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This week's message:

"A Judge Who Saves"

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Happy Thursday Dear Church!

I hope you are having a splendid week. Thank you to everyone who shared in worship this past Sunday. It turned out to be an eventful day. My sincere apologies to Jim Euphrat, who we had scheduled for the scripture reading, but failed to send him the text and references. MY BAD. Jim is such a wonderful man of faith, and a very committed member of our church, and also serves as our Moderator for 2023.  

This coming Sunday we will be continuing in our pre-Lenten study on the UCC Statement of Faith. This week’s entry is:

“You judge people and nations by your righteous will declared through prophets and apostles.”

It appears to be a very heavy statement. I hope you will come worship with us on Sunday, as we unpack this important claim. Again … remember … we “testify to God’s deeds.”  

As I look at this day, February 2nd, I am humbled to announce that it is my 10 year Anniversary of my ordination … we, in clergy circles, call this our “ordiversary.” What a ride it has been. CCPUCC is the 3rd church that I have served in my 10 years, with prior calls at Northwest Community Church, UCC in Las Vegas and First Congregational Church of Santa Barbara, UCC. Each call I have accepted has taught me so much about this, “odd and wondrous calling.” As I look back at our three, unusual years together, what I sense I am learning is this: The success of ministry cannot be measured in butts in the pews. HA! That being said, for the past several weeks, our attendance has been up, as well as our committed folks online. God is working some things out and I am very excited about our coming years together.  

Until Sunday, know that you are loved by a God, “to whose deeds we testify,” that loves us more than we can possibly imagine. May God’s presence be real in your life the rest of this week. See you Sunday! Oh yeah … I love being your pastor.

Holding you close and lifting you high!

Pastor Greg

First Congregational Church,

Santa Barbara.

Northwest Community Church,

 Las Vegas

A Message from Pastor Debbie



That was how my heart felt on Sunday as people met to begin a church hiking group on Sunday. I expected 6 people and to my amazement 12 people showed up to form a CCP Hiking group. Plus, more contacted me to make sure to be included.

This is what we initially formed, knowing it may change as we put it into action. How great that this is beginning during Lent (except for our intro walk) a time when Jesus took a journey.

Here are a few goals:

  • To fellowship with each other
  • To invite people
  • To limit the hikes around 2 miles
  • The walks will be the fourth Saturday of each month, beginning at 11:30 am. If there are people who need rides or want to carpool, let me know. 

I loved the suggestions of having a name, wearing t-shirts, eating lunch afterwards, and more.


Our intro walk is Saturday February 4th at 11:30. We will meet on Metate Lane at the South Poway Staging Area. This is across the street from Royal Estates. There are 3 loops, and we will walk one of them.


Call me with any questions.


Pastor Debbie

Andy's Antiphonal Allegories


People living on the streets in such cold weather

Family of Linda Graham, friend of Colleen Clementson

Betty Nagatani

William, Kristie’s friend

Elena, grand-niece of the Shelley’s

Sue, friend of Kristie

Joshua, friend of Rosemary

Jim Siltanen

Rocelle Melone

Dianne Florio

Joanne Jonas

Elaine Lemon

Nina Melad

Sam, Felicia and Nellie-Felicia’s Sister


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Church Clean Up!

Attention Church Family! We are holding another cleanup this February 12th, at 10:30am. More details will be forthcoming.

If you have interest, please contact Ryan Kelton @

Greetings From Outreach!

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The Outreach Ministry

 A Note From Cathy Evans

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed at Ladle last Sunday. We served over 200 meals and gave out your donations which was the best haul ever! This past Sunday we gave out over 30 plus jeans and men’s pants, 38 more blankets (20 total which was flannel quilts sewn by the Community Church of Poway’s Sewing Ministry and even had 8 sleeping bags and enough jackets for this cold cold weather.

I know Ladle feeds the homeless every Sunday. But for this one Sunday... it warms my heart that with all your support, we are able to give their guests some warm clothing and a hot meal in memory of Matt!

With a grateful heart,

Cathy - Matt’s Mom


May we always be silly and bring joy! Matt knew how to do that well!


Greetings from Outreach

We are hoping you all had a joyous holiday season and are looking forward to the New Year with Hope!

 Once again, thank you for sharing your gifts with all our adopted families this Christmas!!! You definitely brought joy to so many.

 So are we ready to start the New Year being God’s hands and feet?

This year we have that opportunity. CCP has been a supporter and working with, for many years, a non-profit in Guatemala called FundaMaya. Throughout the years' church members have gone to Guatemala to help build stoves, deliver beds, water filters, and even build housing! Once again our Church will be heading down to Guatemala to share God’s love with the beautiful people there. It is an experience you will never forget.

 So how can we help???

Those of us that are unable to go can donate to the mission trip by supporting the people who are able to go and the projects they will be doing! It's that simple! We can make a difference even if we are at home! We have a group heading down in July, (it's my understanding that even our good Pastor will be joining them!!) So cool!

For the months of January and February, the Outreach special offerings will go to the Guatemala Mission trip. This donation will help those who have been wanting to go down to serve God in Guatemala but could use financial assistance. And this year the group will be building a house for a woman who is blind, and her daughter. Both women are widows. We are God's hands and feet in this world! We are so blessed to have people willing to share their time, talents, and resources to help those who have so little. So let's make their dreams come true.

Here's how.

You can write a check and designate that it is for the Guatemala mission trip. There are envelopes in the church pews that say Fundamaya on them

Or you can donate online

Please email to let them know your donation is to be designated for the Guatemala mission

The Outreach Ministry

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The JOY of FOOD!

Each week there will be a “Recipe of the Week” for the Buzz!

There will be a red basket in the Narthex where you can drop off your favorite recipes or please email them to It can be any recipe from family favorites to ones recently discovered! We will be encouraging you to share your thoughts after you made the dish too. 

This week's recipe is Sweet and Tangy Carrots!

Sent in by Ryan Kelton, thank you! 

Click Here for Sweet and Tangy Carrots Recipe!


Who's got an upcoming BIRTHDAY?  

The Community Church of Poway wishes the following member a Happy Birthday. We hope you have a blessed day celebrating YOU! 

Jeanette Roache Feb. 14 Christopher Nicholas Jan.26

Rachel Abell Jan.29

Things to Look Forward To!

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Adult Scripture Review:

Sunday’s following worship in the fireside room!

Email Susan Gurriell


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Books & More

This month Books & More will read and discuss " The Whistler", by John Grisham. A corrupt judge, theft from a Tribal casino, a fatal car wreck, and disappearing witnesses converge in The Whistler. 

Please note: We will be meeting off-site Feb. 28.  

Books & More will meet at our regular meeting place, the Fireside Room on Tuesdays at 10:00 am.


All are welcome to join us.  

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Centering Prayer:

Tuesdays at 6:30 Contact Colleen Clementson

at or on

her cell at 858-663-6584, for the ZOOM invite

Your Favorite Weekly Joke 

Thank you for checking out our BUZZ! Here is what you were waiting for! If you have a favorite joke or any tips to make the BUZZ even better, please send emails to :)

Joke of the Week:

Can February march?

No, but April may.

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