Volume 21 | Issue 1
Happy new year! Now let's get to work!
A note from our new CEO, Roy Lee Lindsey
Hello to one and all! I’m Roy Lee Lindsey, the new CEO at North Carolina Pork Council and words really escape me to properly share how excited I am for this great opportunity and new challenge.
North Carolina has long been a leader in the pork industry and the North Carolina Pork Council is widely recognized as a premier state pork producer association. It is an honor to be asked to join your team.
I’m sure you have questions about me and my thoughts on the future of the NC Pork Council and the state's industry. To be honest, I have questions about you as well. But there are some things I already know about NC Pork.
1 – There is no question that many of the challenges that face our industry start here in North Carolina, and NCPC has done remarkable work meeting those challenges. The challenges of the future are what has drawn me to North Carolina. I’m anxious to help you as we face those upcoming challenges.
2 – North Carolina has rich history of providing leadership to our nation’s pork industry. The number of North Carolina pork producers who have served in leadership roles on the boards of directors at the National Pork Board and National Pork Producers Council is impressive. It demonstrates the commitment of people in North Carolina to make a difference in our industry. I am humbled to play a small part in those efforts moving forward.
3 – You have an outstanding staff at the North Carolina Pork Council. I have had many opportunities to interact with the NC Pork team while I’ve been at okPORK and I have always been impressed. They say the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. Forget imitation. We have been flat out copying ideas and programming from NC Pork. And it is a group that is dedicated to the success of our industry.
I have some simple philosophies about our role as your state pork association. Our job is to promote and defend your industry to, and from, all comers. We will continue to build relationships across North Carolina and the country to address the challenges that will inevitably face our industry. We will filter all programming and projects through a lens of "how does this protect your freedom to operate?" And we will listen and respond to the input of our members and stakeholders.
I hope to spend a significant amount of my time on the road in the first several months as I work to meet the men and women who make the North Carolina pork industry the industry leader it is today. Feel free to reach out to me with how we can help you. I can be reached at roylee@ncpork.org.
People all around the globe love our products and they celebrate it in many ways. You’ve done great things to produce that product in a sustainable manner. The future of our industry is dazzlingly bright. And I’m thrilled for the opportunity to be a small part of how North Carolina Pork will shine in that future. Let’s get to work!

~Roy Lee
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