photo courtesy of Sean Sheppard
Schooner American Eagle
Midwinter 2022
Photo courtesy of Fred LeBlanc
Cruise News... The Midwinter's calm
And so the never ending list gets longer, lots to do, paint, and tinker with before we welcome our guests back in 5 short months.
A look forward from just about as far back as you can get. A token of excellence to whomever can date this picture. Roughly.
In the cold dark days of winter we always think of sunnier warmer days that have past and will come again. Here are some moments from last season to remind us all the chill does not last forever.
Looking north from Calderwood Island towards Cape Rosier at the western entrance to the Eggemoggin Reach.... oh! and the J& E Riggin is out making the most of the not so much breeze of that particular afternoon.
These photos courtesy of Ralph Smith
Meanwhile! This is what we were up to while the schooner swung quietly at her anchor. A first rate lobster feast with an enviable view, good company, a quiet afternoon and we would never forget the pie!
Yet another example of what comes out of our wonderful galley, from fresh bread, chowders and stews to roasts and deserts. Our menu is never the same and always utilizes the amazing local produce and products each unique part of our season has to offer.
Looking back a bit farther, we had quite the neighbor in Gloucester again this year. The magnificent Schooner Columbia which looks fast standing still and is quite literally in a class by itself. We'll see them all again this year when we head homeward in August.
Crew's News
Mr. Asher has found himself spending Christmas in South Carolina aboard the Harvey Gamage as her Chief Mate and shipkeeper. Seen here brushing up on his federal light lists: Holiday Edition.
A nice neat Jib furl with smiles all round. All of these lovely people are enjoying their winters, up and down the coast.
Capt. John's MWA Retirement Party
The Maine Windjammer Association hosted a small retirement party for Capt. Foss, to honor his incredible career as one of its early members. Stories from the decades mixed with the warmth of the woodstove against the December chill with new faces and old made for a very enjoyable evening.
A gift that is much more useful than a plaque, to add to quite the collection.
The seine boat on it's way back from exploring the lagoon in Winter Harbor
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