"When your children are teenagers, it's important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you."

-Nora Ephron

Here's to all the moms out there, past and present, as well as the doggie moms, kitty moms and plant moms.

May you feel cherished, loved and celebrated today and everyday.

Happy Mother's Day!

As a little surprise, we have Damascus Treats here until 4pm Saturday, May 11th, selling their delicious handmade baklava. Please come on out and support this wonderful local business.

To help you out a little this year, we have compiled a list of the

Best Gift Giving Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day.

What's the #1 gift for Mothers Day??

A Big Beautiful Hanging Basket, of course!

We are not exaggerating, but maybe bragging a little when we say we have the biggest and the best sun and shade hanging baskets in all of the Willamette Valley!

It truly is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. And if your mom isn't into hanging baskets, well don't fret, 'cause we have an abundance of other beautiful blooming plants she is sure to love.

for Sun:

for Shade:

more GREAT gifts for Mom...

Sun Hats, Scarves & Hair Clip, OH MY!

We have an awesome selection of sun hats for every type pf gardener.

We carry Tula Hats, Sunday Afternoon Hats, Farmer's Defense Hats, Foxglove Hats and the list goes on. Some are packable, some are crocheted and all are SPF 50.

Not only will your mom look like a fashionista in the garden, but you will also be protecting her from the harsh rays of the sun.

It's a gift she will surely appreciate.

If your mom loves gorgeous textiles, then she will absolutely adore Powder Designs scarves. They make a nice neck scarf or shoulder wrap and are perfect for cold days or cool summer evenings. It can even be worn as a sarong.

Doesn't Janet look just gorgeous?!!

Kimono Clips, they are all the rage!

Made from actual kimono remnants and great for glamorous up-dos or not-so-glamorous chores. It's a gift that is beautiful, but also practical, and she will have many people asking her, "Where did you get that?".

We have some serious hair farmers around here!

Thanks Kim and Janet for lending us your lovely locks.

How about a Mother's Day Windchime??

Windchimes provide a calming effect, creating melodious sounds, generating meditative feelings,  and engaging senses other than just hearing. Listening to wind chimes may reduce stress and promote relaxation, and are considered to have a healing effect on the body and mind. They can create upbeat feelings, and bring a sense of balance and inner peace in one’s life.

Now what mom doesn't need that??

We carry Woodstock Chimes and Music of the Spheres, as well as other various windbells and glass chimes.

Every mom deserves a little pampering!

As the saying goes, "A mother's job is never done", so why not Indulge her with an "at home" spa experience?

We have several lines of body care essentials, candles and home fragrance options like, Naked Bee lotions, Windrift Hill Goat's Milk soaps, European Soaps, Just Bee Cosmetics candles and lip balms, Root Company candles, Andaluca diffusers and that's just to name a few. If you are having a hard time deciding, let us help you put a gift basket together. Guaranteed she will thank you dearly for the rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Naked Bee

Windrift Hill

Just Bee Cosmetics

European Soaps

Root Candles

Andaluca Diffusers

Create a Cut-Flower Garden

Cut flower gardens are grown specifically for cutting and creating bouquets or arrangements. The flowers are selected based on their bloom time, size and color. Ideally they have long stems and maintain a long shelf life in a vase. They are generally a mix of annuals, perennials, flowering bushes, bulbs and filler plants. Purposefully choosing a wide variety of flowers with differing bloom times will allow you to enjoy bouquets throughout the growing season, including spring, summer and fall.

If this sounds interesting to you then see our list below.

Garland Nursery's Top 12 Cut-Flower Garden plants:













Keep in mind that several of these plants can be started by seed, but if you want instant gratification, we have a nice selection of all of these plants to choose from.

A shout out to the Pond Plant People!

We NOW have an awesome selection of pond plants including water lettuce and hyacinths.

Plant of the Week...

SunBelievable Brown Eyed Girl!

This is a compact sunflower (2' H x 3' W) full sun plant with intense vibrancy that promises a big impact in your garden. Developed by Monrovia, this fast-growing annual sunflower is unique. Rather than expending energy on producing seeds or towering heights, it focuses on producing an abundance of mesmerizing blooms.

Fun Fact: When first being tested, Monrovia counted an astonishing 1,000 blooms  when planted from spring to the first-frost. This was from a single plant! WOW!

Why we love

Japanese Maples

Japanese maples are an incredible ornamental landscaping option.

They are notable for their beautiful foliage, boasting incredible hues that change colors throughout the season ranging from fiery red to majestic purple, orange to golden yellow, and bright or dark green tones.

These maple trees are also highly sought after for their toughness. That’s right, many varieties can grow just about anywhere, under many conditions, and in many different types of soils.

And if you have a small yard or garden and don’t want to shade all your other plants, many will mature in to nice compact sizes.

Because we love them so much we like to have lots of varieties to choose from. You will have no problem finding one that is the perfect one for your own landscape.

FYI, we relocated the Japanese Maple Area this year. It is now behind the Perennial Shade Area on your way to the new Pottery Area.

We think they will be much happier there.

A little birdy told us that we NOW have Sensitive Plants in stock.

Mimosa pudica is commonly called sensitive plant, sleep plant or touch-me-not plant. Its fine texture makes a nice addition to your indoor garden, but the real attraction is the folding leaves. When the leaves are gently touched, or as the day darkens into night the leaves fold and droop. After an hour or two of daylight or being touched they slowly bounce back to their original appearance.

It’s thought that this response may be a defense mechanism, since animals tend to skip wilted plants to dine on healthier specimens. The wilting also helps conserve moisture.

They are a strange and wonderful plant that makes a great conversation piece and the kiddos love them.

Visit them in our Houseplant Room.

Fanta wishes all her Garland Nursery Moms and all the other Moms out there A Very Happy Meowthers Day!


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