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This week's message:

" And All WIll Be Fed"

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Enjoying my time this week away! This Sunday will be another wonderful experience. See you next week!

Holding you close and lifting you high!

Pastor Greg

A Message from Pastor Debbie


I want to THANK all of you who turned in your information forms last week. But I am still missing so many! So here is my article again. But I changed 3 words in it. Can you guess what they are? If so, there is a special treat to win.


Are there areas of the church you would like to serve? Maybe for a day, a month, or even a year? We have so many opportunities and they all report to boards that oversee them. This could be a scripture reader, building maintenance, Sunday School, or?


Maybe you want to share a special gift or talent?


Please complete the half-sheet information form located at the welcome desk, or various tables throughout the church. Can’t find one? Just ask Pat Peterson or me.


You can return them to us, the church office, the offering plates or put them in the box located by the prayer box in the entryway (Narthex).


Pastor Debbie

Music Ministry

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Why do we worship through music? Pt. 3

I’ve been talking a bit the last couple of weeks about why we use music as a key component of how we worship while trying to not limit worship to just music. We thought about some of what scripture says and how ancient Judeo-Christians worshipped as well as about the idea of breath and synchronicity worshipping as a community. This last week, I want to talk about the ideas of emotion and movement as other key reasons why I still find it important to use music for worship even after I’ve deconstructed its necessity.

Jesus tells us the greatest commandment is to “love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength” (Luke 10:27). I might paraphrase this to say “worship God as the holistic beings he created you to be!” Unfortunately, at least in my experience in American Christianity (such is not true for many global Christians), we often worship God foremost with our minds and then maybe our hearts, but rarely with our soul/emotions or our bodies/strength. I have often heard people decry “emotionalism” in worship worrying that it is shallow or manipulating people to respond a certain way. I often counter with, but aren’t we emotional beings? Aren’t we made to feel joy and sorrow and everything in between? And why not feel such emotion in our spirituality? Perhaps an overemphasis on the rational?

Music though evokes emotion. It has movement and flow and dynamics that in turn move us in an emotional and, dare I say, spiritual way. Music can also move us physically. Music gets us swaying, tapping our feet, maybe even clapping or moving our hands, or if we get really Pentecostal, we might actually dance! It gets our bodies involved which were often created by God. Indeed, Christianity is an embodied, incarnated faith with a God become flesh and physically tortured and resurrected at the center its worship. Music helps us to remember, lest we forget that the faith we live and the God we worship cares about bodies and not just souls and should move and inspire our bodies and our emotions, not just our minds.


Ray and Dee Lampman

Ann Davis

Chuck Henry, in hospital

Steve Duty, cousin of Pastor Greg

Dee Siltanen

Jim Siltanen

Dianne Florio

Joanne Jonas

Nina Melad

Betty Nagatani


We Need some DOORS!

Say What?!?!?!

There is a group in our church that is organizing our participation in Poway Days in September. We will be having a float and walking in the parade. The float will have 6 doors, all painted in rainbow colors. Each door will have a word, making this amazing statement …. “God’s Doors Are Open To All. 

We need some doors. We have two right now, so looking for four more. So check your garage to see if you kept that old door when you installed some new ones. We hope to use the doors after the parade in front of our sanctuary along Community Road as an evangelistic tool. Let pastor Greg know if you can help us out. This is a great opportunity to show our love for our dear little city. 


Congregational Meeting

Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Church Council is calling a Special Congregational Meeting for Sunday, August 20, 2023 at 10:45 a.m. in Fellowship Hall to conduct business of the church. We will present our latest financial statements, report on critical maintenance and building needs, and explore various funding options. 

The Outreach Ministry!

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Greetings from Outreach

Our Basket of Hope is ready to help with the hunger needs in our community! This month we are asking for the gift of food to fill our very own CCP Food Cupboard!

The food we collect is then placed in our little libraries for members of our community to take as needed. We also fill grocery bags with everything someone might need,  to help them through a rough spot. Those bags are handed out by the staff to our friends and neighbors who stop by needing help. These bags, filled with love and food, are available for anyone in our congregation too!  If you or anyone you know needs a little help, please stop by the church or ask a member of the Outreach Ministry.

The Pantry needs full restocking. Here are the items in need…

Canned goods=

Tuna, Chicken, Spam, Fruit, Chili, Soups, Vienna Sausage’s, Jars of Spaghetti Sauce

Dry Goods=

Rice, Pasta, Mac& Cheese, Top Ramen, Cup of Soup

Small Size Packaging=

Cereal, Jelly, Peanut Butter


Granola Bars, Pudding Cups, Jello Cups, Apple Sauce Cups

So as you are out shopping this month, pick up an extra can or two to fill our CCP Pantry!

As ALWAYS, thank you for the generous gifts you always share to help our community and each other! You are truly God’s Hands and Feet!!!


The Outreach Ministry  


Gratitude from Outreach…

 To our amazing church family and friends, we say THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for your amazing gifts of school supplies for our neighboring children. As always, you gave from your heart and our Basket of Hope overflowed.

It was fun stuffing them full of your gifts and then saying a special prayer for the completed backpacks.

Thank you for making the children feel special and loved to start their school year!

With Gratitude,

Outreach Ministry

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The JOY of FOOD!

Each week there will be a “Recipe of the Week” for the Buzz!

There will be a red basket in the Narthex where you can drop off your favorite recipes or please email them to It can be any recipe from family favorites to ones recently discovered! We will be encouraging you to share your thoughts after you made the dish too. 

No new recipes, Switching up the recipe this week with previous ones!

Click Here for Pretzels Recipe!


Who's got an upcoming BIRTHDAY?  

The Community Church of Poway wishes the following members a Happy Birthday. We hope you have a blessed day celebrating YOU! 

Sylvia Shelley August 3

Bernie Carroll August 6

Freddie Harmon August 9


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Adult Scripture Review:

Sunday’s following worship in the fireside room!

Email Susan Gurriell


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Books & More

On July 25 Books & More will begin our discussion of One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow by Olivia Hawker.   Wyoming, 1876. For as long as they have lived on the frontier, the Bemis and Webber families have relied on each other. With no other settlers for miles, it is a matter of survival.

Books & More meets on Tuesdays at 10:00 am in the Fireside Room.

All are welcome to join us.  

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Centering Prayer:

Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Contact Colleen Clementson at or on

her cell at 858-663-6584, for the ZOOM invite

Your Favorite Weekly Joke 

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Joke of the Week:

Do fish go on vacation?

No, because they’re already in school!

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