Happy New Year!
Voices of Freedom 10th Anniversary

On December 10th, 2010, the Voices of Freedom conducted their first interview at an office in Woodridge, VA. Over the last ten years, the VOF have conducted 490 interviews with veterans of wars and conflicts from World War II to the current War on Terror. From the beaches of Normandy, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the deserts of the Middle East, they have captured and preserved unique stories of Americans in wartime. Combat veterans, first responders on 9/11, and civilians who played a critical part in the war effort, such as “Rosie the Riveters”, and USO dancers have all sat down to tell their stories. 

In the beginning, interviews were conducted in conference rooms, spare rooms at VFW and American Legion Halls, and inside a classroom at the Prince William County Public Safety Academy. In 2014, the VOF received a generous donation which allowed them to purchase a 36-foot RV that was modified into a mobile recording studio, allowing the “show” to be taken on the road. With the addition of the RV, the VOF now travels to various events, such as airshows and other military themed events to record firsthand accounts of sacrifice and courage.

If you are a wartime veteran or served on the home front during a time of war, we want to hear your story. More importantly, your family wants to hear your story, especially those who haven’t yet been born. If you are an organization that would like to host the VOF mobile recording studio, we’d like to hear from you as well. Email Dennis at dgill@nmaw.org to arrange an interview, or to have the RV brought to your event.  

We have changed our mailing address! Our new address is:

National Museum of Americans in Wartime
P.O. Box 909
Bristow, VA 20136

Update from the Motorpool
Gordon working on the M36 motor
Mike working on the Ford GAA clutch
This past year has been challenging for everyone including the restoration team at NMAW. We have continued to do restoration, maintenance, and repairs throughout the year but at a slower pace. The closing of the year saw both S-tanks (STRV103c) in the shop for repairs and maintenance, the installation of a new top on our WW2 Dodge command car, and the continuing restoration of our WW2 M36 tank destroyer.

We will continue to keep posting information on the M36 restoration process which will take over a year to complete. We have spent the last few months sourcing parts for this restoration from Europe and the United States. The team at the tank farm wishes everyone a happy and safe New Year.
Dave and John working on the M36 fan assembly
90mm gun removal from M36