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and a memorable New Year.

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Meet our Team

From left to right: Moe Giraldo, Ric Desciscio, Ron Silverman, Kelly Page and Trenton Paules.

Presto Painting Services was founded in 2011 by the company owner, Ron Silverman, with a vision to deliver professional painting services to the Tampa Bay area. For more than a decade, Ron has delivered on this, along with his three estimators/site supervisors, Ric, Moe and Trenton.

With the inclusion of their many teams of painters and office admin, Presto Painting Services strives every day to be the best painting company of choice. If you need proof, just check out their Google Ratings!

New Year's Resolution Ideas

Are you stuck picking the same resolution for yourself again? Do you have two or three goals for yourself that you keep rotating each year hoping this will be the year one sticks? If this sounds like you then it may be time to change up your New Year's resolution for 2023. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Focus on a passion, not a new look. Instead of trying to look better, try something that will make you feel better.
  2. Commit to one act of kindness each day. Giving a compliment or holding the door for that mom with three kids are feel goods that go a long way!
  3. Get unplugged one evening a week. You'd be surprised how much you can do when you're not glued to your phone.
  4. Go somewhere you've never been. Life is an adventure, get out and experience it!
  5. Drink more water. Our bodies are 75% water, so drink it up!
  6. Start saving a portion of your paycheck. Financial responsibility should be taught in schools, yet so few adults have attained this. Spend less, save more!
  7. Clean out your car. Set your goal to get to that crystalized french fry you dropped between your seats last month.
  8. Take the stairs. It's good for your heart and your caboose.
  9. Stay in touch with people who matter. And no, social media doesn't count. True connections are face-to-face or at least voice-to-ear.
  10. Repaint your house. Okay, so I had to throw this one in there! And no one can do this better than our team at Presto Painting Services.

Start the New Year with a New Interior Painting Project

The new year brings new resolutions. But too often our ambition fades away and our goals are quickly forgotten. However, one resolution with lasting change that you can enjoy all year long is freshening up the inside (or outside) of your home with a new coat of paint.

If you’ve been putting off a painting project, now is the time to reconsider it. A coat of paint will ring in the New Year with a fresh new look and will leave your neighbors envious at your New Year transformation.

If you aren't sure which area to tackle first, or how far your budget will stretch you, give us a call. The Presto Painting Services team can help with a free consultation and estimate. We can help you decide how to maximize the new look of your space regardless of your budget. Look at our repaints below to see how a fresh coat can make your home look amazing!

Contact us to schedule a FREE in-home consultation and estimate!

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Quick Repaints - Before & After

Have you seen our YouTube video? It's an oldie but goodie. We STILL use the same quality paint products on the market and have the BEST painters in Tampa Bay!

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