January 2022 - Newsletter
We are excited to welcome all of you to the New Year and hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday season.

With the New Year, a lot of resolutions are focused on their money goals. You will find information this month that can help you in and out of the classroom with setting your goals but helping you reach them. 

Below you will find information regarding the professional development calendar of events that will be happening virtually as well as classroom material you can use both in the classroom and virtually.
New Year Resources - Goal Setting
Setting and reaching personal financial goals can be challenging at any age. Being able to talk with kids about money at different ages can be very different so you will find resources that are focused in different age ranges. Each of these resources have resources focused around K-12 age students so this can be a great starting point to look into other resources they have available to talk about money.

Elementary School
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP)

Lesson plans with savings focus:

Middle School
Practical Money Skill for Life

Lesson plans using comic books
High School
Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF)

Interactive lesson plans:
Professional Development Opportunities

We are building a calendar of professional development opportunities and other events. Please let us know if you have information to add.


Michigan Financial Wellness Network (MFWN): Each month, MFWN meets on a monthly-basis. The first meeting of 2022 will take place Wednesday, January 12th at 8:30am. You can register to attend the meeting here.

Below you will find several virtual opportunities throughout the month of January and into the New Year by the following organizations: