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2023 Newsletter

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Thank you new volunteers for joining our mission to bring lifesaving services to seniors, veterans, and adults living with disabilities. We are grateful to all our volunteers who provide assistance to our existing clients and our new clients. 

We'd also like to thank ALL of the volunteers, donors, and supporters who have made 2022 an amazing year for RSVP clients!

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Celebrating 50 Years

2022 was a big year for RSVP.

In 2022, RSVP volunteers served 71,612 hours. That is an average of 196 hours per day. Imagine yourself volunteering for every hour of your day in a year for over 8 years... But it was not just one person. We would not be able to get the work that our community needs us to do without the 308 volunteers who helped make it happen this year. Those 308 volunteers served 1018 active clients in 2022. So, thank you.

With that 3-1 ratio of clients to volunteers, our goal for 2023 is to recruit more amazing volunteers who can help meet the growing demand of our services throughout Nevada.

In 2022, we changed the norms, challenged the precedent, and evolved for the better. But our job is not done yet. In 2023, we pledge to continue streamlining the processes that have been here for 50 years to make RSVP even more successful, accessible, and accountable. We are grateful to those who have been here and continue to show up for others every single day.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so that we can continue to provide lifesaving support to the seniors in our communities who undoubtedly deserve someone to be there for them - especially when they feel like like no one is.

Stay tuned for what we've got in store this year.

Meet Some New Staff!

Griselda Quiroz

Program Coordinator


Griselda was born and raised in Carson City. She enjoys spending time with her girls and making strawberry goodies. After 4 years of being a stay-at-home parent she was looking forward to get back into a full-time position. Griselda feels lucky to have found a great new workplace like RSVP to devote her time and passion into, and she feels honored to be able to help serve seniors in the community and apply her administrative background.

Denise Ramirez

Project Coordinator


Born and raised in Northern Nevada as a 1st generation Mexican-American, Denise's background includes working in healthcare (Carson Medical Group) as well as nonprofit (Access to Healthcare), where she ultimately found a passion for helping fellow Nevadans gain access to essential resources and a better quality of life. She looks forward to continue to serve her community by learning as much as she can about the various services provided by RSVP and the population we serve.

Denise is a mom of 2 and in her free time enjoys making memories with her children, cooking, reading, and exploring.

Kevin McClelland

Western Northern Nevada Veteran Driver

Kevin has been a Carson City/Douglas volunteer driver with RSVP for over 9 years. Kevin worked for the U.S. Navy as a mechanic and got to work on airplanes and submarines. When he is not driving, Kevin spends his free time at his cabin to decompress. Kevin is now the coordinator and driver for all Veterans in Western Northern Nevada.

Dayzell Brown

Humboldt/Pershing County Service Coordinator

Dayzell was born and raised in Southern California. She moved to Chicago in 2006 and returned to the west coast in 2011, settling in Phoenix, Arizona where her son was born before moving to Humboldt, Nevada in March 2021. Dayzell has held several leadership roles in the healthcare, property management, construction and grocery retail industries. She enjoys spending time with her son, traveling, self-educating and experimenting with healthy recipes. “Service has always been in my heart; it is the driving force behind every beat, and nothing pleases me more than to finally be in position to make a difference in my community,” Dayzell said.

A Message to All Donors:

If you donated to RSVP in 2022 and would like a donation statement for tax purposes, contact Vanessa Torres at the Carson City Office. Click here for contact info.

Thank you for your charitableness!

January Birthdays

Anne B., Lisa B., Cindy B., Denise D., Raymond F., Kathleen H., Judy., Georgette M., Margaret M., Daniel N., Dora P., Carolyn P., Suzanne P., Virginia R., Chuck S., Yuki S., Tony S., Carol T., Daryl T., Sandra T., and Ralph W.

Happy Birthday to these Volunteers!

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