Spotlight on Tina Martin
As an Early Intervention Teacher of the Visually Impaired for A Shared Vision since 2017, Tina works with families in Fort Collins and Greeley. “I am in their homes, celebrating progress, achievements and birthdays, helping them navigate the medical maze, and assisting with their child’s transition to preschool. And, I get to play!” says Tina.

All young children, even those with a visual impairment, learn by playing. “Helping parents understand that learning should be fun and can be incorporated into daily routines is a big part of what I do," explains Tina. "If I can help my tiny students meet developmental milestones and help their parents become more confident raising them, I feel that I have made a difference.” Learn more about Tina HERE .
Make a Touch & Feel Valentine's Day Book
We love this idea from Paths to Literacy because you can turn any board book into a touch-and-feel book.

Sesame Street’s My Fuzzy Valentine is a texture book because Elmo is printed in red flocking. If you cut out hearts in different sizes and materials and glue them to the pages of the book, My Fuzzy Valentine becomes even more engaging when read out loud to a child who’s blind or visually impaired because you can touch the different hearts and talk about their textures. Maybe one of the hearts is from Elmo’s mother!
Red hearts, White hearts,
Pink hearts too.
I love purple hearts,
How about you?
Green hearts, blue hearts
Yellow hearts too.
I love all the hearts,
How about you?
Start a Support Group
One of A Shared Vision ’s EI-TVIs works with several families whose children have infantile spasms. She organized a date for them to meet each other and share their experiences. Now this group meets regularly. Do you want to meet other parents whose child has the same diagnosis that your child has? Talk to your EI-TVI from A Shared Vision who can help facilitate a meeting or email us HERE.
A Shared Vision Partners with the Lions Club

Thank you to the Lions Club of Denver for making the Christmas holidays brighter for some of A Shared Vision ’s families! The Lions Club graciously donated six $50 King Soopers gift cards. Each family was incredibly grateful for the gift cards which helped to boost their grocery budgets. We appreciate this support and look forward to continuing a partnership with the Lions Club of Denver.
Support A Shared Vision While You Shop!
Do you shop at King Soopers or CityMarket? Do you use your loyalty card? Connect your loyalty card to A Shared Vision and help support Colorado’s children who are blind or visually impaired!  Learn how HERE .
A Shared Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the leading provider of in-home and community early intervention vision services in Colorado. We inspire and empower families to nurture the development of their very young children who are blind or visually impaired so that all children may discover their brightest future.
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