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Happy Thursday Dear Church!

By this point, I hope you have all dried out from last weekend’s storm. I want to lift up our church leadership, especially Jim Euphrat, Moderator, Lynn Amabile, Vice Moderator, Susan Gurriell, Past Moderator and Brandon Kertson, Minister of Music. Making the decision to forego our gathering on Sunday was not easy. Several email threads went around before the final decision was made. We are grateful that the storm was not any more than it was for us in the San Diego area. Also, many thanks to Kraig and Pam Klapproth who came to the church to make sure that trash cans and buckets were placed in the usual places to collect any water that might have leaked in. We can add a chapter to our book of experience and maybe call it, “Tropical Storm Hilary off Hilleary Street.”

For the next two weeks, we will continue to focus on some of the Bible stories of our youth, found in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Two weeks ago we looked at part of the Joseph story. This Sunday we will stay in Genesis and consider one of the most amazing, as well as troubling stories in all of scripture. If you want to get a head start, I encourage you to read through our story, found in Genesis 22.

This coming Sunday, August 27th, I will be hosting “CCPUCC 101” New Members class following worship. If you have been worshiping with us and would like to become an official member, please join me. If you have any questions about church membership, or the United Church of Christ, this is the perfect time to get those questions answered as you consider your connection to this faith community. What a joy it is to welcome new folks into our faith community. If you have any preliminary questions, you can call pastor Greg in the church office at 858-748-3304. The meeting will last about an hour and be held in the Fireside room. Reception of new members will be on Sunday, September 3rd.

Until Sunday, continue to dream! Remember whose you are and live into the wonder that we know as grace. I love being you pastor.

Holding you close and lifting you high!

Pastor Greg

A Message from Pastor Debbie


Pastor Debbie is on a very special vacation in Germany. Please keep her, Rachel and Stephanie in your prayers as they travel in this magical land.



Music Ministry

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Since we lived through our first Tropical storm (almost hurricane) here in Southern California this last weekend, I’ve been thinking a bit about rain and storms. There was some unfortunate damage and destruction even loss of life from the storm as it tore through Baja California and Norte California even up into Nevada. Of course our hearts still mourn and our prayers are with those in Lahaina where the fires there, whipped up by the winds of nearby hurricane caused so much death and destruction. My next reflection should do nothing to downplay this real pain.

I’ve also been thinking though about how sometimes we need destruction. Fires clear old growth for new growth. Hurricane winds may destroy those things that are weak to make room for stronger buildings or tear down man-made structures and return the earth toward its natural state. There may also be a spiritual metaphor here as many of us have built up walls and structures to protect ourselves from other humans, religion, even God that may need to be destroyed. Maybe we have some bad theology latent from our past upbringing that needs tearing down. This can often be painful as well but can bring new fruit and freedom to our lives. I’ve been listening to a song by Jimmy Needham from 15 years ago or so called “Hurricane” that I thought I’d share with you this week as we all have hurricanes on our minds.


Prayers of the People

Ivana, daughter of Anna Wallace

Steve Duty, Pastor Greg's cousin

JoAnne Jonas

Nina Melad

Trey and Elliot, friends of Kristie Perkins

Our World

Our Nation

Our City

Our church



CCPUCC 101 New Member Inquirer’s Gathering

August 27th, following Sunday Worship

If you have been joining us in worship and want to officially adopt us as your faith family;

If you have been coming here for years and have never covenanted with this congregation in membership.

If you simply want to come and learn a bit more about the United Church of Christ and this congregation …

THEN … you will not want to miss the New Member Inquirer’s Gathering on Sunday, August 27th following our Sunday worship. The location of the gathering is TBD. How wonderful it would be to have double digits join us in our quest to be the church of God’s dreams. If you would like more information, please email Pastor Greg at:


Congregational Meeting

Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Church Council is calling a Special Congregational Meeting for Sunday, September 3, 2023 at 10:45 a.m. in Fellowship Hall to conduct business of the church. We will present our latest financial statements, report on critical maintenance and building needs, and explore various funding options. 


I Love a Parade

Mark your calendars for Saturday morning, September 9th. We are going to be part of the Poway Rotary Parade. Some folks are already working on our float. There will be an announcement coming that will give you times when we will be working together on it. Many thanks to Pastor Greg, Freddie and Tom and Lynn Amabile for supplying us with the doors we need to create our message, “God’s Doors Are Open to All.”

In addition to the float, we will walk the parade route together. If you have challenges walking, we will work at getting some wheelchairs etc. We will need folks to help us paint the doors and assistance securing a flatbed trailer for the float. You may have one, or maybe could help us with renting one for the day. For those of you who are construction minded, we need your help to figure out the best ways to secure the colorful doors to the flat bed. There will be more to come on this but make plans now to represent our dear church in this community event.

Looking Ahead to September

Many of you will remember the Sunday we participated in Holy Communion around the table. On September 3rd, the Board of Worship would like to invite you back to the table. We will be celebrating the sacrament around our altar/communion table, 10 folks at a time. It is a lovely way to reflect in a different way this practice that brings us life as we chare it together.

The Outreach Ministry!

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Greetings from Outreach

Our Basket of Hope is ready to help with the hunger needs in our community! This month we are asking for the gift of food to fill our very own CCP Food Cupboard!

The food we collect is then placed in our little libraries for members of our community to take as needed. We also fill grocery bags with everything someone might need,  to help them through a rough spot. Those bags are handed out by the staff to our friends and neighbors who stop by needing help. These bags, filled with love and food, are available for anyone in our congregation too!  If you or anyone you know needs a little help, please stop by the church or ask a member of the Outreach Ministry.

The Pantry needs full restocking. Here are the items in need…

Canned goods=

Tuna, Chicken, Spam, Fruit, Chili, Soups, Vienna Sausage’s, Jars of Spaghetti Sauce

Dry Goods=

Rice, Pasta, Mac& Cheese, Top Ramen, Cup of Soup

Small Size Packaging=

Cereal, Jelly, Peanut Butter


Granola Bars, Pudding Cups, Jello Cups, Apple Sauce Cups

So as you are out shopping this month, pick up an extra can or two to fill our CCP Pantry!

As ALWAYS, thank you for the generous gifts you always share to help our community and each other! You are truly God’s Hands and Feet!!!


The Outreach Ministry  

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The JOY of FOOD!

Each week there will be a “Recipe of the Week” for the Buzz!

There will be a red basket in the Narthex where you can drop off your favorite recipes or please email them to It can be any recipe from family favorites to ones recently discovered! We will be encouraging you to share your thoughts after you made the dish too. 

No new entries this week, but here is one from last summer!

This weeks recipe is a Strawberry Mint Sorbet!

Click Here for the Strawberry Mint Sorbet Recipe!


Who's got an upcoming BIRTHDAY?  

The Community Church of Poway wishes the following members a Happy Birthday. We hope you have a blessed day celebrating YOU! 

No birthdays this week! Check back next week!


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Adult Scripture Review:

Sunday’s following worship in the fireside room!

Email Susan Gurriell


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Books & More

On August 15, Books & More will begin discussing The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Barcelona, 1945 An antiquarian book dealer’s son discovers a mysterious book entitled The Shadow of the Wind, by Julián Carax. But when he sets out to find the author’s other works, he makes a shocking discovery: someone has been systematically destroying every copy of every book Carax has written.

Books & More meets on Tuesdays at 10:00 am in the Fireside Room.

All are welcome to join us.  



Members, if you are in town, please make every effort to attend!

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Centering Prayer:

Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Contact Colleen Clementson at or on

her cell at 858-663-6584, for the ZOOM invite

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