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Health Impact/March Newsletter 2024

Dear Friend of DKT,

In February, we shared our global 2023 sales results (which you can find here by product and country) and the record-breaking 64.1 million Couple Years of Protection that our work delivered. This month, I am pleased to highlight the health impact that was generated by those sales results.  

Each year, using established health impact calculators, DKT reports out on a range of health impacts by country. We measure these results and share the methodology used as part of our commitment to transparency. This impact and scale makes DKT one of the world’s largest providers of contraception and safe abortion products, services and technology. You can find a detailed list of our Health Impact results on our website.

In 2023, the collective effort of our work around the world helped avert an estimated:

  • 16.8 Million Unintended Pregnancies;
  • 16.9 Million Unsafe Abortions;
  • 153,000 infant deaths; and
  • 32,500 maternal deaths

These large numbers represent the individual stories and lives touched by DKT’s collective impact. They also reflect hard work in the face of significant challenges by DKT teams around the world. 

To build on this success and look ahead to the coming year, DKT leadership teams gathered this month in Cairo to strategize, share valuable learnings, and strengthen our organizational culture. 

We look forward to working with you and your support in 2024.


Chris Purdy

Global Health Impact numbers increase in 2023 

The numbers are in and 2023 proved to be a strong year for DKT’s contribution to the sexual and reproductive health field. Using the MSI Health Impact Calculator, the collective effort of our work around the world helped avert an estimated:

  • 16.8 Million Unintended Pregnancies;
  • 16.9 Million Unsafe Abortions;
  • 153,000 infant deaths; and
  • 32,500 maternal deaths

DKT experienced growth in most of its markets last year, with particularly strong results in Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, the Philippines and the DR Congo. Combined, these counties accounted for more than 60% of the 16.8 million unintended pregnancies averted by DKT in 2023. 

DKT Mexico and the expanded Latin America North region also contributed to DKT International’s overall health impact with results emerging in several Central American countries. Our expansion efforts in the Francophone West and Central Africa (FWACA) region similarly produced gains in the effort to avert unsafe abortions, with more than 350,000 unsafe abortions averted in the region in 2023. 

Teams also continued to make a strong contribution supporting previously restricted and conflict-affected markets, averting more than 200,000 unintended pregnancies in Afghanistan alone, as well as notable gains in the newly opened/re-opened markets in Honduras, Iraq, and South Sudan. 

To more deeply analyze the numbers by country, have a look at the full spreadsheet on our website.

Full Spreadsheet of DKT's 2023 Impact

DKT remains committed to FP2030 goals: 400 Million non-abortion CYPs and $1 billion in commodity procurement

DKT pledged to generate 400 million non-abortion Couple Years Protection (CYPs) across more than 90 countries between 2021 and 2030 for its commitment to its FP2030 goals. The organization further pledged to invest $1 billion of discretionary resources, including the procurement of commodities, between 2021 and 2030.


In the past three years, DKT has generated 170.3 million non-abortion CYPs (39.2 million in 2021, 43.4 million in 2022 and 48.5 million in 2023) which amounts to 33% of the targeted goal. DKT has also invested $673 million in discretionary resources, including the procurement of commodities since 2021, or 67% of the goal towards our 10-year, $1 billion pledge.

Learn more about DKT’s commitment and the work of FP2030

Recent data analysis suggests DKT impacts total SRH market in key countries

In January, we took a closer look at some of our most impactful markets with the release of a new analysis Contraceptive Use: Estimating DKT’s Contribution in Key Countries, which estimated DKT’s contribution to contraceptive prevalence in eight countries. A second analysis with additional countries is expected later this year. 

That analysis concluded that DKT has had a significant impact on the larger SRH community by contributing to and driving increased contraceptive use across Africa and in Asia. By quantifying our impact, we gain the means to enhance existing programming while contributing valuable measurement tools to the broader SRH community.

Please contact Stephanie Gallagher, DKT’s Director for Global Programs and Development at to learn more about our health impact indicators and visit our blog for a more extended summary of the recent analysis, as well as to download the report.

Download our latest data analysis

Global teams meet in Cairo to talk strategy, values, and of course, see the pyramids!

DKT’s global marketing, sales and senior leadership teams gathered in Cairo from March 5th to 8th for dual meetings. It was the second time in slightly less than two years that the organization brought its extended teams together, sharing best practices and taking account of recent achievements and learnings to better shape our collective future.

Topics in the sales and marketing conference included Getting your Footing in the Market,” where ideas were exchanged on best practices for growing specific products in each respective market. Larger discussions on how to approach medical abortion in more restrictive legal environments and how to improve community involvement by engaging leaders and religious groups in family planning were valuable add-ons for teams negotiating these issues within their countries. 

Leveraging technology and specifically AI, was also on the minds of attendees in both the marketing and senior leadership conference, as teams shared specifics on how they have integrated technological advancements into their long-term initiatives. The learnings gave everyone a lot to consider moving forward into 2024 and of course, we dug into DKT’s key values, which include integrating FUN into the work environment. 

So yes, there was a visit to the Pyramids and yes, there was more than one spontaneous dance party

If you’d like to join us to explore a career with DKT, please check our website for current openings.

Work with Us!

Ride along with DKT Ethiopia for a “Day in the Life” with our sales team

DKT is the leading supplier of reproductive health supplies to the private sector in Ethiopia, where it has maintained operations since 1990. In 2023, DKT Ethiopia generated nearly 4.3 million CYPs and helped avert 1.6 million unintended pregnancies in the country, despite substantial logistical and supply chain interruptions caused by civil unrest in multiple areas of the country.   

Meet Halle Mariam, one of our Sales Offices in Ethiopia as he goes about “A Day in the Life” and get a sneak peek into daily life in and around Addis Ababa. 

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