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January 2018

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness."  - Helen Keller

December OET News focuses on healthy feet with our E-cise of Month and OET Recommends features, the importance of Community in this month's Key To Health, and 3 things to be thankful for when you're in chronic pain. I wish you health, happiness, and peace of mind. 

10 Things To Make This Your Best Year Yet!
Make 2018 your best year yet by doing these 10 things!
  1. Do the same thing every day - find something positive for your health and do it every day. The easier this thing is to do daily, the more powerful it will be. Start with something totally doable and commit to doing it 365 days this year. 5 minutes of Static Back. Go on a walk at lunch. Do 25 pushups, situps, or lunges. Drink water at breakfast instead of coffee, soda, or an energy drink. Smile at a stranger. Pick something and do it every single day this year. 
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E-cise of the Month: Bear Crawl

The Bear Crawl is an amazing e-cise that almost everyone can do, but many people do it incorrectly.  When done correctly, the Bear Crawl has many benefits and can improve movement, posture, and performance. When done incorrectly, the Bear Crawl can reinforce bad movement patterns, poor posture, and cause pain and injury. Read more.

Move It Or Lose It
What does "move it or lose it" really mean? Many people think move it or lose it means exercise regularly to maintain fitness. And while that is true, our health would benefit if we look at it much more closely. Our body is very specific and particular in how it responds to our environment. The human body is a stimulus response organism. That means your body responds to each and every stimulus it is exposed to. If we want to maintain our health and function, we need to move each and every part of our body through different and varied stimulus on a regular basis in order to maintain that function or not lose it. Continue reading.
Immobilization, Braces, and Body Casts
With 206 bones, over 300 joints, and over 600 muscles, the human body is designed to move. Movement is what keeps our bones, joints, and muscles healthy. When a joint stops moving things start to break down and get weaker. Bones lose density. Muscles lose strength and size. Cartilage thins. Bad things happen. Yes, there are times when immobilization is helpful and a good idea. If you break your arm it's a good idea to get a cast to protect your arm as it heals. If you severely sprain your ankle it can be helpful to wear an ankle brace for a week or two. But most immobilization we experience is not that type, but rather body casts that we don't even think about. Anything that limits joint movement is a body cast and will have negative effects on the body. Learn more.
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I know what it is like to suffer with chronic pain and recurrent injuries. I know what it feels like to be in pain and not be able to do what you love to do. I also know what it is like to overcome those injuries and become pain free. I used Postural Alignment Therapy to correct my posture, eliminate my pain, and return to living an active life without limitations. For the last 15 years I've been helping people just like you do the same.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain or injuries, encourage them to call me today - I'd be happy to help them. 


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