April 26, 2024

Dear Caedmon Community,

We are writing to update you on the progress of the Head of School Search Committee and to give you an overview of what to expect in the coming weeks and months. As Caedmon parents and Trustees, we are honored to be leading the search for Caedmon’s next Head of School and engaging in this process with you.


Also, we thank you for your valuable input in the recent survey provided by RG175. Please find more information below on how your feedback is integrated into this process.


We also have a website, where all communication and updates on this process will be posted. Please find the website here.

Search Committee Members

The Head of School Search Committee is composed of parents from Caedmon, administrators, and faculty from each division of the school.

Michael Gramer, Co-Chair, Trustee, P’ 28, P’ 29

Katie Taylor, Co-Chair, Trustee, P’22, P’23, P’25

Torrey Young, Trustee, P’27, P’29

Eric Yuen, Trustee, P’23, P’28

Michael D’Ausilio, Incoming Trustee, P’26, P’32

Jelecia McGregor, Elementary School Director

Jenni Arcieri, 3rd grade teacher

Tiffany Ormsby, Mixed-age 1st & 2nd gradeTeacher

Sydney Fass, Early Program Teacher


As you know, we have partnered with RG175 to assist us in this search. We appreciate your time on the survey and your engagement in person with Arlyce Seibert and Bodie Brizendine last week. Your strong and vibrant responses are indispensable to the search committee. We value your input and will continue to seek it out.


The feedback you shared in the survey and in person meetings will contribute significantly to the Position Statement RG175 creates. The Position Statement delineates what qualifications and attributes we seek in Caedmon’s next Head of School. When this Position Statement becomes available, we will notify you so you may see it on the search website.  

To learn more about RG175, please look here.


Anticipated Timeline

  • May: The Position Statement (job description) will be posted and publicized.

  • June: In early June, the application period will close. The Search Committee will review applications with RG175. We will narrow the applicant pool and will conduct first round interviews to determine semi-finalists.

  • Late summer: The semi-finalists will be selected at this point and the Search Committee will be underway scheduling the semi-finalists’ Fall visits to Caedmon

  • Fall: The search committee will interview semi-finalists, and select and interview finalists, with the goal of announcing the new Head of School by October. As these final steps include visits to the school, please look out for correspondence on ways to be involved and to meet the final candidates.

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback as we embark on this important process for Caedmon. We will continue to share updates throughout the process and please visit our webpage for the latest information. With all our respect and gratitude, we aim for transparency in this process, while regarding the privacy of our applicant pool.


You may reach out to Michael and Katie directly here, with any questions or concerns.


Michael Gramer (P '28, P’29) and Katie Taylor (P '22, P’23, P'25)

Co-Chairs, Head of School Search Committee