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Sponsoring can have many benefits for your business, including increased brand visibility, networking opportunities, community involvement, marketing benefits, and employee morale. It is important to carefully consider each event sponsorship opportunity to determine whether it aligns with your business goals and values.

If sponsorship or ads is something you are interested in investing in, view our new sponsorship and advertising opportunities in the pdf below.

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Public Policy Committee's March Update

The San Jose Chamber of Commerce has, as one of its core missions, a dedicated team of staff and volunteer leaders who advocate on behalf of business before city, county, and state government. Our policy work is done by committees which are open to all Chamber members.

The Restaurant & Hospitality Committee focused on issues that impact our food & beverage services as well as the many entities that make up our city’s hospitality industry. Within the last month, the committee has focused on advocating before the City Council to streamline and strengthen the successful Al Fresco retail and dining program, which is now a permanent part of San Jose’s street-level activation since the pandemic. 

The Housing & Land Use Committee focuses on improving San Jose and Santa Clara County permitting and regulatory practices to foster the rapid growth and expansion of both residential and commercial activity in San Jose. Within the last month, the committee has focused on increasing staffing levels at San Jose Planning, Building and Code Enforcement, supported critical project applications throughout the city, and looking at long-term solutions for streamlined self-certification planning practices. 

The Water & Energy Committee focuses on issues impacting the supply and price of energy as well as managing the state’s precious water resources. Within the past month, the committee has focused on the changing landscape of the California drought brought on by recent storms, the upcoming strain to our electrical grid brought on by climate change, and took a tour of the Santa Clara County Water Purification Center. 

In the weeks ahead, the San Jose Chamber of Commerce will also be standing up a Transportation & Infrastructure Policy Committee focused on key areas impacting our regions traditional and forward-thinking infrastructure. Stay tuned for updates.

If you’d like to get involved in our committee work, we would love to have your voice at the table. Please sign up here. 

Advocacy starts with you. Get started now.

Upcoming Chamber events:

Business Referral Network Weekly Meetings.

  • Weekly on Tuesday, BRN Group: Silicon Valley Collaborators
  • Weekly on Wednesday, BRN Group: West Valley

Contact for information.

Committee Meetings Held Monthly.

  • Housing and Land Use Development - 2nd Thursday from 2pm to 3pm
  • Restaurant and Hospitality - 2nd Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm
  • Water and Energy - 4th Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm

Upcoming Calendar of Events:

  • 03.28.23 - Labor Standards Enforcement, Labor Laws Workshop Live (In-Person)
  • 04.06.23 - Chamber Night Mixer at Left Bank
  • 04.11.23 - Chamber Breakfast at Voyager Coffee Craft
  • 04.17-21.23 - Chamber Study Mission to Phoenix
  • 05.02.23 - Robert's Rules of Order Workshop
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How to Find a Complementary Business,

to Help Yours Grow.

If you’re a small- to medium-sized business that is trying to carve out a place for itself in a competitive market, you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. One way to do that is to offer something no one else is doing. You can create a new product or service or go after an untapped market. But if you’ve already tried all of those and you’re looking for something else, it’s time to find the peanut butter to your chocolate or the peas to your carrots.

Partnering with another business can help you both offer something to your markets that neither has seen. Here are three ways to find your perfect complementary business so you both can profit.

Finding the Ideal Business Collaboration

If you’re old enough, you may remember the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials that showed two people enjoying very different snacks—one a chocolate bar and one a jar of peanut butter. Inevitably the two collided, one had chocolate in their peanut butter, and one claimed to have peanut butter on their chocolate. But either way, a scrumptious dessert was born. The same can be true of your business.

You don’t need a formalized partnership with stakes in one another’s business. Instead, you can create special collaborations, offers, or referrals that are mutually beneficial to the businesses and your audiences.

Brainstorm Businesses That Fit Yours Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Make a list of businesses that provide a complementary service or product that you don’t offer but would benefit your target market. Ideally, the collaboration between you and this business should create something that other businesses aren’t doing. For instance, a bar that doesn’t serve food may pair up with a food truck to provide bar patrons with easy access to food while food truck aficionados can enjoy an alcoholic drink. Since some food trucks have sizable followings giving them access to your parking lot or a place to park can bring in new customers for you as well.

Think About What Your Customers Want

Building on that, make a list of what you hear customers asking for that you don’t currently do/offer. Take that list and decide whether those ideas make sense for your business. You can then decide to offer a new product or service line based on those customer requests, or you can collaborate with someone who has already created a successful business doing those things. For instance, if you own a gym, you could create a juice bar on-site or offer a healthy menu planning service. You could also work with someone to fill those needs. Here too there are options. You can rent some of your space to that business or create an affiliate or referral program so your gym members receive discounts for those other products or services at the other business’ location.

Decide What Is Stopping Customers From Buying

Is there something that is prohibiting potential customers from buying from you? What is the wall to purchase? Identify what is holding people back and solve it through collaboration. For instance, if you sell something large like furniture but you don’t offer delivery, partnering with a delivery or moving company may increase your sales. Some people don’t have the means (strength or room) to bring a large item home. But you may not want the headache of employing movers and covering the insurance. A partnership of this kind can benefit everyone.

Business collaborations can help your business, the collaborator’s business, and (both of) your markets. By understanding what your customers need and want, as well as what holds them back from buying, you can create a satisfactory collaboration that benefits everyone and serves to separate you from your competition. This way, you’ll gain exposure to a new market or additional customers as well as improve business relationships. If you’re not sure how to make connections with other businesses, contact your chamber. They can put you in touch with someone looking to grow in a similar way.

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The Bank of America Museums on Us program offers FREE weekend general admission to Bank of America, Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank credit and debit cardholders, at three cultural attractions in Silicon Valley.  

For the past 25 years, Bank of America has provided access to some of our nation’s greatest cultural experiences and brought new visitors to its partner museums. Use the Bank of America Museums on Us Location Finder tool to search for participating cultural attractions. With over 225 Museums on Us partners in 123 cities across the U.S., there is an option for everyone. 



Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2 (+ the first full weekend of each month) 



Learn something new this month with a visit to a participating cultural institution, including: 



Bank of America believes the arts have a unique ability to connect people and communities, and help local economies thrive. Through Museums on Us, Bank of America provides its cardholders with free access to artistic and cultural experiences across the United States at celebrated institutions ranging from art, children’s and history museums to aquariums, botanical gardens and science centers 



Present a Bank of America, Merrill or Bank of America Private Bank credit or debit card along with a photo ID to gain free general admission to any participating institution during the first full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month. Cardholders only; guests are not eligible for free admission. Offer excludes fundraising events, special exhibitions and ticketed shows. Not to be combined with other offers. Museum participation varies. 

Business for Sale?!: Webinar 03.28.2023

Where: San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, 255 South Almaden Boulevard, San Jose CA 95113

Join Wendy Roberts as she introduces the process of a successful business sale or acquisition.



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Coastal Walk at Cowell-Purisima Trail on 03.29.2023

Join Peninsula Open Space Trust for a Wednesday Walk along the Cowell-Purisima trail that POST helped create by protecting adjacent farmland. While it may be foggy, we hope to catch gorgeous views of the ocean, nearby farmland, and glimpses of harbor seals, pelicans, hawks, rabbits, and whales during the winter season.

You will be guided by POST ambassadors who will share details about POST’s work with farmers on the coast, and to create recreational opportunities along one of the most scenic stretches of our state's coastline!

Register and Walk
Read with us

Indoor Family Storytime on 04.04.2023 at East SJ Carnegie Library from 11AM-1130AM

Storytime is designed to accommodate a mix of ages and invites the entire family to participate in early literacy activities such as stories, songs, rhymes, fingerplays, and movement activities. Storytime is a fun and interactive experience for the whole family that promotes the joys of reading and learning for all ages. This program is geared for children of all ages and their parents/caregivers! All attendees will be required to observe the Library's Safety Guidelines.

Location: 1102 E Santa Clara St

San Jose CA 95116

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