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Well Done! ...to the more than 25 Western North Carolina nonprofit and governmental agency leaders who have already started or completed a Nantahala Health Foundation NIMble application. Ideas proposed so far include a COVID-19 tracking app, Plexi-glass barriers to improve safety on public transportation, funds for emergency utility expenses, and more.

These 25+ organizational leaders have identified unmet needs within our communities and stepped up with plans to address them. With each new idea, comes the chance to receive up to $10,000 in grant funding from NHF. And through this partnership, better health outcomes are closer to becoming a reality.

Do you have an idea that improves how residents in your community live, learn, work, and play? Has your organization been impacted by COVID-19? We want to hear from you. There's plenty of time to apply before the August 5 deadline.
Please share this link with others who may be interested in, or could benefit from, this NIMble opportunity. 
Bringing funding from outside WNC to our mountain communities... Dogwood Health Trust has released its latest curated list of funding opportunities that may be a fit for your organization. We encourage you to look through the list and search for grant options that could align with the work you're doing.

This list is by no means exhaustive. In addition to your own Internet grant searches, Nantahala Health Foundation has resources available to support you and your organization's effort to find and apply for funding resources based on your focus areas and programs. If you s ee something promising or you identify a way we can help, please EMAIL us anytime to schedule a time to talk.
Have you found us on Facebook or Instagram yet? You so, you probably saw this quote from Dr. Marc Harrison's article in the Harvard Business Review. A Salt Lake City-based physician, Dr. Harrison makes the argument that keeping people healthy is far less costly than treating illness and that innovation and collaboration are needed to fight COVID and its effects on our communities. What do you think of Dr. Harrison's argument? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page, and let's see where the discussion takes us.
We are curious about how your organization uses social media and if platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok could help your organization engage with your supporters and collaborate with other WNC change-makers.

Please use the link below to tell us more about how social media fits into the work you are doing in your community and we might be able to help.
Last Call for PPP Loan Applications
Mountain BizWorks is currently accepting and processing applications on a limited basis for WNC small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Applications must be submitted by Monday, August 3, to ensure requests are processed prior to the approval deadline.

Nonprofits and businesses interested in applying should EMAIL Michael Lane, Small Business Lender, and organize the following information:
Caring For Our Communities
Our Funding Priorities
Our grant-making priorities are designed to create a strong network of organizations by investing in your strategies to remove barriers to health.
Meet Our Partners
At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health of the region. 
#StaySafe  #StopTheSpread
Following health and safety guidance to promote social distancing, NHF staff has shifted to telework and is conducting business through virtual platforms. However, we strive to be accessible and minimize disruptions as much as possible under these circumstances. During this time, you may contact us through email or by leaving a message on our office voicemail, which will be forwarded to us.
The 3Ws: Wear a Face Covering; Wait 6 Feet Apart; Wash Your Hands