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Weekly Message from the Executive Director

Tony Anderson

By the Numbers

This week we reported 34 consumers tested positive for COVID and 22 direct support professionals and 9 VMRC staff are out with positive COVID test results. The increase in consumers and DSPs represents a 19% increase for the week.  Regionally we are still above the 5% threshold in the communities throughout our counties and statewide the California rate is 8.9%. Finally and most importantly, we did not report any hospitalizations this week. Office Building Site Status (June 7th):

  • San Joaquin 11.1% – Exceeds 5% - Remote Quarterly Visit Recommended, Masks in the Office required.
  • Stanislaus 12.1% – Exceeds 5% - Remote Quarterly Visit Recommended, Masks in the Office required.
  • Calaveras 10% – Exceeds 5% - Remote Quarterly Visit Recommended, Masks in the Office required.

Amador is at 4.4% and Tuolumne is at 9.8%.

The Third Survey for the Direct Support Workforce and COVID-19 National Report

As the country closed so much of our community and businesses due to health concerns it became clear that Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) were recognized as one of the country's class of essential workers. With this recognition though, came considerable stress and concern for the workforce. The National Alliance and the University of Minnesota's ICI engaged the workforce in a comprehensive survey to gage the impact of our states IDD systems responses to COVID-19 and the impact on this workforce. The first survey was conducted from April through May of 2020 (1st Report), and the follow-up survey covered the time between June and July of 2021 (2nd Report).

This ongoing study is now receiving input from DSPs for the 3rd report and we need their participation plus check out the California profile page by clicking this link below.

California DSP Profile

Providing Direct Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic Direct Support Professionals Survey

This survey is being conducted by the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) in partnership with the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota.  

"We would like to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on direct support professionals. Most importantly, we need to hear your voice. Your answers provide us data to advocate for and shape public policy. This is the 4th in a series of surveys. Your responses are anonymous. If you previously took this survey in April/ May 2020 or November/ December 2020, or June/ July 2021 we'd appreciate you completing it again. It will help us to see how these issues have changed over time. Your identity will not be recorded and your surveys will not be linked." 

Please forward this survey ( to the direct support workers that you employ, including paid family members. Their answers will be anonymous. National and state-specific results from the survey will be shared widely in September 2022. 

Survey Link

Upcoming Calendar of Important Events

Board of Directors Meeting (Hybrid)

June 22, 2022, 6:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Webinar ID:  844 7797 7692

Passcode:  434801

Howard Prep HAL Informational Session (Virtual)

June 24, 2022, 9:30 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:  813 5197 1961

Passcode:  480553

California Mentor Family Home Agency Informational Session (Virtual)

June 29, 2022, 9:30 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:  821 5693 4857

Passcode:  451938

View our Entire Calendar of Events Here
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Case Management Update - Children

Tara Sisemore-Hester

Director of Consumer Services - Children

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Assorted Actions Steps for Early Start: DDS Surveys, Updated Directives, Alerts

Messages to Legislator and Governor needed- ACTION Steps

California legislators released their Budget proposal CLICK HERE last week. They recognized the many needs of our Community. 


* Elimination of family Fees

* Change in the rate implementation timeline resulting in most vendor rates increasing faster

* Funding to hire and retain more direct support professionals (Direct Service Providers) by:

·    Providing stipends to hire new DSPs and reward current DSPs that complete training. Funding to hire and retain more regional center service coordinators by:

·    Updating the core staffing formula, which will increase available funding, and reduce high case load ratios.

·    Providing tuition reimbursement for continuing education for service coordinators.

·    Providing funding to dental providers to make their services more accessible for people with special needs. 



However, they need to be reminded about the importance of reducing Early Start eligibility by 25% and include it in the Budget proposal.


The Governor and legislators are negotiating on the Budget with the goal to have it completed by June 15th midnight to meet the Budget deadline (Art. IV, Sec. 12(c) . You have till then to share your thoughts on these issues.



1. Please take a moment to thank your legislators - Call or email your Senator and Assembly Person Find Address ( for supporting the Developmentally Disabled Community. The no family fees, change in the rate implementation timeline resulting in most vendor rates increasing faster, etc. Include the reduction of Early Start Eligibility to 25%- Changing eligibility entrance requirements for CA. Early Start making it easier for more children to qualify.

2. Email Governor Newsom Contact | California Governor and thank him for including the 25% Early Start eligibility reduction in his Budget proposal. Changing eligibility entrance requirements for CA. Early Start making it easier for more children to qualify. Change in the rate implementation timeline resulting in most vendor rates increasing faster.

3. If you are interested in learning more about the CA Budget process check out, Citizens Participation Guide - Budget


Program Directive regarding PPP: Pending the resolution of current litigation involving directives, a temporary stay order CLICK HERE has been issued. As such, enforcement of the three directives as they relate to requiring service providers to require service providers to offset funds received from COVID-19 relief programs, is stayed until further notice. 


If you are interested in joining the IDA Policy Committee, please reach out to us at,

Thank you,

Fran Chasen and Annie Cox

IDA Policy Co-Chairs

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Chaos and Instability in the

Lives of Children

with Stacey N. Doan, PhD

Tuesday July 26, 2022

11:00am-12:30pm (PDT)

Virtual Event


Can't attend the event live? 

Register to receive access to the recording!

Early intervention providers often have a unique opportunity to provide support to parents who are facing multiple challenges that can result in a more chaotic home environment. Chaos can have a significant negative impact on a child’s development. In the current talk, I will discuss the dimensions of chaos, analyze it at multiple levels, and provide strategies that early intervention providers can consider to mitigate the impact of chaos.

 Learning Objectives:

1. Develop an understanding of multiple dimensions of children’s environment.

2. Understand components of chaos and instability and its theoretical and empirical basis.

3. Apply dimensions of chaos and instability to children’s lives.

Dr Stacey Doan.jpg

Dr. Stacey Doan received her PhD from Cornell University. She is currently an associate professor psychology at Claremont Mckenna College and an adjunct associate professor of population sciences at at City of Hope National Medical Center. A developmental health psychologist she is an expert on adversity, resilience and the physical and psychological adjustment of young children. She is an award winning researcher, who’s work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.


Her book, Nature Meets Nurture: Science Based Strategies for Raising Resilient Kids was published by the American Psychological Association. 

Non-Member: $50

IDA Agency/Individual Member: $35

IDA Parent/Student/New Clinician Member: $25



IDA CE Hours: Nursing, PT, Speech and Language $15 (1.5 hour)


(you will be invoiced)


ADA Requests: Contact IDA @

with ADA request by July 12


Limited number of scholarships available


Social Rec Public Webinar _final_ - EN.png

PDF Version Flyer Here

Every Child Can Fly: Including Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Education

Thursday, Jun. 9 @ 3 pm ET


Jani Koz.jpg

Presented by Jani Kozlowski,

Author, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 As an early childhood professional with a disability, a child of a parent with a disability, and the mother of a son with a disability, Jani Kozlowski, author of Every Child Can Fly: An Early Childhood Educator’s Guide to Inclusion, brings a unique perspective to the inclusion of children with disabilities in early childhood settings.


In this edWebinar, Jani will share personal stories, current research and evidence-based practices for educators, coaches, trainers and leaders in Head Start, child care and prekindergarten programs. Attendees will learn strategies to foster inclusive learning environments, individualized teaching practices and meaningful family engagement. We believe that by building secure relationships and trust with children and families, educators can facilitate a culture of belonging, caring and kindness. The past two years have been challenging for all of us, so let’s find out how to promote inclusion as an intervention that is healing for each and every child, family, and educator.


This edWebinar will provide educators, leaders, coaches and other early childhood professionals with strategies to:


  • Apply lessons learned from research on inclusion, access and equity to promote and practice high-quality inclusion in early childhood environments
  • Build skills and confidence for meeting the needs of each and every child
  • Develop secure relationships with children and families that can reduce stress and build trust


There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation. Learn more.

Self Determination Logo.jpg

We are excited to announce the following self determination orientation opportunities:


Thursday, June 16, 2022 1PM-4PM English with Spanish Translation


Monday, August 8, 2022 1PM-4PM English with Spanish Translation

California Tribal TANF Partnership recently opened a new office location in Amador County. The California Tribal TANF Partnership (CTTP) program utilizes federal and state funds to support a variety of temporary services to Indian families. These temporary services include cash assistance, educational activities designed to increase the family self-sufficiency, welfare diversion assistance, and supportive services. Tribal TANF also offers services to qualifying individuals such as Career Development, Life Skills Workshops, Youth Services, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Parenting Workshops, and Marriage Promotion and Counseling. To learn more about what Tribal TANF has to offer or to see if you qualify please check out their website at or stop by their new location: 223 Clinton Rd. Suite #206, Jackson Ca 95642. 

Jenna Bielby

Program Manager 


Case Management Update - Adults

Christine Couch

Director of Consumer Services - Adults

Sutter Health Sensory Friendly Film.jpg

Join our friends at The State Theatre of Modesto for their Sensory Friendly Film Series. This movie-going experience is for children of all abilities and their families. Get up, sing along, do a little dance, whatever your little heart desires....just have fun. Thank you State Theatre for making this experience possible for all of our families!

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)- 2022 Stockton Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Grant Program

The City is now accepting applications for the Stockton Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Grant Program. This year $400,000 is available to fund grants to local entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and organizations that serve as business service providers to entrepreneurs in Stockton. Please review the NOFA below for more details. The deadline to submit an application is June 30, 2022, by 5:00 p.m.

A live, informational webinar describing how to apply for the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Grant Program was held on May 23, 2022. The webinar was recorded and is available using the link below.

Stockton Grant.jpg

Session 3: Asking Someone Out, Going out on a Date, and All the Things to Think About.

June 14th, 2-5pm, EST

For more information and registration visit:

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Valley CAPS PLUS program held their annual prom. Although this year is a bit different than the previous years we still had lots of fun! Dressing up to the chosen Great Gatsby theme was awesome!! Dancing, lunch, photo booth, cars from a local car club as well as the Manteca Fire Department shared in the fun!!

VC Prom 1.jpg
VC Prom 2.jpg
VC Prom 3.jpg

If you are looking for a fun (and free) activity to take the whole family to, join us June 11th in the parking lot of Calvary Church from 10am-Noon for "Touch a Truck!" We will have police and fire vehicles, large trucks, and farm equipment to climb on and explore as well as otter pops, snow cones, and special candy drops happening all morning long. No registration required. Just show up ready to have some fun! You won't want to miss it!

Touch a Truck.jpg



Autistic Pride Day was first celebrated in 2005 by the organization Aspies For Freedom (AFF), so that the people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) could have one day where they could celebrate their neurodiversity and differences. Thanks to them, it became an event celebrated worldwide. One amazing quality about this event is that it is not run by charities; it is run by individuals with ASD.

Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18 of every year and is a day dedicated to individuals with ASD for them to be autistic and proud and celebrate who they are. It is celebrated by all autism organizations worldwide to join each other through events and to show that individuals with ASD are unique. 

Autistic Pride.jpg

Autistic Pride Day is characterized by the rainbow infinity symbol. This symbol signifies the diversity of individuals with ASD and the endless opportunities and differences within the autistic community.

The American Autism Association was founded in 2010 and since that year we have marked this day every year to celebrate the unique individuals in our community. 

Community Services Update

Brian Bennett

Director of Community Services

Brian Glamour Shot.jpg

Attention service providers who have not responded to requests to submit relevant information to VMRC for the DDS Rate Study/ rate enhancement efforts; the deadline to submit the requested information is Monday, June 13th, 2022, Please check your e mail and promptly submit to

               If you have any questions, you can also email DDS –


                  DDS Rates Questions Team

                  General information on the rate study can be found here Rate Study - CA Department of Developmental Services

                   Find our published FAQs and meeting recordings here Vendorization & Rates Frequently Asked Questions - CA Department of Developmental Services

HCBS Compliance Assessments – Validation and Remediation Process Announcement

DDS in cooperation with Regional Centers is preparing for the implementation of the HCBS Final Settings Rule by assessing vendor settings that provide services to more than one individual in the same setting. This includes providers of residential, day program and employment programs. Between January and August of 2020 vendors were asked to complete an HCBS compliance self-survey. Then in 2021 DDS contracted with Public Consulting Group (PCG) to complete a full HCBS assessment for a representative sample of regional center vendors. VMRC had 60 providers who received this full assessment. Those reports have been received back from DDS and were emailed to providers on May 2nd, 2022.

DDS has released a directive to regional centers on the validation and remediation process that our vendors with eligible service codes will need to complete. Emails will be sent to providers to advise whether they are to complete the validation process or the remediation process. Vendors will have 30 days to complete the process that they are assigned to complete. Validation and Remediation forms and all supporting documentation are due back to VMRC no later than June 30th, 2022.

DDS Assessment Validation and Remediation Forms

               VMRC will be hosting two trainings on the validation and remediation process. Providers are strongly encouraged to attend a session.


June 3, 2022 2:00-3:30pm

               VMRC will also be hosting virtual office hours for our vendors to drop in via Zoom to ask questions related to the validation and remediation process.

June 6th – 10th every day from 1:00-2:30pm

June 13th -17th every day from 9:00-10:30am

June 21st – 24th every day from 1:00-2:30pm

               Please do not wait to get started on your validation and remediation plans. An email will be sent to providers advising them of what step of the process, validation or remediation, they will be starting on. All documentation must be submitted electronically through email. Paper copies and handwritten documents will not be accepted. Your vendor # must be included in the file name of every document you submit, documents that are not named with the vendor number will be rejected. 

VMRC Needs Your Help!

VMRC needs your input on the implementation of the HCBS Final Settings Rule and Person-Centered Practices! Please share your feedback with us through our new survey. This survey is open to all VMRC stakeholders, including persons served and their families, vendors and their staff, VMRC staff, VMRC Board Members and local advocacy groups. DDS has offered a new HCBS grant funding opportunity meant to encourage HCBS and Person-Centered Planning implementation for our catchment area and your input is vital to the planning process for this grant opportunity!

VMRC's HCBS/PCP Grant Funding Survey

Additional information about the HCBS Final Settings Rule can be accessed here:


California Department of Developmental Services - HCBS Page

HCBS Advocacy Coalition

Upcoming Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Trainings for Vendors

The HCBS Final Settings Rule applies to all vendors who provide services in a setting that serves more than one regional center consumer. The intent of the Final Settings Rule is to ensure that people with developmental disabilities receive services that integrate them fully into the community to the same degree as people without developmental disabilities. It ensures quality of life! They also ensure that the residential settings that services are received in are home environments rather than institutional environments. All settings must optimize and enhance choice rather than regimenting it. The HCBS Final Settings Rule protects consumers rights including the right to privacy, dignity, respect and freedom from coercion and restraint. The Final Settings Rule goes into effect March 17th, 2023, all providers with the service codes listed below, must be compliant by that date.


VMRC will continue hosting trainings for Residential Providers, Day Type Services Providers and Employment Services Providers. Service providers under the following service codes are strongly encouraged to sign up for one of the trainings provided. It takes time and effort to implement these requirements. Eligible service codes are Residential: 096, 113, 904, 905, 915, 910, 920; Employment Services: 950 and 954; Day Type Services: 028, 055, 063, 475, 505, 510, 515, 855


The attached flyers have registration links on them for the following trainings. You must register to take the training. Once you have registered you will receive a link for the zoom session on the date you have chosen. For attendance purposes please have each staff taking the training register with their own contact information including their email address. Any last-minute changes to the scheduled trainings will be communicated to the registered individuals by email at the email address they have provided.


HCBS Trainings for Residential Providers

June 16th, 2022, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

July 7th, 2022, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

July 12th, 2022, 10:00am – 11:00am 


HCBS Trainings for Day Type and Employment Services

July 12th, 2022, 2:00pm – 3:00pm 

Contact Anna Sims, SCSL, HCBS Program Evaluator with questions: (209) 955-3353,

HCBS for Residential Providers April through July

HCBS for Day Program and Employment Providers May through July

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

DDS is hosting an EVV webinar on June 28, 2022, from 3pm-4pm. The webinar will provide information on resources available to providers and will begin an introduction to the next phase of EVV implementation.  

Spanish and ASL interpretation will be provided. For additional accommodations, please email two weeks prior to the webinar. 

Please click the link below to register.

Register Here:

DDS is hosting Office Hours during the month of June focused on the topic of how staff/caregivers record visits in CalEVV.


Please join us during any of the designated dates and times below for this topic.


June 21, 2022, from 3:00pm-4:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting (only available at the time/date above)

June 23, 2022, from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting (only available at the time/date above)

June 25, 2022, from 10:00am-11:00am

Join Zoom Meeting (only available at the time/date above)

Office Hours are a time to join a Zoom call to ask questions regarding identified topics. Each Office Hour date, time and topic will be posted to the DDS EVV webpage under the ‘Meetings’ tab,  , and notifications will go out when new dates, times and topics are available. Advanced registration is not required. People may join the link at any time during the call to ask questions and do not need to remain on the call the whole hour. 

For questions, please email

Please notice that VMRC has extended our request for proposal deadlines – see links for VMRC 2021-2022 Community Resource Development Plan projects- each project has $150,000 in startup funds available

Specialized RCFE 2nd RFP


VMRC’s Quality Assurance Department is offering Vendor Special Incident Report Training on Monday June 13th 9-11:30 a.m. and Thursday June 16th 1-3:30 p.m. Staff can earn 3 CEUs for this course and the training is $ 15/per person

Monday, June 13, 2022, from 9 AM to 11:30 AM

Thursday, June 16, 2022, from 1 PM to 3:30 PM

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Emergency Services Update

Aaron McDonald

Emergency Response Coordinator

Prepare for Hot Weather & Beat the Heat

The seasons are quickly changing, and the temperatures are going up. It's that time of year to start considering the effects of warmer temperatures and take appropriate precautions to protect your health and safety. One of the best ways to be prepared is to stay informed. The National Weather Service’s Watches, Warnings and/or Advisories page ( ) is an excellent resource to stay informed of current and changing conditions. 

Excessive Heat is defined as temperatures at or above 104 °F.

Excessive Heat Watches are issued 24 to 48 hours prior to forecasted excessive heat.

Excessive Heat Warnings are a heat index of 105 °F or greater that will last for 2 hours or more. Excessive Heat Warnings are issued by a county when any location within that county is expected to reach criteria. A heat warning means that some people can be seriously affected by heat if precautions are not taken. In addition to raising public awareness, the issuance of a heat warning will alert hospitals and officials to take certain actions to prepare and respond to an increase in emergency calls and activate programs to check on elderly and the home bound. In some cases, cooling centers can be open or designated. Excessive heat warning also can activate certain regulations that may need to be changed to protect public health & safety.

Excessive Heat Advisories are issued when the heat index remains at or above criteria for a minimum of 2 hours. Heat advisories are issued by county when any location within that county is expected to reach criteria. An excessive heat advisory means that people can be affected by heat if precautions are not taken. The issuance of an excessive heat advisory is important to raise public awareness that additional precautions need to be taken. Heat advisories are also used to trigger other actions and regulations to protect public health & safety.


Some groups are at greater risk than others when it comes to excessive heat: those age 65 and older, Infants & Children, Individuals with chronic medical conditions, low income & our pets. Cal OES has a great resource page that provides information about all these topics and more:

Cooling Centers: Here is a link to a county-by-county listing of cooling centers as of June 9, 2022: .

If you begin experiencing a heat related medical condition or become aware of an individual experiencing a heat related medical condition, please call 911 immediately for assistance.

North Valley Hills Update

   Dena Hernandez, Regional Manager (209) 473-6930

SCDD8 Logo.jpg

Practice makes perfect especially when getting ready for emergencies.

Learn about how to get and stay prepared should disaster strike.

The trainings are FREE and available online.


Registration Zoom Link:

For more information, or if you need an accommodation to take part in these trainings contact:

Jennifer Lucas:

Debbie Marshall:

Are You Prepared 2.jpg

How to connect to SCDD through Social Media

Facebook SCDD.jpg
Twitter SCDD.png
Instagram SCDD.png
YouTube SCDD.png
Linked SCDD.png

Family Resource Network (FRN) Update

Lisa Culley, Executive Director

Is your child turning 3 soon? Join FRN for a parent workshop on Building Bridges: Transitioning Your Child From the Early Start Program! Learn about the process of advocacy, what's happening during the months leading up to your child's 3rd birthday, the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process, and ongoing services available through VMRC. You will walk away from this training with knowledge that will give you a great foundation for the next stage of parenting your child with special needs. Attendees will receive a Building Bridges workbook to complete as you prepare for your child's transition. Spanish interpretation will be available. Register by clicking the link on the flyer, calling the FRN office at 209-472-3674 or by email at

Lisa U.jpg

Self-Advocacy Council 6 (SAC6)


Come Learn About Victims Legal Resource Center


WHEN: Friday, June 10, 2022

TIME: 11:00 AM -12:15 PM

WHERE: ZOOM - computer, tablet, cell phone

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 819 1115 3552

Passcode: 273944

PDF Version of the SAC6 Flyer Here

Also - VMRC Update by Tony Anderson, Executive Director, and Mental Health Tip of the Day by Dr. Dave!

Local County, State and National Public Health Resources

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