May 2023

Spring Gardens are in full bloom to

Honor Mother’s everywhere!


Our property is covered with flowers of spectacular colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s the beauty of nature at its finest. I wish all homes could be surrounded by gardens that look like this. There are butterflies, bees, & birds everywhere. Waking to their songs is sheer joy!


Spring is my favorite time of the year. Made even better by the fact that Linda’s injuries are healing. She was released from Physical Therapy this past week. Her days are still filled with pain, but Linda doesn’t let that stop her.

I Can’t Wait

The Story behind the song!


This song is sometimes referred to as the “First Kiss” Song. It was inspired by my very first kiss when I was just a young lad of 11 or 12. I had gone ice skating at Wilson Park, one of Milwaukee’s numerous neighborhood parks. The night was extremely cold, below zero if my memory is accurate. It was a tradition to occasionally hold hands with a girl or two and slowly skate around the frozen lagoon. On this particular evening, I was skating with Andrea just as the park was closing. I walked her to her home a few blocks away from the park. As we said our goodbyes, she leaned over and kissed me. I continued my walk home in a daze and to the best of my recollection, I never saw her again.


Now, here I was, sitting on the couch in my studio decades later and, as if by magic, this memory came flooding back to me along with the line “I can’t wait, no, I can’t wait to taste your lips again”.


Because I didn’t see Andrea again, I had very little to go on for the story in the song. So, I decided to use my first romantic meeting with Linda to fill in some additional details. There are pieces of Andrea and Linda sprinkled throughout the lyrics. As you listen, see if you can figure out which lyrics belong to which person.


Drop me a note with your thoughts. I really love singing this song!

What’s Happening at RpT’s Library


My good friend, Frank Exum and I have been spending some quality time together recording a dozen classical guitar pieces in honor of his mother. I could sit for hours listening to the richness of the compositions and Frank’s tasteful interpretations. We are about half-way thru and this is one of those projects I will hate to see come to an end.


Roxi Copland and I met again this past Friday to record the vocals and video us singing The Angel of the Diner. We are editing the video and I will post a snippet in the next Downbeat.


It’s been a slow process, but I am making headway recording 5 different songs and writing another one or two. Yes, procrastination has taken its toll, but I will keep moving forward.


I try to play this song every year on Mother’s Day. I’d like to dedicate Mother’s Love to those who lost their mother this past year. I am sorry for your loss.

The Salado Porch and Planet Festival was an overall success. The Salado’s Music Friendly Community Advisory Board is in the early planning stages for another event the weekend of October 14th as part of the Christmas in October Jingle Walk. Also, mark your calendar for a Total Eclipse the weekend of April 6th, 2024. Salado is in the direct line for a complete eclipse Monday, April 8th. Hotels & B&B are already making reservations so book your days ASAP.


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RpT available LIVE!


I would love the opportunity to play for you. I can bring my guitar to your home and perform for your family and friends. I can even bring along the “My Life in Song” multi-media show so we can have a real party on our hands. House concert/parties are fun and easy, and I will be happy to help you set one up.

Please give me a call if you are interested in my coming to your home one day soon.

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Thank you for spending your time with me. RpT

 Richard Paul Thomas


“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life – Music & Cats”

Albert Schweitzer

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