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Happy Spring! May 2021
Photo courtesy Ellie Pechet
Photo Courtesy, Ellie Pechet - Starling feeding one of her babies
Dear Friend

Thank you for reading about my work. May is my very favorite month out of the year. Why? Probably like many of you, I absolutely LOVE the signs of new life everywhere; birds and animals building their nests and dens to house their offspring... the different hues of green as the leaves emerge again on the trees and the gorgeous colors of oh so many flowers everywhere! How can we not feel grateful with so much natural abundance everywhere? I am tracking about 5 black starling bird families who are coming from every direction around my home, making good use of the extra support I am giving them by way of dried mealworms which are an excellent source of protein. One parent couple even flies in from across the bay...I am always amazed at how the communication gets out among them!)

Most of you probably know by now how much I love people, pets and all wildlife!
In the spirit of spring and my favorite month of May, I decided to focus this newsletter on my healing work with some of your pets. I hope you enjoy this spring issue and look forward to being of continuing assistance for you and your pets.


p.s.: PLEASE keep your eye out for TURTLES trying to cross roads & bridges to lay their eggs between now and end of July. If you stop to help a turtle cross, make sure to take her in the direction she is going in or she will head back out in the same direction. For more info. click the link below.
Babies everywhere! Video courtesy, Ellie Pechet - Spring in Hull, MA
Trauma Healed for Rescue Joy:
Bonding with me as I work with her. (Look at those eyes! Can you see how human they look?)
Joy was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico. She was abused, having rocks and garbage thrown at her, never knew where her next meal was going to come from, forced to search dumpsters for food. People would yell at her and aggressively come toward her to scare her away. When her wonderful humans, Maryann and Tom, adopted her, she had such a severe case of mange, most of her skin was visible due to lack of fur.
I met Tom walking on a trail in the woods one day a few months back and gave him my card. He got in touch and had me do a double session with Joy. I played tug of war with her to help establish a bond between us, then started to work on her. I cleared the abuse she experienced on the streets of Puerto Rico. I also cleared her tendency to be overly aggressive when anyone would come to their front door. I imprinted her with knowing she is safe for the first issue I cleared. The imprint I did for her second issue was 'friendly toward visitors.'
Joy is much more confident and rambunctious since I healed her trauma & a few other issues. Healing a dog's fear of people, other dogs etc., helps them feel confident and their true personality shine.
Diagnosing and Healing Puffer's Bleeding Ulcer (remotely of course):

Puffer - Her bleeding ulcer was missed by the vet. Walt didn't know why she was in pain and bleeding from the rectum. He and Ruth who are clients in Virginia hired me to work remotely with their cat Puffer. I did an intuitive scan on her and diagnosed a bleeding ulcer. I healed it remotely. Walt told me the bleeding stopped and she seemed more comfortable. He was grateful for all the money he saved by hiring me to diagnose and heal her issue.
Louie the Cockatiel's PTSD Healed:

Louie's prior humans were mean to him. They didn't like his song and when he would try to sing, the daughter in the family used to bang on his enclosure and yell at him to shut up.
Eventually, a wonderful client of mine named Ruth adopted him from a rescue and he was safe with his new human. He still had trauma though from his previous living situation and would cower and tremble when she would approach his enclosure. He also had chronic eye infections. Ruth lives in North Carolina and asked me to work with Louie remotely. The first issue I healed for him was his PTSD from his prior situation. I also healed his fear of people. After healing his emotional issues, I started to heal his chronic eye infections. As I worked with him, his Spirit brightened and his disposition improved. He started singing louder and prouder than ever and Ruth was very loving and encouraging of him and his song.
Beanie's Fear of Flies Healed:
Beanie is a rescue from South Carolina. I was Divinely Guided into an art gallery one day as I was enjoying a weekend in Provincetown, MA. I was greeted by this sweet dog. Her human Janice was visibly very stressed. It was our first time meeting and I asked her why she was stressed. She told me that a few minutes before, her dog Beanie had run into the street to get away from a fly. "A fly?" I asked. "Yes, a fly".
She had adopted her about a year ago and apparently Beanie had been kept in a crate for long periods of time. She would have to relieve herself in the crate. That attracted flies and they would bite her. She couldn't get away from them.

Beanie was so traumatized by her experience, that when she encountered a fly anytime from then on, she panicked and ran anywhere she could to get away from them. I realized why I had been Guided into that art gallery. I told her I could probably help Beanie with this issue and proceeded to work with Beanie right then and there. According to Janice, this dog doesn't normally take to strangers, but as you can see, she felt very comfortable with me the first time we met, sitting at my feet as I healed her fear & trauma of flies.

When I followed up with Janice weeks later, she was very grateful for my work with Beanie and told me that now she goes after flies instead of trying to get away from them. You go Beanie!
Beanie's new parent describing how I healed her fear of flies. Watch above
Terrier's Pancreatitis Healed:

Cashie is a Boston Terrier: Donna's mother was slipping him human food over time, like hot dogs and bologna (aagh!). He developed gastro intestinal issues, and became weak and lethargic. He was taken to the vet; they thought it might be pancreatitis but weren't sure and they did nothing. He continued to get sicker and sicker. Donna hired me to work with him remotely. I did a medical intuitive scan and saw that he did indeed have an advanced case of pancreatitis. I did 2 remote sessions on him working with his photo. His demeanor improved immediately and all symptoms of the pancreatitis diminished. Donna's mother stopped giving him human food. It has been about 6 months and he is doing great; so well in fact that Donna was able to take him for a dental surgery last week and he is recovering really well. I love happy endings...don't you?
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