Please sit down before you read this.

With Hawaii's homelessness at an all-time high and with the cost of housing soaring through the roof -- thanks to extremely bad political planning and a pay-to-play development culture -- the Democrat racketeers at the State Capitol and the Honolulu City Council have tasked a publicist and a lobbyist with pretending that they have the expertise to take the lead in solving Hawaii's housing and homelessness crisis.

A publicist and a lobbyist .   REALLY ?!?

Peter Boylan, the son of longtime Hawaii ultra-liberal Democrat cheerleader Dan Boylan, is the City Council's choice to be Honolulu's 'housing coordinator'.  With zero experience in getting families off the street and zero experience building residences, your top elected officials at Honolulu Hale have turned to an unemployed spokesman for Democrat politicians as their new housing coordinator for the entire island of Oahu.

Just when you thought that renowned experts would be called upon for this public emergency, the city council threw away all the other resumes and applications in order to choose a political hack whose specialty is spin doctoring .  Just look at his thin RESUME.  Boylan's 'talent' is being a mouthpiece for the Democrat political machine in the Aloha State.  Before that, you might remember that he was a hack reporter for the Advertiser with a very noticeable liberal bias like the kind his father Dan regularly displays on the pages of MidWeek and in his insufferable Election Night 'analysis' on TV newscasts.

After 10 short months working on the Big Island as an "aide" to the disgraced, debit card profligate spender Mayor Billy Kenoi, and after being Colleen Hanabusa's mouthpiece for her failed congressional gambit in 2014, Peter Boylan needed a new job from his friends in the Democrat consortium.  After his loyal political service to his party, the machine was happy to oblige.

Over at the State Capitol, Governor Ige picked a similarly unqualified yet politically-connected Democrat flunkie to "tackle the issue of homelessness":  Professional lobbyist Scott Morishige of the liberal activist group PHOCUSED.  According to this far-left group, its executive director Morishige -- who was still attending college at UH just a few years ago --  helped to lead the Democrat cabal's effort to increase Hawaii's minimum wage and obtain increases in funding for affordable housing and homeless efforts.  He's a big spender with no record of accomplishment in actually making Hawaii's homelessness decrease and has zero record in closing Hawaii's supply-demand gap for 'affordable housing'.  He's just the latest in a revolving door of useless liberal insiders who are only brought onboard as window dressing after the last homeless coordinator is kicked to the curb.  Democrats 'care' because they are 'doing something'.

Neither the City Democrats nor the State Democrats are looking to cure Hawaii of homelessness .  Their first goal is to improve the 'optics' -- hide the problem by sweeping it from Kakaako and elsewhere to a less visible encampment on Sand Island.  Their second goal is to justify a permanent spending increase on 'social programs' from now until forever.  Governor Ige said it himself when appointing the unskilled Mr. Morishige:   "He has a deep commitment to strengthening human services in Hawaii and that he understands how to develop and sustain programs."  'Develop and sustain' means they are coming for your wallet permanently because they see this as a permanent problem which they can leverage for bigger government .   They really like that .  Permanent jobs for government workers, permanent payouts to nonprofits which support the Democrat agenda, permanent graft through campaign contributions, permanent opportunities to award contracts, and permanent opportunities to employ their family members and legislators in between offices .  Again, Democrats 'care' because they are 'doing something'.

As you surely know, rather than actually reducing homelessness by cutting the cost of living and the cost of doing business in the People's Republic of Hawaii, the islands' ruling Democrats have decided to build a 'homeless city' on Sand Island, complete with its own infrastructure, bus stop, social workers, security guards and mail service.  With no end to homelessness in sight, that's an arrangement which will get bigger and more expensive and more permanent with each passing day.  Clearly, Hawaii's Democrats are using the lethal combination of a publicist and a lobbyist plus fawning media coverage in order to 'deal with' one of our island state's perpetual and ever-worsening emergencies.

Is it ANY wonder that Hawaii's problems never go away?

Honolulu and our entire state, like most failing big cities on the mainland, are being run by partisan Democrats who don't have the answers ; partisan incest is the name of the game.  Mutual back scratching with favors going to donors, volunteers and professional hacks like Mr. Boylan and Mr. Morishige.  But these two are just the latest well-connected paper-pushers to be put in charge of something they know absolutely nothing about and have no real record to boast about.

What allows this shell game to continue is a vile combination of COMPLICITY and SILENCE .

COMPLICITY by a local news media which took the bait and dutifully reported that Democrats were "doing something" about homelessness and the housing crisis by shuffling the deck chairs while willingly pretending that the same Democrats who have been running Hawaii since Statehood aren't responsible for any of the suffering and terrible statistics in Hawaii for the past 60+ years .  

SILENCE by the Hawaii Republican Party, its leaders and Republican elected officials.  That's right.   The Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) has chosen to protect Democrats by being completely silent on these and so many other issues .  When Democrats try to deflect blame for Hawaii's homelessness and housing ills by dumping housing coordinators for new ones, why do Republicans let them get away with it?  And when the latest HRP state chair Fritz Rohlfing tells potential donors in a recent fundraising letter that he really wants to oust Democrats, one must wonder this:  Is Rohlfing planning on starting to lay the groundwork for that ouster anytime soon?  [ The answer:  He isn't.  More about this in a forthcoming HIRA newsletter .]

After 60 years of wretched failure of leadership and governance  in the islands, Democrats need to be challenged .  Not just by a few brave Republican candidates thrown to the wolves in the weeks before an election, but for two solid years in between each election .   We need to make a powerful case for change .   Or it will simply look like the Democrats are doing the absolute best they or anybody can to make Hawaii better.  After all, Democrats 'care' because they are 'doing something'.

So when top Democrat David Ige blathers before eager, mindless, liberal reporters saying that, "The underlying issues that lead to homelessness, such as lack of affordable housing, cannot be resolved quickly," Republicans MUST lead the charge 24/7/365 to remind voters that Democrats have failed and failed and failed for 60+ years to provide leadership on this issue and every other pressing concern . . . though they've done so WITHOUT failing to ignore their role in creating economic distress and WITHOUT missing the opportunity to line their own pockets.

If you're interested in belonging to a Republican organization in Hawaii which always speaks out for conservative solutions and against liberal idiocy, then consider becoming a member of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA).

Join us today and change Hawaii tomorrow.