Trevor Tanaka @
Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit 2019
• Tempe, Arizona

The Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit was one of the most impactful events of my young professional career. We are grateful to the HBCU Green Fund for inviting us. I was especially impressed with their panel on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion -- Climate Leadership and Sustainable Investing .
The Summit gave our team a unique view on how asset managers and higher education leaders view sustainability.  They are seeking ways to address climate change challenges, especially to reduce their emissions as well as their energy costs.  Introduced through the Stone Soup Leadership Institute's board member from Siemens Corporation, it was good to hear the panel: Cross-Sector Partnerships to Further STEM Workforce Development . It was affirming to see how one community college and global corporation were incorporating with K-12 education to build a green workforce in upstate New York.

I really enjoyed the networking experiences and roundtable discussions. It was helpful to share our plans with seasoned professionals to guide us towards a scaleable roadmap to train and prepare future generation to build sustainable blue-green workforce development pipeline. It was great to share our new deck showcasing The Institute's work while featuring my own sustainability journey.

I'm excited about how we are building bridges between business and education to create a sustainable workforce development. This experience was a powerful reminder of the importance of taking up the challenge of developing and guiding young people towards green careers so they will make a positive impact on our planet.  
Our team met valuable allies who share a common passion for our youth to become the sustainable leaders of the future. I look forward to collaborating with them to create future leaders through The Institute's 15th Sustainability Summit and our TouchStone Leaders Sustainable Business Network. 
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