Hydra-Tech’s S2T-2, two inch hydraulic drive submersible trash pump is designed for jobs such as bilge pumping, jobsite dewatering, wastewater transfer, oil skimmers, vault pumping and grit chamber clean-outs. The S2T-2 is able to handle stringy solids and fits into 12” openings. If you are using this pump for a job with limited solids, a small hole water strainer is available.  Combined with our HT6 or HT7 power units, the S2T-2 is capable of flows up to 185 GPM. The safe and variable speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. For more information please contact Hydra-Tech at phone number 570-645-3779, our website www.hydra-tech.com or email htpump@hydra-tech.com