Dear Katie,

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Sundews and dragonflies today. I've seen very few dragonflies so far this year so I was glad to see these. Also, an unusual ghost pipe and a few trumpet mushrooms!

(Submitted by Gina Snyder. July 31, 2023)

A bald eagle on our ledge last week on Orr's Island!

(Submitted by Laura Lee Larrison. July 27, 2023)

A nice variety of mushrooms are coming out now.

(Submitted by Barry Coflan. July 23, 2023)

On Saturday (7/15), the Glossy Ibises were back again on the lawn along Rt-123, and this time their numbers had grown to a baker's dozen. 13 Glossy Ibises pecking at whatever it is in that lawn that is attracting them.

Shortly after I started taking pictures they suddenly bolted as a group, formed a V, and disappeared behind a nearby house. In the second picture you can see one of the birds with its wings up to take off, and the two birds just in front of that one are raising their wings, too.

I thought that was it for that photography session, but a moment later they reappeared, landed right back where they had been, and resumed their feeding.

(Submitted by Howard Marshall. July 18, 2023)

This girl was not enjoying the rain but was enjoying her meal worms. Eastern bluebird.

(Submitted by Liz Incze. July 4, 2023)