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Guarantee Student Engagement with Signage ONE!

Digital signage plays a significant role in engaging students in a K-12 school by leveraging existing TVs on campus to drive student participation in clubs, activities, and groups. With student engagement on the decline, Gallop studies show how engaged students perform better academically, aid in creating a positive classroom environment, have better attendance, inspire other students, and bring higher retention and graduation rates to their schools.

Signage ONE guarantees increased engagement with community and collaboration through visual signage. Key benefits include:

  • Collaborative & Social Opportunities
  • Sense of Belonging and School Spirit
  • Confidence in Showcasing Student Work
  • Timely & Relevant Information
  • Engagement through Interactive & Multimedia Content
  • Effective Communication & Feedback
  • Navigation & Emergency Communication

How Can You Bring Community to Your Campus?

With our all-inclusive Digital Signage services, we give your student's what they're desiring in their schools. Signage ONE keeps students and staff informed, shares campus values, provides resources, acknowledges the success of students and staff, and involves everyone in the content creation process.

It's simple, send us your idea for a digital message, we create the message, you proof, and we schedule the message to play on existing TV's on your campus, both indoor and outdoor.

For one low monthly fee, Signage ONE Includes:

  • Award-winning Content Creation
  • Custom Designed Layouts
  • Professional Deployment
  • Scheduling /Management
  • Ongoing Support

Discover how your school will stand out with Signage ONE's all-inclusive digital signage services.


How does Signage ONE engage Your Students?

Collaborative & Social Opportunities

Signage ONE promotes collaboration and social interaction among students through visually appealing and attention-grabbing digital signage. Aside from providing information on current clubs and extracurriculars, student-led initiatives, community service events, and group projects, students can be given a platform to showcase campus unity and encourage other students to get involved. This allows students to build a well-rounded profile in order to grow academically and personally so that they can develop their skills, talents, and interests.

Sense of Belonging and School Spirit

Students want to feel a sense of belonging and pride in their school. They appreciate a vibrant school community that celebrates diversity, organizes events and traditions, and fosters school spirit. Signage ONE's system delivers these needs.

Showcasing Student Work

Signage ONE leverages digital signage as a platform to showcase students' achievements, artworks, projects, or notable accomplishments. Celebrating their efforts boosts their confidence and creates a sense of pride and ownership in their work and schools. This further motivates them to excel and inspire other students to pursue their own learning endeavors.

Timely & Relevant Information

Signage ONE provides a real-time platform for sharing information with students. Schools can use it to display updates on school news, upcoming events, extracurricular activities, club meetings, and other relevant announcements that will engage students to participate, making them better students and creating an engaging community with their peers.

Interactive & Multimedia Content

Touchscreens and QR codes on digital displays can provide quizzes, surveys and educational games for students allowing them to actively engage with the content. Signage ONE uses this interactive aspect to foster a sense of creativity, promote critical thinking, and makes learning more enjoyable.

Effective Communication & Feedback

Students want to be heard and have their opinions valued. They appreciate open lines of communication with teachers and administrators, as well as opportunities to provide feedback and be part of decision-making processes that affect their education. Signage ONE gives students a clear voice and provides a pathway to communicate with their teachers like never before.

Navigation & Emergency Communication

Signage ONE knows large campuses can be overwhelming for new students and visitors. And in the event of an emergency, every staff member and student should be informed and ready to engage should the situation arise. With digital signage we give everyone on campus the confidence to navigate and be prepared - reducing stress and ensuring the safety of everyone.

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