National Doctor's Day

March 30, 2020

Dear patients, friends and employees,

While all of us are now “hunkered down” in governor’s mandated shelter in place I was notified by several hospitals, that I am on staff, announcing today is “Doctor's Day”.

It gave me pause to reflect...I have a personal sense of appreciation for physicians at this time, especially my colleagues on the front lines...seeing and taking care of sick COVID-19 patients. 

A very  loud and boisterous shout out  to my son, Brad who is an ER physician and my son in law who is an ER physician, as well as all those “font line and first responders” who are daily risking infection and unknown consequences. Also, to my wife Marti and eldest daughter Ashlee, who are practicing pediatric medicine and child psychiatry. They take care of an innocent, very vulnerable population and care altruistically on a daily basis. In addition my daughter Chelsea, who is a PA and married to Guy an anesthesiologist in training. And lastly, my youngest son Derik, and his wife Nadine who are in graduate school studying optometry and nursing. 

So today on Doctor's Day I salute my fellow physicians at the hospitals I attend to as well as to my family-- I am so proud of the work you do to make this community a safer and healthier place.

So proud of all of you who you have chosen to help fellow mankind in whatever field of medicine you have chosen.  A hearty thank you!!!

So, if you know a Doctor and want to show your appreciation a simple shout out or send them a email.

As it relates to this covid-19 crisis, I quote often from my mother, “This to shall pass!”

Stay safe and healthy!
My best,

Dr. Hardesty
Imagine Plastic Surgery

Note: Please see Dr. Hardesty’s previous emails on Covid-19 information.       
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Shortness of breath, fever, cough, flu-like symptoms please call your primary doctors office and they will direct you to proper testing or management.
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