Dear Alumnae and Alumni:

We hope this edition of The Hawkeye finds you and your loved ones well. We continue to keep our entire community in our prayers as we carry on our mission of Transforming lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition.
Every year brings a chance for a fresh start and this year is no exception. This August, Bishop Hartley opened its doors for the sixty-sixth year with the same dedication to Catholic education as the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur when they opened the doors of the school for the first time.
Our mission is the foundation of the culture, spirit, and tradition of our school as it plays a key role in shaping the educational experiences of our young people. Each class profits from the fine example of those who have come before them. Ours has been a tradition of students committed to the proposition that it is a privilege to attend Bishop Hartley. 
Our theme this year centers on hope:
“I plead with you - never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” – Pope St. John Paul II 
We are excited to walk fearlessly with hope alongside every member of the Bishop Hartley family this school year. This includes you, our alumnae and alumni. We are stronger because of our Catholic faith and state clearly our commitment to excellence in college preparatory education. 
We wish you all the best during this upcoming holiday season and always. Please be in touch! 

God bless and Go Hawks! 
Christopher Kowalski                   
Shelly Dunkle Skelly (1985)
Alumni Coordinator 
Red and Blue GO GREEN
The Hawkeye is a great opportunity to engage and inform Bishop Hartley alumni. We hope you enjoy all the updates and photos in this digital issue! This fall, we "went green" and plan to return to a print version in the Spring!

In this issue...
  • Forever Hawks
  • Mark Your Calendars
  • Evening of Excellence
  • A Development for Development
  • Alumni Spotlights
  • Wall of Distinction
  • Athletics
  • Alumni News by the Decade
  • 4 for 40 - The update
  • Reunion Updates
  • Sweet Hartleys
  • In Memoriam
  • Annual Golf Outing
  • HawkFest
  • Veteran Hawks
  • Where are Hawks Flying
  • Service Pillar Rides On
  • In Gratitude
  • Then and Now
Forever Hawks
We are grateful to all of our fellow Hawks who have “returned to the nest” to serve our current students and our community. This includes the following, many of whom are pictured from the start of this school year:
Walter Lee Distelzweig, Director of Safety and Security (1969)
Patty (Simons) Peck, Cafeteria (1973)
Bob Simons, Cafeteria (1975)
Patty (Devaney) Hoffman, Intervention Specialist (1975)
Fulvia (Pellegrini) Fowler, World Languages Teacher (Italian), Academic Team Leader (1981)
Tim Schmitz, School Safety Officer (1982)
Bobb Farrell, School Advisory Board (1983)
Molly (Grannan) Maloof, English Teacher, Academic Team Leader, NHS Adviser, HPO Coordinator (1983)
Melissa (Raymer) Rahe, Administrative Assistant to the Principal (1985)
Mike Rahe, Director of Athletics and Volleyball Coach (1985)
Shelly (Dunkle) Skelly, Alumni Coordinator (1985)
Julie (Gerdeman) Fix, Mathematics Teacher and Academic Team Leader (1992)
Shannon (Jahahn) Payer, Cafeteria Coordinator (1995)
Jenny (Prout) Assmann, School Advisory Board (2000)
Lauren (Grubbs) Gruenwald, School Counselor, Students H-N, School Counseling Team Leader (2003)
Heather (Thompson) Rush, Director of Advancement & Admissions, Ambassadors Moderator (2003)
Molly Hartge, Religion Teacher, House Director (2004)
Andrew Jahahn, Vice Principal of Operations, Visual and Performing Arts Teacher (2004)
Tera (Kurovsky) Chun, Religion Teacher, Pro-Life Club Moderator (2004)
Shannon (Wells) Howard, Social Studies Teacher (2007)
Benjamin Brandel, Social Studies Teacher, Students Magazine Moderator (2012)
Brian Igel, Director of Development (2012)
Theresa (Berger) Moore, Mathematics Teacher (2013)
Michael Reese, Systems & Network Coordinator, Visual &Performing Arts Teacher, Yearbook & Movies Club Moderator (2013)
Jacob Matuska, Dean of Students, Football Assistant Coach (2013)
Hannah Kelly, Health Promotion & Sports Science Teacher, Academic Team Leader, Swimming Assistant Coach (2016)
Christian Craig, English Teacher (2018)
Mark Your Calendars
April 15, 2023 Evening of Excellence Dinner & Silent Auction
May 3, 2023 Founders Day
May 27, 2023 Graduation
August 6, 2023 Hartley Golf Outing
Evening of Excellence
From Development
Dear Fellow Hawks:
I was blessed to return to Bishop Hartley this summer to join Hartley’s Advancement Team as the Director of Development. It has been a great gift over these past few months to connect with many alumni and hear firsthand about the impact of a Hartley education and the importance of giving back to our alma mater. I am proud to call myself a proud alumnus of Bishop Hartley (2012) and grateful for the friendships, formation, and Hartley community that surrounded me here my four years and beyond. 
I grew up around Bishop Hartley and Columbus' east and southeast sides. My mom and dad are “Sweet Hartleys,” John (1977) and Dolores (Fox) (1976), who attended Christ the King and St. Phillip. My siblings, Dan (2010) and Melanie (2014), were blessed by Catholic education at St. Matthew and shared a Hartley experience.
I spent the last five years fundraising for a religious community on the West Coast before returning to Columbus. Because of the gifts of a Catholic education, I am committed to making the opportunities provided by Bishop Hartley accessible and available for future generations of Hartley Hawks. 
Hartley is truly grateful for our alumni, who champion and make possible the traditions of Catholic educational excellence. Because of you, we continue our mission to ensure the next generation of students receives opportunities for success both in and outside the classroom and formation to become Christ-like servant leaders. As you consider your year-end giving, I hope you will remember Bishop Hartley’s impact on your life and consider making a gift to support the school we love. Thank you for holding our faculty, staff, and students in prayer this year as we do you. This Thanksgiving season, we give thanks for our alumni and their families, and we wish you many blessings this holiday season. 
God Bless and Go Hawks, 
Brian Igel (2012)
Director of Development 
If you are interested in mailing a year-end donation: 
Please make checks payable to Bishop Hartley and send them to: 
Bishop Hartley High School
Attn: Development Department 
1285 Zettler Road 
Columbus, Ohio 43227 
Online donations can be made at:
Ohio Income Tax Credit
Donate for Tuition Assistance at Bishop Hartley and Receive an Ohio Income Tax Credit!

We are excited to share a new program through the Diocese of Columbus called The Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund. Gifts made to this Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) provide affordable access to Catholic education at Bishop Hartley through tuition assistance.
Any donation made to this fund up to $750 for single filers (or $1,500 for married couples who file jointly) grants you a dollar-for-dollar reduction on your Ohio tax liability for your filing next year. This opportunity is a much more significant benefit to you than a regular charitable donation which only reduces your taxable income (AGI). Along with a federal deduction, you will also receive a reduction in the amount you owe on your Ohio income taxes with a gift to Bishop Hartley via a tax credit.

Your donation to the SGO for tuition assistance at Bishop Hartley are taxes you were going to pay anyway, so why not make a meaningful impact on the lives of students?

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or making a gift to the Scholarship Granting Organization, please contact Hartley’s Director of Development, Brian Igel, at or 614-237-5421 ext. 10777. You can also read more or make an online donation designated to Bishop Hartley at

Note: Gifts must be received by December 31 to qualify for a credit on your 2022 filing.
Alumni Spotlights
Judge Kimberly Cocroft (1992)
The excerpt below was written by current Hartley senior, Madison Griffin, about Franklin County Muncipal Court Judge Kimberly Cocroft.

Sky pictures capture just one moment, just one frame, of the sky. Not everything is in the picture. The day I met with Judge Cocroft, I was practically dragged out of bed, plagued by exhaustion. The college application process had finally sunk its claws into my back, pulling me down into the depths of despair and stress. I had one thing to look forward to: Panera with Judge Cocroft. From the second I woke up, I decided to make that moment my sky picture for the day. Little did I know it would be the best decision I’ve made in a while.

Judge Cocroft understood me. The narrative that teenagers are so edgy because they are misunderstood is true. We feel like we aren’t heard, like our screams are muffled. Judge Cocroft heard me better than I heard myself. Not only did she answer my questions, but she reached beyond them. I asked her the inevitable question about being a Black, female judge in a White, male dominated field. I ask professionals this question all the time, but I always get the same answer: “When they go low, you go high,” as the beloved Michelle Obama has preached numerous times. I find, however, that doesn’t always work. People get comfortable because they know what to expect from you. They know you’ll walk away, so they figure they can get away with anything. Judge Cocroft told me, “When they go low, you meet them there. Never make them feel comfortable doing that again.” Chills overtook every bit of my body. Not a day goes by that I do not think about that moment. That exact moment is my sky picture of September 23, 2022. Words fail to describe the impact I felt. Judge Cocroft provided me with life advice and people skills that are applicable to any situation. When I do succeed in the professional world, I owe it all to her. This sky picture is going to the Favorites.
The excerpt below, was written by current Hartley senior, Eva Smith, about Franklin County Muncipal Court Judge Kimberly Cocroft.
As someone aspiring to go into law, I was grateful for the opportunity to glean from Judge Cocroft and her experiences a little bit more about what it takes to study law and why she chose to do so. Hearing her speak honestly about being in her position as a Black woman encouraged me to overcome challenges and the expectations of others. 
As well as talking about general law, I really enjoyed hearing about what her exigence was for starting her program of speaking to high schoolers. She cares immensely about the youth in our communities and how decisions we make now can alter the paths of our life. She inspired me by how she is on a mission to encourage students make smart decisions when it comes to using technology and to spread awareness about how one choice can have a lifelong impact. 
This amazing opportunity to speak with Judge Cocroft furthered my interest in studying law, as well as emboldened me to make a difference in my community. 
Fulvia Fowler (1981)
The American Football Coaches Association recognizes a high school teacher in each school of its member coaches. The award for Great Teachers Change Lives for Bishop Hartley was awarded to Fulvia (Pellegrini) Fowler (1981) for her commitment and loyalty and the difference she has made in the lives of so many of our student athletes.
Walls of Distinction
The walls of A and B wing feature tributes to many of our outstanding alumni who are doing exceptional things in our world. As we continue to expand these tributes, we invite all our alumni to submit stories, so we can consider them for this distinction. You can see the list of honorees on the Alumni page of our website. Please contact Shelly Dunkle Skelly (1985) Alumni Coordinator, at or 614-237-5421, ext. 10634 with nominations.
Hall of Fame
Interested in nominating an individual or team for the Hall of Fame? Read more about requirements and selection criteria, below.

Requirements for induction into the Bishop Hartley Hall of Fame:
  1. The nominated athlete will not be considered until 10 years after graduation from Bishop Hartley.
  2. A nominated coach must have served at Bishop Hartley for at least 10 years and have retired or left the high school prior to being selected. Candidates for Honorary Induction will be discussed on a case by case basis.
  3. An individual may be considered for induction as often as his or her name surfaces as a qualified candidate.
  4. In exceptional cases, the above requirements may be waived by a unanimous vote of the committee.

The basic selection criteria for the Hall of Fame:
  1. Achievement in athletic competition as demonstrated by post season honors, team captaincy, record-setting performances, and/or being the outstanding performer on a team (s).
  2. Participation in one or more sports at the varsity level.
  3. Contributions to the overall progress of Bishop Hartley Athletics.
Fall Athlete Special Honors

Lauren Whitlatch (1st Team)
Eva McKnight (1st Team)
Abby Murphy (2nd Team)
Olivia Brotherton (2nd Team)

Connor Caltrider (1st Team)
Jackie Radous (1st Team)
Piper Minnich (1st Team)
Anna Torrell (1st Team)
Cora Caltrider (2nd Team)

Kiki McElrath (1st Team)
Victoria Nedeau (2nd Team)
Hannah Mathias (2nd Team)

Colin Callahan (1st Team)
Marco Macatangay (1st Team)
Daniel Anomakoh (1st Team)
AJ Lentz (2nd Team)
Michael Scali (2nd Team)
Malcolm G
illies (2nd Team)

Megan Sheehan (1st Team)
Rachel Thompson (1st Team)
Sydney Eads (1st Team)
Ashley Velasquez (2nd Team)
Morgan Donnelly (2nd Team)

Ella Brandewie (1st Team)
Jasmyn Crockett (1st Team)
Kaylee Musick (1st Team)
Jocelyn Heuser (2nd Team)
Mallory Matheny (2nd Team)

Megan Sheehan (1st Team)
Sydney Eads (1st Team)
Rachel Thompson (2nd Team)

Colin Callahan (1st Team)
Marco Macatangay (2nd Team)

Bryce Kelley (Honorable Mention)
Drew Lutz (Honorable Mention)

DeAunte Hubbard (1st Team) RB
Brendan Laret (1st Team) TE
Denim Cook (1st Team) LB
Anthony Murphy (1st Team) LB
Isaac Asiedu (1st Team) DL
Donovan Davis (1st Team) DL

Anthony Murphy
Eyan Jackson (Honorable Mention)
Robert Lathon (Honorable Mention)
Rory Ralston (Honorable Mention)
Joey Wooten (Honorable Mention)

Ella Brandewie (1st Team)
Jasmyn Crockett (Honorable Mention)
UA All-American

Ella Brandewie
Ella Brandewie was selected to play in the District Volleyball All-Star game as well as the Under Armour All-American game in January. Twenty-four of the nation’s most skilled and best players are hand-picked by Under Armour to train and compete at the most elite levels in Orlando, FL.
Dylan Newsome, Aiden King, and Cooper Rathburn were selected to wrestle in the Pre-Season Central District All-Star Meet on 11/19 at Dublin Jerome. 
Coach Special Honors
Congrats to Coach Mike Rahe (1985) on a successful season and surpassing 200+ wins in his career. He was selected to coach in the OHSVCA Volleyball All-Star game on 11/20.
Alumni News | By the Decade
Paul Enter (1967) attended OSU from 1967-1969. He enlisted in USAF in 1970, deployed to Turkey and then to Thailand, honorably discharged in 1974. He graduated from Franklin University 1978. After working at Electronic Data Systems and OCLC Inc. until 1980, he went to work for NCR and worked in software development and customer service for 32 years. Paul retired to South Carolina in 2014.
Ronnie White (1974) is Director of Juvenile Services for the Chicago Heights Police Department. He is active in his community, serving as Assistant Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, President of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, Chair Police Chaplains Section International Association Chiefs of Police, Executive Board Member Illinois State Crime Commission, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prairie State College, Chair Juvenile Justice Committee South Suburban Association Chiefs of Police, Board of Directors South Suburban Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, and Co-Chair South Suburban Family Wellness Alliance. He also serves several Law Enforcement Agencies as Chaplain. Ronnie holds a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Marriage and Family Counseling. He is a Board-Certified Coach, Board Certified Mental Health Coach and holds other certificates of training and awards. He is an Illinois State Certified Juvenile Officer.
Pat Doyle (1976) retired as a Family Physician from Grant Bexley and turned his patients over to his son Brian (2010), a fellow Hartley grad!
Stephen Jackson (1978) shares that he is sober 17 years. He is getting ready to celebrate 36 years of marriage. They adopted their granddaughter Xeelia several years ago. She recently played the tree in The Wizard of Oz at St Paul’s in North Canton, Ohio. He still follows the Hawks via Facebook.
Kevin Walsh (1980) and his wife, Connie, have been married for 30 years. They have a daughter, Kathleen, a son, Kyle and two granddaughters. Kevin has been in finance for nearly 40 years.
Margaret Rose (Donnelly) Bonham (1987) graduated from Xavier University in 1991 and La Salle University in 1994. She married Dr. Brad Bonham in 2000 and resides in northeastern Illinois. They have three children: Erin, Sarah, and Cole.
Erin (Dill) Heuser (1992) and her husband are the proud parents of two Hartley alums, Ryan (2019), Katie (2021), a current Hartley senior, Jocelyn, and a future Hawk, Samantha, who is currently an 8th grader at St. Catharine school.
PICTURED: Ashley (Hixon) Gogolin (2002) 
Staci (Lobaugh) Howley (2007) owns her own home bakery business (Bakery Loo’s); she and her husband expect their first child in 2022.
Nala (Key) Kovach (2013) and Conner Kovach (2014) celebrated their wedding day on September 22, 2022. Look at all the generations of Hawks that came together to celebrate their beautiful day.
Bryce Twente (2017) graduated from The University of Akron Spring ‘21. He works for OhioHealth where he does personal training, group training, and injury prevention/rehab exercise for Paramedics. This summer Bryce passed the Player Ability Test through the PGA to register into the PGA Professional Golf Management Program.
Dayna Shoulders (2019) serves as President of Unified Sisters, an Ohio University student organization that strives to unite minority women through self-empowerment, cultural awareness, and professional development. Unified Sisters has been awarded the Best Sponsor Award at the annual Blackburn Spencer Scholarship Pageant raising over $2,800 in 10 days for the multicultural student leader scholarship fund. Dayna is grateful to Bishop Hartley for the opportunity to cultivate the leadership skills she utilizes to this day.
Jay Allen Smith (2019) is in his junior year at the University of Pennsylvania studying History and Political Science; he joined the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity as a freshman spring and is the House Manager and Philanthropy chair. Jay has been involved in various political clubs on campus, including the Penn Government and Politics Association for which he is VP of Membership and the Penn College Republicans which he serves as Deputy Board Manager. He also plays baritone with the Penn Band.
4 for 40 | The update!
Bishop Hartley makes the 4 for 40 Promise to students: Give us four years of quality effort and determination, and we will holistically prepare you for the next 40 years. We recently checked in with the 40-year reunion class to see how we’re keeping that promise.
Ellen (Ferguson) Able (1983) and her husband, John, live in Lakeville, Minnesota. They have three children who are all out of college. Ellen has been a realtor for 17 years.
Amy (Jungkunz) Dandurand (1983) was just sworn in a councilwoman for the City of Pataskala. She has been at Bread Financial for nearly 20 years and is Sr. Manager of consumer remediations and business risks and controls. Married 36 years, Amy has 3 married kids and 8 grandkids. Passionate about finding a cure for cancer, she has participated in Pelotonia for 8 years and this year served as captain for Bread Financial. Son Josh, also a Hartley graduate (2001), owns Walden Financial. Daughter Alex, (2010) is self-employed at Salon Lofts New Albany.
Marianne (Corrova) Kirkbride (1983) has been married to Jeff for 30 years. They are blessed with 5 wonderful children. They have 3 sons who are Bishop Hartley alumni: Austin (2014), Cody (2017), and Jordan (2019). Their twin daughters, Kelsie and Kendall are sophomores at Hartley. After the death of their beloved father in 2021, Marianne and her sister decided to carry on their 94 year-old family restaurant, TAT Ristorante di Famiglia.
Molly (Grannan) Maloof (1983) returned to Hartley in the Fall of 2014 to teach English. She is currently the Academic Team Leader for the English Department, moderator for the National Honor Society, Hooked on Books (book club), and co-moderator for the Speech and Debate Club. She serves as the faculty liaison for the House Parent Organization. She also works with the advancement team as a writer/editor. Molly and her husband, Ed, have two children who are both Hartley graduates. Elizabeth (2014) was married in June and teaches kindergarten at All Saints Academy. Her son, Elias (2017), is a second-year med student at The Ohio State University. (Fun fact: Molly teaches Marianne Corrova Kirkbride’s twins this year!)
Steve “Skip” Mosic (1983) continues to be a sports radio voice in central Ohio. He is currently Director of Network Programming/Affiliate Relations with Ohio News Network-Radio and The Ohio State Sports Network from Learfield. He and his wife of 22 years, Angela, have two children. His oldest is a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati and can be seen on the sidelines cheering on the Bearcats. His son is a junior at Bishop Watterson.
Andrew Thieken (1983) has been married for 31 plus years to Rebecca (Imes). They have 3 awesome kids ages 25, 23, & 21. Andy recently retired after almost 35 years as an air traffic controller and is still a practicing attorney (“part time, ‘cuz I'm mostly retired”). He and Rebecca are currently living in Westlake, OH (outside Cleveland) & building a house outside Wilmington, NC. Andy added that he was typing his update on his phone while sitting at JFK waiting for a flight to Singapore & eventually to Thailand – living the dream!
Reunion Updates
Class of 1964
The class of 1964 continues to gather for lunch several times a year. Fifteen classmates, four spouses and a sibling attended the October gathering, including classmates from Alabama fand Florida. Dianna Morrow Dudzinski coordinates the luncheons. Out-of-town classmates should let her know if they are visiting. The classmates enjoy getting together and the opportunity to get to know some they may not have known as well during high school.
Back: Jim Kiener, Mike Rotunda, Mike Mundorf (Nancy's husband), Tom Nerny, John Mascari, Tom Messersmith, Mike Diamond, Dave Erwin 
Middle: Kathy (Stegman) Agriesti, Barbara (Roach) Badgett, Janice (Lamson) Klepsar, Carol (Jones) Hughes, Dianna (Morrow) Dudzinski, Patty Gallagher 
Front: Nancy (Knox) Mundorf, Susan (Lang) Erwin 
Class of 1967
The class of 1967 gathered August 13 at Plank’s to celebrate their 55th reunion. They were pleased to have a great turnout.
Class of 1972
Class of 1977
The fun-filled reunion weekend for the class of 1977 included the Homecoming football game and a tour of the school. On Saturday evening the class enjoyed a gathering at Edison Brewing Company. 
Class of 1982
The class of 1982 gathered September 16 & 17 to celebrate its 40-year reunion. Friday night the alumni gathered at Plank’s Café for a casual get together. The Saturday gathering took place at the clubhouse at Beulah Place Apartments. Classmates took advantage of the comfortable venue and relaxed atmosphere to talk and share stories of families, careers and, for some lucky ones, retirement. The Buckeye football game on a big screen, City Barbecue, and a DJ playing hits of the 80’s helped make it a great night. Some came from as far as Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Florida to enjoy the weekend. 
Class of 1987
The class of 1987 enjoyed catching up and reminiscing on June 25 at the community center at The Jeffrey in Italian Village (thanks to Eric Wagenbrenner for hosting). The class has enjoyed reunions every 5 years since 1991. The time in between the visits melts away, and the Hartley sense of family and community is always present. They forward to seeing everyone again in the summer of ’27 for the 40th!
Class of 1992
The 1992 graduating class held its 30th reunion this summer. They remain a tight-knit group 30 years later. The reunion was a summer BBQ theme hosted at Kinsale Golf & Country Club. Everyone had a chance to unwind and catch up with each other. The class has a great range of life transitions in the class, as some are becoming grandparents; some have kids at Hartley; others still have kids in elementary school, and they have sadly lost a few classmates.  
Class members remain close and have enjoyed keeping up through social media channels and in-person events. Local and out-of-state class members, including 1992 homecoming queen Erika Mack, attended. Many gathered a second time at Hartley’s homecoming weekend, an effort organized by James “Big June” Reese, Jr.
Upcoming Reunion Years
These classes will be celebrating significant reunions in 2023. If you are a member of one of these classes and are involved in planning your reunion or want to be, please contact Shelly (Dunkle) Skelly (1985), Alumni Coordinator, as soon as possible. We can help with contact lists and ideas and post your reunion information to Hartley's website and social media to help spread the word. Consider including a tour of Hartley as part of your reunion evening. The tour takes about two hours. It’s a rewarding experience for alumni to visit campus and see all the incredible changes. It truly makes you proud to be a HAWK.
Class of 1961 – 62 years
Class of 1963 – 60 years
Class of 1968 – 55 years
Class of 1973 – 50 years
Class of 1978 – 45 years
Class of 1983 – 40 years
Class of 1988 – 35 years
Class of 1995 – 30 years
Class of 1998 – 25 years
Class of 2003 – 20 years
Class of 2008 – 15 year
Class of 2013 – 10 years
Class of 2018 – 5 years
Sweet Hartleys
We regularly feature “Sweet Hartleys;” married couples who are both Hartley graduates. In some cases, they are high school sweethearts; others found their way to each other after leaving these hallowed halls. Please continue to send your Sweet Hartley announcements to Alumni Coordinator, Shelly (Dunkle) Skelly.
Bill and Chris (Moore) McCoy, both class of 1968, celebrated 50 years of marriage on April 22, 2022 (Earth Day). They have one son, Bill (Emmy) who attended Hartley (class of 1995), and one grandson Will.
Joe and Judy (Whitlatch) McKinley graduated together in 1968. They met at Christ the King in eighth grade and dated all through high school, even attending both proms together. They married at Christ the King on March 18,1972 and celebrated their 50th anniversary in the spring.
Jeff and Kim Miller (1994 graduates) have been happily married for 21 years after meeting at age 14. They met at an 8th grade dance in the Bishop Hartley gym in 1990!  After graduating from Miami University, they settled back in Columbus. They have two boys (Will (2021) and Drew). Jeff has been the president/CEO of Dawson for the past 15 years. Kim is an EVP at The Buckeye Ranch for the last 17 years.
Dan and Dianna (Morrow) Dudzinski (1963 and 1964) met at Bishop Hartley in 1963, married in 1966, have been married for 56 years. They have 3 children who all graduated from Bishop Hartley and have 9 grandchildren. Their children are Chris (Dudzinski) Cunningham (1986), Jackie (Dudzinski) Newlon (1988) (married to Mike Newlon (1988)), and Dan J. Dudzinski (1996). They are proud to be graduates of Bishop Hartley and love hearing what is happening at the school and following athletics
While Jenny (Prout) Assmann was a senior at Bishop Hartley in 2000, Nick Assmann was a freshman ('03). They did not officially date in high school but did attend a Valentine's dance together that year. Both attended and graduated from Ohio Dominican University; however it was not until 2009 that they began dating after seeing each other at a Bishop Hartley alumni gathering. They dated for 5 years before getting married in 2014 at Christ the King and are now the proud parents of Morgan (7) and Alivia Assmann (6) who attend St. Catharine School.  
In Memoriam
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. 
Bruce White(1971) February 7, 2021
Roseanne Moeller Celeste-Jefferson (1971) April 30, 2022
Eugene Hinterschied (1969) July 2022
Darryl 'Tony' Commodore (1992) July 26, 2022
Mark Aiello (1971) July 31, 2022
D. Michael Goodman (1971) August 7, 2022
Ann (Myers) Sasfy (1983) August 7, 2022
Jeffrey Wirthman (1970) August 14, 2022
Partick Bailey (1967) August 16, 2022
Robert Gregory Mallory (1970) August 23, 2022
Linda Tornes (1967) October 12, 2022
Sandra (Hon) Bierly (1972) October 20, 2022
Jim Bender (1975) October 2022
Robert Gary Petzinger (1964) November 6, 2022

If you know of alumni who have passed away, please let us know by contacting Alumni Coordinator, Shelly (Dunkle) Skelly.
Annual Golf Outing
Thank you to everyone who made this year’s alumni golf outing a tremendous success.

Every decade of Hartley alumni was represented – 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, and 2020! Golfers came from near and far including Texas and California. Most importantly, we raised more than $10,000 for the Alumni Legacy scholarship. Get your foursome together for next year’s event, August 6, 2023!
Bishop Hartley’s 2nd Annual HawkFest took place, Friday, October 21 before the football Hawks took on league rival, Bishop Watterson. Alumni enjoyed time to socialize in the Telerski and Casson Student Center (TACC) before the game while current students and families participated in activities in the rear parking lot. Donatos pizza, Graeter’s ice cream, and donuts from the Donna’s Delicious Dozen truck were available for all.

Many thanks to Mike Selegue, our alumni photographer, always willing to jump in and capture the life of our events!
Veteran Hawks
The class of 1964 experienced many volunteers and draftees who eventually served in Vietnam. In September, this year, Robert Broderick (1966) and Joe Failla (1964) participated in a trip sponsored by Honor Guard of Columbus and the Columbus fire Department, to Washington DC along with 90 others who served in wars from WW11 to the present. The reception and appreciation that was shown to all of us will never be forgotten. 
Tom Kneeland (1970) served in the Army and the Ohio Army National Guard from 1971-1977 and was in the 1/238th Air Cavalry. He was in the Army from 1971-1977 and was part of the flight crew on UH-1 Huey and OH-58 LOH helicopters. 
Jason Molnar (2002) served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) from 2007 - 2009. He served as an Armored Reconnaissance Officer/Cavalry (19A) from 2006-2010 on active duty and as an Intelligence Officer (35D) in the United States Army Reserve (USAR) from 2010-2022. Jason will retire early in 2023 as a Lieutenant Colonel.
We thank all of our Bishop Hartley alumni who have answered the call to serve our country. We are proud of you and pray for your safety always.
Where are Hawks flying?
The following graphic presents the number of alumni living in each state or region and is approximate based on the most up-to-date information we have received from our alumni. If you have not contacted us to let us know that you have moved, please update your information here!
Service Pillar Rides On
Alumni Hawks continue to live the pillar of service long after they leave our hallowed halls. On August 6, several rode in Pelotonia, an annual bike ride which raises funds for cancer research at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Center at The Ohio State University. Riders raise funds by riding 25-180 miles. Alumni riders included John Eberts (1978), Chris Irwin (1976), Amy (Jungkunz) Dandurand (1983), Eric Kristofic (1983), Karen (Ryan) Young (1986), Jennifer (Baker) Jenks (1974), Thai Trinh (2004), and Elias Maloof (2017)

Left: Eric Kristofic rode the 180 mile course over two days.
Right: Elias Maloof, a member of the Team Buckeye Spin Doctors Peloton, begins his 102-mile ride. 
With Gratitude
Andy Motter (1996) shares why he is grateful to be “Forever a Hawk”:
I am grateful to be an alumnus of Bishop Hartley, class of ’96. I am a legacy Hawk, with my mom, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins also graduates, so I spent time in and around Hartley before I was ever a student. I couldn’t wait to get there and had tremendous experiences at Hartley in the 90s, making lifelong friendships and receiving a valuable Catholic education. 

Some of my favorite memories were in the classrooms, including English class with Mr. Yanok and Mr. Ryan, Religion with Deacon Sullivan, History with Mr. Geyer and Mr. Ey, Spanish with Sra. Garcia, Physics with Mrs. Hanzlik, and Calculus with Mrs. Motter 😊, just to name a few. I also have great memories making it to the District Finals in soccer, playing on the inaugural boys’ tennis team, and cheering on all of the other Hartley Hawk athletic teams. 

My time at Bishop Hartley was a rewarding experience, and it has now come full circle, with our daughter, Kate, joining this year’s Freshman class (’26). Because I’ve continued to stay close to and support the school over the years, I was already excited about the amazing changes that have been implemented since I was a student. These include the House System, the focus placed on the 6 pillars of Hartley’s foundation (Faith, Preparation, Community, Service, Spirit, and Leadership), and the 4 for 40 promise…not to mention all of the new facilities and upgrades. While I am a grateful alumnus, I am an even more proud parent. It’s surreal to see Kate in her Hartley school & athletic uniforms, and I always look forward to hearing about all the things she’s experiencing. Go Hawks!  
Then & Now
The beloved Fr. Jim Ogurchock (“Fr. O”) was a faithful supporter of Hartley and spent many Friday nights on the football sideline. Our current chaplain, Fr. Michael Fulton, continues the tradition and can often be seen supporting our athletic teams. He’s even been called upon for “flag duty”!
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