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January 2017

January OET News is here! 

Happy New Year! I'm sure you've all seen the meme about how 2016 is the worst year ever and the much more uplifting articles talking about the wonderful things that happened in 2016. I thought it would be appropriate to share a list I created of 10 things that you can do to help make 2017 your best year ever. Included in this months newsletter are articles about foot posture and pain and how posture and headaches are related. Don't miss the "what's wrong with this posture?" article this month that allows you to evaluate a posture and talk about what you see and how the posture will influence performance and pain. 

I wish you a happy, peaceful, and pain free 2017! 

How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!
10 things you can do to make 2017 amazing!
Many people are saying that 2016 was the worst year yet. I don't believe it's even close, but there are some easy things you can do to make 2017 better than 2016, and maybe even your best year yet! Read the 10 things...

Foot Posture and Pain

Where your feet point can tell you a lot about your health.
Foot posture is a great way to easily tell whether you are in postural balance and ready to take on the world, or whether you are showing signs of postural imbalance and on a path toward injury and pain. Continue reading and do a simple foot posture self-assessment to get an idea of what your feet are telling you. Read more...

What's Wrong With This Posture?

Interactive posture analysis focused on lower body posture.
Egoscue and Oregon Exercise Therapy are focused on helping you identify your posture imbalances and restore proper joint alignment. This is not meant to be an expert-patient relationship, but rather focused on teaching you to be able to evaluate your own posture imbalances and implement the appropriate e-cises to restore balance to your body. Doing these interactive posture analysis' will help you boost your skills and confidence. Join us here in evaluating this lower body posture.

Headaches and Posture
Posture has a lot to do with most headaches.
Headaches, like all pain, are messages from the body. These messages are not usually telling us something is broken, but rather something needs our attention, something is getting overloaded, something is out of alignment, and/or something is missing. Just as we tell our children to: "Stop, Look, Listen" before crossing a street or train track, we should do the same when we feel pain including a headache. Learn more here.
Your free 30-minute appointment includes discussion of your  symptoms  and goals, posture evaluation, functional testing, and gait analysis. We will then discuss the different Posture Therapy options that are available to help you reach your goals. 

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I know what it is like to suffer with chronic pain and recurrent injuries. I know what it feels like to be in pain and not be able to do what you love to do. I also know what it is like to overcome those injuries and become pain free. I used Postural Alignment Therapy to correct my posture, eliminate my pain, and return to living an active life without limitations. For the last 15 years I've been helping people just like you do the same.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain or injuries, encourage them to call me today - I'd be happy to help them. 


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