to  all our friends and families 
in Gird Valley and beyond!

Gird Valley painting, courtesy of  Mijoa Rho.
We ring in 2017 with an update about the "Name The Winery" contest and other doings on the vineyard. We never imagined the incredible response to the naming contest - as of January 2, we've received almost 1200 submissions! 

Jade and Julie Work are thrilled by your enthusiasm and have a daunting task ahead in choosing that just-right name for the new winery.  

The timeline for submissions will close January 10, 2017, so if you have an inspiration between now and then be sure to submit it right away! The winner will be notified by phone and/or email and the Works will announce their name choice on Valentine's Day. 

Preparing the land for planting, January 2017. 

During the month of January, Jade and his crew will move into the next phase of the project and begin laying out the trellis system, as well as planting olive trees for the future pressing of olive oil. It will be exciting to watch as the vision of the vineyard emerges...and it will also herald the imminent planting of the grape vines sometime in April. All the vines have been special ordered and are being prepared for delivery. 

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So here's to an exciting and prosperous 2017 as the adventure continues! 

Alla tua salute!

The Steering Committee

  • Visit our website, urge your friends to sign up for our emails. 
  • Donate to help with expenses and/or support a nonprofit to be formed in 2017. 
  • Attend the meeting in the New Year when you see the time and place announced. 
  • Add your comments to the new articles about the property. Keep the discussion going!

Protect Fallbrook's rural character!
A BIG THANK YOU to Jade and Julie Work for saving Gird Valley from development and to Fallbrook for supporting them and the property's transformation into a vineyard!