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Happy May Day!

May Day is generally believed to have originated with the Celts on the British Isles. On May 1 they celebrated the festival of Beltane and "the return of life and fertility to the world."

Other cultures adopted May Day celebrations, while no one is sure where the May Pole originated.

Read more about the history of May Day and consider celebrating the beauty of springtime on May 1 in your own way.

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Did you know there is a Cloud Appreciation Society?

The Cloud Appreciation Society has a website with images, resources, and a way for cloud enthusiasts to connect.

As they write, "Clouds never stay still. They're in a state of perpetual transition, mutating from one form to another. This ephemeral, ever-changing quality is part of their beauty."

Check out their beautiful cloud videos and investigate more about clouds!

Image courtesy of Eberhard Grossgasteiger.

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It's allergy season and help is on the way!

If you're like millions of others, you may have allergy issues pop up primarily in the spring.

Sarah E. Allen, a Registered Massage Therapist (and more) in Ottawa, Canada, provides quick and simple ways to relieve sinus pain and discomfort.

There's a good chance that we've heard of some of these techniques before, yet often we forget to use them.

This video is worth 7 minutes of your time to learn what to do and to be reminded of how self-massage is easy and comforting.

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Suzanne Somer's Husband Now A Believer in the Afterlife

This is remarkable! (Not surprising :-)

Shortly after Suzanne Somers passed in October 2023, a hummingbird, the fireplace, and music all came into play for her widowed husband of 55 years, Alan Hamel.

He feels her presence and says the incidents have made him a believer in the afterlife.

"I'm convinced of it," he said. "I think there's something we don't understand. I think there's a plane somewhere... after we discard our bodies. We still have our soul. I think our soul is energy. The soul must go somewhere and do something."

Read more, and note that's the hummingbird photo he took.

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Eagle's Eye View

In the age of the GoPro video camera, look what we get to see!

Watch a Dubai World Record Eagle Flight.

And Read More for a video of an eagle's view flying over the Alps. This is a personal favorite as it shows the eagle's eye the entire time.

The eagle almost looks like a painting. Beautiful!

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Where did this little girl learn to argue like that!?

Kids and animals... the best!

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I hope the inspiration in these stories brightens your glow as we approach May 1st - a time when the lush blooms of Spring promise us of the Summer to come here in the northern hemisphere.

The ancient Celts named the first day of May ‘Beltane’. Still today, May Day traditions include dancing around the maypole, washing your face in morning dew (believed to maintain youthfulness and beauty), decorating a bush in your garden with ribbons, and one my inner child finds incredibly interesting: "May Basket Day" where you anonymously leave a paper basket or cone containing spring flowers, love notes and/or sweets on someone's doorstep.... then knock on the door, yell "May Basket", and run off! 💜

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