May 28, 2024

Dear Barrington 220 community,

I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. With just a few hours between you and the end of the 2023-24 school year, I know everyone is anxious to begin summer break. Before you go, I wanted to reflect on this past year and share some of the things we have to look forward to in Barrington 220. 

We marked a big milestone this school year as we celebrated our district’s 50th anniversary. I can’t wait to see how we continue to innovate and improve educational experiences for our students over the next 50 years! 

This year we also completed all of the major projects outlined in our Build 220 initiative, four years after the community voted to support a $147 million referendum. It has been amazing to watch all of the new spaces come to life and provide our students with more opportunities to collaborate and engage in authentic learning experiences. We have just a few projects left this summer at Barrington High School, some of which include: renovating the cafeteria, the Hart Road and Stadium Parking Lots, the athletic and student entrances, the Athletic Department offices, and the east side bus lanes and north side ring road. These are all anticipated to be completed by the start of the school year. 

This fall I am extremely excited for Barrington 220 to begin offering free full-day kindergarten. Our community has discussed this for many years and through the work in our strategic plan, Framework 220, we will implement it at all of our elementary schools in August.  

In addition, our district will implement the Kindergarten Lab Program at BHS, also known as the K-Lab. As the first program of its kind in the state, it will offer a one-of-a-kind educational experience for our youngest learners and our high school students who plan to work in the field of education. 

As part of Framework 220, next school year we are also implementing a pre-K through 12+ social-emotional learning curriculum called Character Strong. I would encourage you to monitor our Framework 220 dashboard to stay current on the progress we are making under each of our district’s six strategic priorities. 

I hope you have a wonderful summer and find time to relax and enjoy the warm summer days and nights ahead with family and friends! 

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