Success Stories
The Power of Peer Support
A consumer and a staff member have been meeting regularly for peer support. The consumer is 60 years old and has a Traumatic Brain Injury. Prior to experiencing her brain injury, she was a nurse in various settings for many years. The staff member has been working with the consumer on thinking positively about her disability and not comparing functioning pre-disability versus post-disability.

Throughout these meetings, the staff member has shared her own experiences with having a disability and pointed out the consumer’s accomplishments to empower the individual to think positively about herself and her level of functioning. In the most recent meeting, the first thing the consumer said was, “I have been feeling more confident.” This confidence turned very concrete when the consumer formulated her own goal for working towards increased inclusion in the community.
Travel Training is Vital to Community Living
A Consumer recently got back into Travel Training after 9 months. He thought that he would not remember what he learned, but our Travel Trainer was surprised to see that he remembered the bus routes. However, he did not remember where to find those routes at the Durham Station.

His first trip was to Brier Creek, and he managed to remember the stops on that route. He was also able to remember the routes to Erwin Square and where he would stop to get to his job. The Consumer's next goal is to learn how to use the bus schedule and TransLoc app.
Travel Training is one of several programs we offer, and couldn't happen without community support.

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ADANC In The News
Sharif Brown headshot
We'd like to give a special shout out to our Program Manager for State Reentry, Sharif Brown.

Sharif has worked extensively on revolutionizing reentry programs for state and federal prisons in North Carolina. Spectrum News recently ran a report recognizing his leadership.
"Brown’s work is personal to him. His brother spent nearly 20 years in and out of prison. Brown says if he was aided with the correct tools the first time, his story would’ve turned out differently."

"“He didn’t know of any agency that could assist him, he fell back into that negative vibe and that negative path that he was on, and he reoffended,” he says. “As I do this job, I try to use the same passion that I would like I was helping my own brother.”"

"Brown’s program has a 2% recidivism rate as opposed to the State’s 40-45% recidivism rate."
Disability Advocacy Group Revamps Prison Reentry Program

RALEIGH, N.C. - A group dedicated to helping those living with disabilities is also helping the formerly incarcerated get back on their feet. Sharif Brown of Raleigh's Alliance of Disability Advocates is the manager of the Prison Reentry Program. ...

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COVID-19 Vaccine Resources
North Carolina is currently distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 65 or older. We encourage all of our subscribers who are eligible to take the shot and share this information widely.

As the vaccine continues to be distributed and becomes more accessible we will maintain and update our COVID-19 resource list
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App Helps Improve the Lives of the Visually Impaired

RALEIGH, N.C. - Kendall Gibbs, 23, was born with a condition called Leber Congenital Amaurosis. Over time her eyesight has worsened, making it more challenging to complete day-to-day tasks, but an app has made things a bit easier. Gibbs uses the...

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