the report, such as those seen below, were presented at the HPC's Community Health Care Investment and Consumer Involvement Committee Meeting. Please click here to see the full presentation.

On March 29, 2016, the HPC will convene a stakeholder conversation on the findings and potential paths forward for the Commonwealth's community hospitals, informing the development of an action plan later in 2016. This public forum will include a discussion on the role of community hospitals in a changing delivery system and the continued pursuit of value-driven choices by all market participants.   A full agenda will be posted on the HPC's website as soon as participants are confirmed.

HPC Accepting Proposals for Innovation Grants
This week, the HPC released requests for proposals for three new grant programs authorized by Chapter 224 and the Massachusetts Legislature. Combined, these programs make $9.5 million available to drive innovation in health care delivery and payment in Massachusetts.
These three investment programs, the Health Care In novation Investment (HCII) Program, the Telemedicine Pilot Initiative, and the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Pilot Initiative, together create unprecedented opportunity for Massachusetts providers, health plans, and their partners to implement innovations that advance the Commonwealth's cost containment goals while improving access to high-quality care.
All proposals are due to the HPC by May 13, 2016. The HPC will host two informational sessions on the application process in March. To read the RFPs, please follow the links below. 
2016 Public Meeting Schedule
Be sure to check our website for the most up-to-date information on 2016 meetings
Below, please find the 2016 public meeting schedule. All Board and Advisory Council meetings, with the exception of the 2016 Cost Trends Hearing, will take place at 50 Milk Street at 12:00PM. 
Board Meetings 
Wednesday, April 27
Wednesday, June 1
Wednesday, July 27
Wednesday, September 7
Wednesday, November 9
Wednesday, December 14
Cost Trends Hearing
CONFIRMED Monday, October 17 and Tuesday October 18
Advisory Council Meetings
Wednesday, March 30
Wednesday, June 15
Wednesday, September 14
Committee Meetings
Unless otherwise noted, the first meeting is at 9:30AM, followed by the second meeting at 11AM.
Wednesday, March 23 - QIPP/CDPST
Wednesday, May 18 - QIPP
Wednesday, May 25 - CTMP/CHICI
Wednesday, June 22 - CDPST/QIPP
Wednesday, June 29 - CTMP/CHICI
Wednesday, October 26 - CTMP/CHICI
Wednesday, November 2 - CDPST/QIPP
Wednesday, November 30 - CDPST/QIPP
Wednesday, December 7 - CTMP/CHICI

All meeting dates are subject to change. Please check our  website  for updated information.